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  1. 1llusionist

    Best headset for gaming

    Hmm i am still undecided though am leaning towards the Siberia headset. I remember using them at an Atomic event but i just can't remember the quality. Would i see an improvement with my current headset if i buy a soundcard instead?
  2. 1llusionist

    Best headset for gaming

    I have a pair of 5.1 speakers that i only use for watching movies and sometimes blasting music when i am at desktop. The headset would primarily be used for gaming and occasionally listening to music. Its more about the sounds ingame than anything else for me. Thanks for the help so far.
  3. 1llusionist

    Best headset for gaming

    Yeah no doubt they are. Like i said, i feel like they aren't performing as people with cheaper headsets hear far more than i do.
  4. 1llusionist

    Best headset for gaming

    Hey guys, i was looking into getting a new headset, i feel like my current one isn't performing. I currently have the Razer Carcharias and i can't hear many footsteps (I'm into competitive cs:s and just a sound whore.) I am looking to spend sub $120, maybe a little over if it's actually worth it. So far these have caught my eyes but i don't know which is better as i don't know much about headsets. SteelSeries Siberia V2 Logitech G35 Corsair HS1 Is it worth upgrading from what i have to any of these? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
  5. 1llusionist

    Athlon x4 640 vs Phenom x2 555 BE

    Will do buddy :) Thanks for all the info and replies, much appreciated.
  6. 1llusionist

    Athlon x4 640 vs Phenom x2 555 BE

    Thank you for that :) I will be overclocking a little later on, then when she needs more grunt, ill just chuck in a x4 or x6, it can handle that right? sorry for all the questions thanks in advance.
  7. 1llusionist

    Athlon x4 640 vs Phenom x2 555 BE

    Wow, thanks for all the replies. I was leaning towards the Phenom x2, but all the reviews i had seen said they were roughly about the same. I know this isnt the right section but Gigabyte 870a ud3 r2, would that work fine with the phenom x2? Cheers amigo's.
  8. Hey guys, I decided to build a rig for my girlfriend, I'm not too sure on the cpu. It will be used for light gaming, primarily left4dead2 and then just standard uses. What are your thoughts on the Athlon x4 640 and the Phenom x2 555 BE? Which is better at stock clocks, what would you recommend? Cheers for that :)
  9. 1llusionist

    Views on the MSI P55 GD85?

    Cheers for that :D i shall get this board.
  10. Hey guys/gals, As the title suggests, i'm looking for advice on the GD85. I was just wondering is it worth the price tag? Do you have any experience with it? Any information would help! I'm hoping to buy this (if its worth it) as well as all my other components this week. Thanks in advance!
  11. 1llusionist


    Hey Atomicans! I have decided its time for a new build primarily for gaming, i will be purchasing over the next few weeks. The budget is around 1.7 or so, trying to keep it lower though I will be purchasing the parts from http://www.pccasegear.com.au/. Please feel free to voice your opinions and change whatever you believe would be better! i am completely open to new things :) K62 Dragonlord Hyper 212+ i5 760 Asus P7P - E PRO Corsair DOMINATOR 4gb (2x2gb) XFX 750w Coolermaster 120mm < im going to replace the fan on the Hyper 212+ . This fan is quieter and has more air flow. ( correct me if im wrong please :) ) Samsung f3 1tb Win 7 6870 ( will be released in a few days ) < i will crossfire them down the road Total $1156.00 ( without the 6870 as it hasnt been released yet, but from what i have heard, they will be 200-350$?) Is this a good build? Would you add or change anything? Thanks in advance 1llusionist
  12. 1llusionist

    Medal of Honor

    Cheers matey :)
  13. 1llusionist

    Medal of Honor

    What headsets did we use David? I wouldn't mind getting a pair :)
  14. 1llusionist

    Medal of Honor

    Bloody good event. You guys at Atomic know how to get a party going. Keep up the good work lads. Pitty i accidentally press the windows key... My name would of looked good at second place, but thats okay :) Cheers for the event, look forward to the next one
  15. 1llusionist

    Medal of Honor

    Haha :) I'm contemplating that as well mate. I think i just might leave it.