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    Anyone using Razer PC Controllers ?

    I am thinking of getting a Razer game key pad for the PC, but on looking at PC Casegear it appears you have to actually activate the software. Just wondering if this is correct? See odd to have to activate a game controller or mouse software. Or is there some way to install without activation? The PC I play all my GoG.com games is not even connected to the web. Any help would be appreciated Regards MarkL
  2. retiredfromlife

    Nvidia 960 or 970

    Looks like I will try a DickSmith unit first up t help with the power. Thanks for the tips. Regards MarkL
  3. retiredfromlife

    Nvidia 960 or 970

    We did contact the supplier and they indicated the power was within acceptable limits. The easiest thing for me to do is try somrthing myself, at least for the time being. Regards
  4. retiredfromlife

    Nvidia 960 or 970

    This is what I currently use, but not sure of it's effectivness. I purchased mine from Bunnings. I am only guessing it is power that causes the problems as I was told by an electrician we had power surges as we often blow light globes as well. Regards
  5. retiredfromlife

    Nvidia 960 or 970

    This is on eoption I am currently looking at. Regards
  6. retiredfromlife

    Nvidia 960 or 970

    I have a corsair 750 watt power supply, forgot the model though. Corsair replaced the original under waranty as it failed. I am looking to get something to even out the incoming power if it is not too expensive but not sure what. At work we have phase correction capacitors but they are way to expensive for private use. I notice at PC Case gear you can get 960's with with 2 and 4 gig memory. Which would be best? I hope to be trying mods for Witcher 3 and fallout 4 when it comes out if they will need extra memory on the video card. Regards
  7. retiredfromlife

    Nvidia 960 or 970

    My old Nvidia 660Ti is starting to play up so I am looking for a replacement. Thinking of a 960 or 970. Dont really want to buy the 970 unless I really need it. As far as I can tell my most demanding game now is The Witcher 3, and probably Fallout 4 later this year. My rig is a 2500K processor, 4 gig ram and a Benq 24" 1920 x 1080. Al housed in a LianLi D600. For some reason graphics cards do not last long in my builds, we do have poor fluctuating power not sure if that causes failures. So the cheapest option that will work will suit me. With regard to longevity how do EVGA cards last? they do not advertise militarg grade componets or ultradurable etc. Notice they do advertise a double ballbearing fan though. Basically I am holding old till to the virtual reality head sets get sorted then do a full upgrade. Any help would be appreciated. Regards MarkL
  8. retiredfromlife

    Best Way To Limit Volume

    Thanks for the link, Regards Markl
  9. retiredfromlife

    Best Way To Limit Volume

    What methods do you use to limit the total volume of your speakers and head sets? When playing movies and games I would like to limit the overall volume. The special effects cause all sorts of problems. Especially when using head phones. Because of this I have stopped using my head set. So far I just use on board audio. What is the best way to limit the overall volume? If a third party sound card offered good options I would go that way but I have no experience tryingt to limit volume. I dual boot betweenXP and 7 so I would like hardware that still worked with both. Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  10. retiredfromlife

    Thoughts on the Lian Li D600

    I like the design of the case nice airflow and hopefully positive pressure on the motherboard side. Also I like the hotswap extras you can buy. As for size it is not as high or deep as a lot of full towers, mainly the double width. Compared to my Corsair 800D it is a mid tower that id nearly twice as wide. But I can live with that. Still don't know if I will get one, but definately considering a new case soon. I will watch out for reviews first though. Regards MarkL
  11. retiredfromlife

    What Fans Do You Use ?

    A good article that one. Shame the testing was not completed though. Regards MarkL
  12. Has anyone looked at the recently released Lian Li D600 case? PC Casegear http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?...cff73de1a8c5b3 Lian Li Page http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/pc-d600/ To me looks more practical that the Corsair Carbide Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case, but it is over double the price. To see the optional hot swap parts for the Lian Li you need to download the manual from their site. It gives a lot more info missing from the PCCaseGear page. I would have preferred 120mm fans all over but can live with the 140mm in the front. I love the drive options and layout, but it could be hard to push some of the mother board connectors on. not much room around the board. (My over 50 eyes have trouble focusing on header pins that are deep in some cases.) The main thing I do not like are those Lian Li clips they use on the panels, as they tend to break. According to the manual they give you one spare, but if you open their cases regulary I would prefer not to rely on those clips. Also the front only seems to have two clips and a screw underneith. I can see this may also not last. The Lian Li D8000 had a semi same for the front panel and reviews stated these clips broke on the front. Still it is a case I may consider I will watch for build reviews and would like to see their D7000 come out as well to compare it too. This this was only showcased at the CES 2013. Plenty of you tube videos of the pre release D7000 model. Regards MarkL
  13. retiredfromlife

    What Fans Do You Use ?

    My Corsair 800D is now three year old and the stock fans make a bit of noise when they first start up so I am going to replace them. Three x 140mm fans. PC CaseGear 140mm fan link http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?...cff73de1a8c5b3 In the past I have used Noctua fans, but at $29.00 each from PC CaseGear they are expensive. Also noticed that their warranty period has dropped from 7 to 6 years. Still a good period but have they dropped their quality? I notice that Artic Cooling are selling for $15.00 and use the same fluid bearings that I gather are the best bearing type. They also offer a limited 6 year warranty, but I have never used these. A lot of brands do not list warranty length or MTBF so hard to gauge how long they will last. The BitFenix Spectre Pro 140mm Black Fan @ $19.00 looks OK and has the fluid bearing, but no warranty or MTBF listed. Silverstone Air Penetrator looks good but appears to have unsleeved coloured leads and molex connectors that will spoil the all black case interior. Secondary consideration I know but would prefer all black for $22.00 each. I would also like black Fan and black sleeved cables to keep the inside of the case all black, but this is a secondary consideration. Connectors to be three pin not molex. Also how do you wire up your fans? I would like to reduce some of the wiring and noticed that there are molex to 6 and 9 three pin connectors. So how many fans should you really run off one molex connector? 6 and 9 seems a lot to me. I use Demci air filters and have noticed that lot of fans do not pull or push air through filters very well. Noctua and Silverstone air penetrators seem to work well with filters, but a lot of stock fans like the corsair, Lian Li and CoolerMaster do not move much air through filters. So your experiences with fan type and life span and performance would be appreciated. Lots of articles on the web but a lot of conflicting information. Looks like a lot of people have specific needs and like certain brands. Also most tests do not use filters during the testing. Regards MarkL
  14. Just wondering if AMD solder the top plate on their CPU's? Now that Intel just used paste between the cpu and top plate, I was wondering if AMD made their's any better. Regards MarkL
  15. retiredfromlife

    Problems Starting My PC

    Good suggestion. I swapped the switches over and I still have to press many times and hold for a few seconds to start the PC so not the case switch. The PC is not over clocked or anything, just a stock PC. No extras plugged in either. So I suppose it is mother board or power supply. I found the receipt from when I purchased this one. One month less than three years so the power supply and mother board should still be in warranty. Think I will just take this back since the faulty parts may still be under warranty. Especially since fault finding is not my best skill, if I d not have replacement parts to swap out and I do not have a mother board and power supply. Regards MarkL