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  1. camotec

    Slim Bluray Drive Options

    Its ok I just found one in China via EBAY US. Sony/NEC BC-5600S Slot Loading Blu-Ray Combo, CD/DVD Burner $109 & Free Shipping - Good Price, Good Drive. eBay US Link Cheers Ben
  2. Hi Guys, I recently built a HTPC however at the time of the build I was unable to find a slim bluray drive, 3 weeks on I am growing tired of not having the bluray drive in the unit. I am after some brands and models of Slim (laptop size) Bluray drives. I would like to have it internal as the Antec ISK-310 allows for it and I would also prefer it to be slot loading if possible. Please help I have only found a Shintaro BluRay External USB drive which I could most likely stripp out of the case and install it in mine but it is not slot loading. Anyways thanks guys, I look forward to your comments. Cheers Ben
  3. Hey peeps I just ordered these parts for a compact HTPC build Antec ISK-310 with 150w PSU ASUS AT5IONT-I Mobo (integrated atom D525 & Nvidia ION2 graphics) 4gb Kingston SODIMM RAM (2x 2gb chips) OCZ 60gb Vertex 2 SSD 2x 2TB USB 3.0 WD Green external drives Windows 7 64bit BOXEE Open-Source Software Anyone else using this mobo in a HTPC? I have read it's pretty good. I will post the build progress in this thread.
  4. It is common site these days to pickup 60GB SSD Drives (Utilising the SF-1200 or SF-1222 Controllers) for around $150, same ones as the few I got, like atomidude said, they have been around for a while and should give you a decent run. PC Case Gear is a good start if your interested.
  5. to be honest unless they use a software component or a specialised windows driver to manage the disc controller, I think the ball will sit with the host(RAID) controller folk on working out a solution to use TRIM over RAID.
  6. After Checking, computer says "yes" - Windows 7 has turned on TRIM for my SSD's not in RAID. However I checked my PC with a RAID of 2x OCZ 60GB SSD drives and TRIM is not enabled on that PC. Hope that answered your question. I thought TRIM couldn't pass through the controller if your SSD's were RAIDed. And very sexy. I'm keeping interested eyes peeled for the PCI-E interfaces slowly coming out. SATA just doesn't have the bandwidth for these things, even at 6Gbps. Because I need more storage I'm thinking of 5xSpinPoint F3 in RAID 5 for MOAR STORAGE. Might strap my current two 1tb drives in too if I get ambitious. Hopefully my CPU has enough spare cycles for this - honestly just can't afford hardware RAID cards (so I'll budget for one and see if I can manage without). Any more benchmarks? HDTune, IOMeter etc? This is True, TRIM does not work if the drives are in RAID, I was confirming it for the record. :)
  7. After Checking, computer says "yes" - Windows 7 has turned on TRIM for my SSD's not in RAID. However I checked my PC with a RAID of 2x OCZ 60GB SSD drives and TRIM is not enabled on that PC. Hope that answered your question.
  8. Good Info Pandemonium
  9. camotec

    Best free antivirus.

    If you guys have not tried Comodo's range of free software please do its pretty bloody good. comodo.com and they have easy VPN options for lanning with buddies over the internet either way, you got nothing to loose. BTW Comodo's Range of free software isn't full of ads Cheers Ben
  10. camotec

    6 core cpu... I or AMD?

    Not that I have heard, that I have had. I have had an terribly unstable x2 AMD processor and my ATi woes came from long before that when the catalyst drivers were making a name for themselves back in the day, crashing issues in games etc. I have generally always bought good quality parts and just had a bad experience with them. I guess it might be time to try them again but I want a rock steady PC. I am contemplating, that If I go for an AMD/ATI system I would be looking at getting an AMD Phenom 2 X6 Black, ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Mobo, and Corsair Dominator GT Ram. Mind you is the Phenom 2 x6 Black comparable to the i7 980x? I mean $350 (AMD) compared to $1350 (intel) you gotta ask the question. Cheers Camo
  11. camotec

    6 core cpu... I or AMD?

    So from what I am hearing there will be an AMD 16core processor (yes 16) coming next year but is it going to be fast compared to the 6 core i7 980x. I am not sure about AMD anymore as I have had problems with both AMD and ATI and now they are one in the same I am still leaning toward an Intel 6 core 980x and an nvidia gpu or 2. its still early days in planning for me but will this "Bulldozer" be that good? Cheers
  12. Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up. I dont have any room in my 902 to put another card in anyways lol. maybe in the 6 core PC early next year
  13. camotec

    Radiator fan screws

    Ok Guys, SOLVED! I went to a couple of bolts and fasteners joints to see if they had anything, it turns out this is a very rare thread pitch and size, but in all the millions of bolts/screws they had 1 sort at both places it was a Allen Key head that fits and is low profile enough. They were twice the length to what I needed but after a quick hacksaw and filing of burrs I had 4 black radiator fan bolts. Here is an image before I cut them down so if people want to make it easier for the bolts lads and dont have a sample of their own. Suitable Screw Measurements: Imperial: UNC 6-32 (This is what I got but it fits perfect, however it does require shortening as they are 18mm or 3/4" long) Metric: M3 x 10mm (Gammods have them in Black and Silver) - Preferred no modification option. Hope this helps people in future. Cheers Ben
  14. I am using the nvidia onboard hardware RAID controller, no software needed. I think the whole WEI system idea is to leave the headroom for future hardware. but Its not meant to compare a guy with 1 SSD against another guy with 2 SSD's it is to compare the users hardware with there experience when buying games, so they dont need to know their system specs just the WEI number when buying a game or program from a shop. The bar (or benchmark) is raised based on when microsoft deems it so, which is why people generally score lower in 7 than Vista, surprising since vista is a dog. I dont even know if it has taken off yet, because I buy all my games through steam or Gametap usually.
  15. camotec

    Radiator fan screws

    Anyone have a water cooling radiator where they have had to get extra screws for?