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    Erase and encrypt SSD

    Thanks smakeme, I ended up unhooking all the other drives, formatting in Parted Magic and installing and this time it didn't make the partition thank god!
  2. In Windows 7, when I go to Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network Connections I see "Local Area Connection" and under this, above the name of the ethernet adapter is a name I wish to change. What is this name and how do I change it? Thanks. *edit This is in "tiles" view in explorer.. when I change it to "details" it says it is 'status' but still no clue how to change it! Figured it out! In Network and sharing centre, I had to click on the ICON of the network, which gave me a field to change the name. Yay!
  3. chilli

    Erase and encrypt SSD

    Thanks smakme, I erased the drive with Parted Magic and have been trying to use TrueCrypt to encrypt it, but kept getting a message that Windows is not installed on the same drive from which it boots.. turns out its the stupid 200mb partition Windows 7 makes, and which I entirely forgot about from last time (it kept installing it on different HDD) I have heard it is even more difficult to get it without the partition under SP1.. Any suggestions for getting everything in Windows 7 SP1 installed on the one partition on the SSD?
  4. I have a Corsair Force 3 SSD 120GB. I was making plans to wipe the drive, and encrypt it after my next installation, but it seems this process is a lot more ambiguous than with standard HDDs. Can anyone recommend the best method for erasing the old contents and encrypting the new contents of my SSD? By the way, it's nice to be back, my cat got really sick and I got really depressed so just stopped being interested in tech stuff for a while.. my shiny new computer has barely been used!
  5. chilli

    x79 is coming

    That gun is laaame.
  6. chilli

    Atomic forums archive pre 2003.

    So I discovered the atomic forums archive a while back and it brought back some memories to see it in the old format.. I noticed it only went back to 2003 though, by which time I had stopped posting. In one of my frequent fits of morbid introspection I was looking forward to a shot of nostalgia by self-indulgently reading posts I'd written back in 2001, but was disappointed to see the archive only seemed to go back as far as 2003.. do the older posts still exist anywhere?
  7. chilli

    Overclocking Inquiry

    I thought that high voltages will degrade a chip even with sufficient cooling?
  8. chilli

    dead motherboard

    Why was your motherboard out in the yard? :D jk
  9. Assuming you have tried enabling vsync? Chuckled at your title.. :)
  10. Yes I'm using the latest version of CPU-Z, and I've been using the Prime95 blend test. The settings I mentioned above were for 4.3Ghz, which seemed to be as high as I could go on all auto settings. I was trying to see how low I could take the voltage and have it still stable, but can't seem to drop it below 1.33 in the BIOS (which gives the above differing results inc Coretemp/CPU-Z) I found any OC over 4.3 required me to use "Multi-steps Load Line" of 6 or greater (8 for 4.9-5), I assume this is the same thing as LLC? Is it recommended to use this for a 24/7 OC and will it help me to get it stable at lower voltages if I enable it? Thanks for your help with this.
  11. chilli

    Occupy Melbourne

    Just watched this.. really excellent and eye-opening. Scary stuff!
  12. Well CPU-Z tells me that its's 1.044 idle /1.056 load when I set it in BIOS to 1.32 (and the same for 1.33), so now I'm even more confused! Not only because of the difference but again because it gives the same voltage readings when I change it in the BIOS. Which readings should I trust? I'd love to trust CPU-Z but surely those numbers can't be right for a stable OC?
  13. chilli

    Occupy Melbourne

    Some scarily oppressive police state shit from my lovely hometown of Perth in preparation for CHOGM/Occupy Perth this week: I concur! Source: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...p;pagenumber=71
  14. Can someone help me understand why when I set core voltage to say 1.32 it shows VID in coretemp of 1.35 under load (1.23-1.31 idle) and why it gives the same readings when I change the voltage in BIOS to say 1.32?
  15. chilli

    Occupy Melbourne

    An interesting take I read when the occupy wall street protests first got underway: http://motherjones.com/politics/2011/10/oc...-and-crazy-ones