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  1. thanks scythe, interesting link
  2. i wont be spending on a 4k monitor, just using my old 23" at what res it chooses lol thanks for the links but its says page not found for that techpower up page
  3. thanks mate, so just grabbing a 460 or1070 and jumping from 8 to 16 gig of ram should be enough to play the current fps's? is the 1070 worth the difference over the amd 480?
  4. hey atomicans at the moment im running a 4670 ( non k as i dont oc) on a cheapy gigabyte h81 baord with 8 gig a ram and a geforce 750 its a few years old and its really showing . looking at upgrading in the next week or so but having trouble deciding on parts video card im stuck between a 1070 and a rx480 8gig card ... while i can kinds afford the 1070 its still making me flinch at 800. is it really worth cost considering the rx480 is liitterally half the price? also im wondering about my processor / board and upgrading it. will upgrading to a 6600k on a z170 ( clearly need new ram ) be much of a differance for fps gaming or willthe money be better spend going to the video card and some exttra ram for the existing board?? advice on these 2 issues would be awsome cause im really struggling to pick one or the other atm and its doing my head in lol thanks all
  5. antiapple

    internet dropouts

    thanks guys, the switch to adsl1 mode seems to have sorted it out so far today.
  6. antiapple

    internet dropouts

    nah iinet but they run on the telstra lines using tiny little cables about a finger length long as the modem is mounted above the wall phone, updated firmware when i first pulled it out of the box :D
  7. hi all, so got a new modem today and it is having random internet dropouts. pulled these stats of the modem and was just wondering if it all looked good? the new modem is a tp link TD-W8961N just wondering if its the line , the modem or just a setting i can change someone to try and stop the dropouts thanks all incase you cant see pic snr margin : down 9.9 up 12.4 line attenuation: down 38.1 up 24.6 data rate: down 9818 up 1087 power down 18.6 up 12.4 crc down 3 up is blank
  8. antiapple

    help needed, no usb or sound

    hey all tried resetting the cmos and that done nothing, it is win 8 but even after a fresh install it was doing the same thing. out of desperation and needing my pc back up and running i ran down to local pc shop and purchased a new motherboard and it now seems to be running fine. guess mobo was the issue so now starts the process of seeing if i can get a refund from scorptech as ive already baught a new board
  9. hey all, booted system up this morning and have no working usb ports or sound virus check done in safe mode and none detected tried removing the usb and sound devices using devicer manager and restarting and still nothing also grabeed a torch and had a look for any leaky caps on the motherboard but found nothing the board itself is a 3 month old asrock h81 btc any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  10. ethical opinions aside i have a troublesome teen that i think is getting into some illegal things with the laptop i gave them for xmas last year was hoping you guys might be able to suggest a keylogger program that emails me logs. ( having the son know i have a keylogger on his lappy would defy the point) also not one that a antivirus would detect as again it would defy the purpose happy to pay for software, tho a free one wouldnt be complained about lol
  11. picked up a antec 300U3 and a corsair cx600 locally today to house the new build and just having a look at where the psu mounts at the bottom with the fan facing down their isnt much room at all for the from the psu fan to escape, would it be better the mount it with the psu fan facing upward where at least the 120ml fan on the top and back of the case can take some of the heat away. thats assuming the psu fan expells air not sucks it in :/ any help here guys hope im making sense
  12. think that is actually my best option right now, either that or takes his money and buy intel anyway hahahaha thanks dasa for the build idea, you always seem to have the right parts on the top of your ... fingertips? lol
  13. derp your crazy amd numbers mean nothing to me hhahahahaha so face value add in a gpu and give him a barracuda or something hdd and he should have a decent gaming box to last him thru the next couple years??
  14. after eyeing off my new rig pleasure me, a mate of mine asked for advice on upgrading his 3 yr old rig ( his current rig is a core2duo e7300 with 2 gig ram and 4870) now he is dead set on going back to amd for this system wants no part of intel at all, problem there i dont follow amd at all and as a single dad to 3 i dont have the time to go researching everything for him now he has about 7 -8 hundred to spend and needs a case and everything minus a optical ( told him he could have the 6month old sata dvdrw i had in my old rig before upgrading) ideas and suggestions very welcome and appreciated. please no comments about going intel, i have had that arguement with him and am now recovering after belting my head into a brick wall to make it stop much thanks EDIT: crap soz his a gamer, fps, wow, skyrim, and got have mercy the bloody sims. so system would have to be capable of running current and on the way games plus the usual interwebs, porn, movies blah blah blah