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  1. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=21626 What do people think about this??
  2. Okay i have been asked from a friend to help design them a website and find a host for there business there going into, I dont know all the details yet but there looking at importing and selling items. I have never designed a site before so i need help with what program or sites are easy to use to build a site. i will update when i know more about what i will need to have. but for now i need to know a good place to start a design. will have to include a shopping cart and a way for checkout payment options paypal, credit card/debit card etc etc. i really dont know much about web design at all but i am pretty quick at picking things up. any and all help to push me into the right direction will be greatly appreciated..
  3. Thank you for the reply. i finally had a talk with them today but decided to pass on the job and learn more about it all before i take on such a big task. i would rather they have the proper help then me do a half-assed job and them get no where with it.
  4. right now im running 2x 6850's in crossfire.
  5. So out of the options for the 7970 single 3GB, single 6GB or crossfire all with around the same price jump what would be better... or would it be better just to wait a few months and see what is to come??
  6. i brought a Netgear DGND3700 N600 modem router on the 15th of last month and everything was great my downloads almost doubled in speed, never had drop outs like i use to on my old netgear DG834G v3. i went away last weekend and everything was still working fine but when i came back on the sunday my internet started going really slow so i ran speed test and it showed downloads at only 89kb/s i thought maybe someone else was trying to download so i let it go but the last week my speed has still been slower then what i got on my old modem im lucky to get up to about 340kb/s my ping goes from 15-100ms depending on the speed test results. this morning i reset the modem still had not luck so i did a factory reset and still no luck its still going really slow and im the only person using the internet atm i checked attached decives and it only shows my laptop and my desktop. is the fault in the N600 do i need to send it back or could it be another problem? hopefully it is a simple fix that i have just plan forgotten to look at. any and all help will be appreciated.
  7. okay this morning i have hooked up my old modem again to test, i cant look on the router settings i forget the password for it. but i have ran the speed test half a dozen times my max speed from the test was 3189kbps and the average is only 2700kbps with a slowest speed of 2000kbps since my average on my n600 is a little higher then the top speed of this modem i know its not my modem 100% im going to be calling my ISP soon to see what is going on, on there end and hopefully they can fix whatever it is
  8. the only modem i have is the one i just replaced but the speed never dropped so drastic on it. as far as i know i am the only person who is running p2p software but i have not had it running in the past 2days. i have been keeping a eye on my speed and it has been staying at ADSL Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed 4427 kbps 1020 kbps Line Attenuation 44.5 db 25.0 db Noise Margin 7.9 db 12.1 db has been staying at these stats since 10am. i have only been surfing the net and not downloading.
  9. well i woke up this morning decided to check on the status again and its back down to being slow again even after doing a reboot on the modem. last night before i went to sleep it was running at ADSL Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed 9049 kbps 1020 kbps Line Attenuation 44.5 db 25.0 db Noise Margin 5.9 db 11.8 db ADSL Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed 3462 kbps 1020 kbps Line Attenuation 44.5 db 25.0 db Noise Margin 8.4 db 11.8 db i have tried a factory reset, switching the filter/splitter over to the C10245M and replaced the phone lead to the modem. also last night before i went to sleep my internet would keep losing connection i would reboot the modem and the internet would work for about 15minutes then it would drop out on both wireless and wired. i could still access the router manager but not the internet would just keep telling me there is no internet connection.
  10. Ok then if you removed a phone lead when doing the isolation test also try replacing the lead with a new one. Also try and keep the lead between wall socket and modem as short as possible. better to use longer Ethernet leads as the standard phone lead is a non-twisted pair so can pick up external interference.For a filter/splitter try and get a C10 Communications C10245M as these seem to be regarded as the best available. http://www.c10.com.au/products/adsl-filter...plitter-c10245m i have replaced the phone lead twice the one im using now seems to be working the best out of the ones i have tried. the length is about 3foot as of the position of the modem to where the wall socket is. i just went out to my shed as i had a few filter/splitters out there and i found a brand new still in the plastic C10245M so i will be swapping this over soon.
  11. hey thank you for the reply. in reply to what you have said. 1) i have never had this problem before my speed was always constant at all times of the day/night. 2) this seems to be the problem i removed my old filter and put a new one on and still had the same problem just did straight from the phone line to the modem and now im back to what it was before i went away. i am going to see if i have another filter now. if not ill have to pick up on up. will keep posted if this fixes my problem over the next few days.
  12. yeah im with tpg so i might contact them if nothing else works.
  13. ok so my mother has told me she enrolled herself into a digital media course at tafe, and not knowing what she will need ive told her 1st thing she will have to buy a computer. so basic i just need a simple pc able to handle photoshop and all editing software. money is pretty tight so cheap as possible. thanks in advance.
  14. james91

    new pc build...

    not unless you want something more specific that you dont think that suggestion meets or if you want to spend more cash not really looking for something specific just something to get her through the course, only thing i can think of is adding another hard drive for storage but i have spares.
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    new pc build...

    thanks i know the parts quide is good, was just wondering about other options aswell. but will most likely end up with something like this.
  16. james91

    Sydney PC Shop

    As for me i think http://www.mwave.com.au/ they have custom pc's on there site which you can customise abit or you can build your own custom pc and they will build it for $89 http://www.mwave.com.au/system.asp http://www.mwave.com.au/custom_system.asp i havent used there systems but i buy parts from them all the time.
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    could always try K-lite codec pack
  18. must have got a second wind lol
  19. need i say anything its slow
  20. Ok so for about the last 2 weeks now i have been having problems with my wifi dropping out or not connecting at all no matter how close i am to the modem at the time, have reset the modem rebooted and still same problems even using ethernet i have connection drop outs. currently using a netgear DG834G v3 so im using a really old thing its served me well but no need to try fix it and use it again im just going to buy a brand new one. i have been looking at a few but im still not 100% sure on what one to get, in the house we have 4 laptops, 3desktops, 2 media players, xbox all using the net through the modem all 4 ethernet ports are used up. the 2 i have been looking are the Billion 7800N and ASUS RT-N56U, open to suggestions on what one will be best for me. thanks for all the help i get on this.
  21. i have seen on cnet with user reviews people have said that so now i am thinking twice about the 7800N just because other people in the house only use wireless, i dont want to fork out the money then in a month need to buy a new wireless router. i kicked the RT-N56U out of my options when i read into it more and noticed that. well im currently on TPG ADSL2+ unlimited and i think im about 3km's from the exchange.
  22. i didnt end up buying the Billion 7800N today. will keep looking to see if anyone else recommends another modem/router to have a look at.
  23. thanks for the replies. i will be getting the 7800N hopefully tomorrow after replies and reading reviews on it seems like my best option. i dont think i can really go another few days with the internet dropping out how it is.
  24. hi all so i have a 6 year old american boss head unit with usb n sd slot, just intalled into my new car and have a problem with them slots now. when i stick in a usb or sd card with a few songs on it talking 17 songs for testing atm it will come up with error 12 on the display... this never happened while in my old car with an 8Gb usb flash, but with a new 8Gb flash and a 2Gb micro sd to sd i get this error, i have tried resetting the head unit itself but still get this error, have tried placing the songs into folders or just straight copy and paste to the flash and sd card, then it was to convert the files tried waves, mp3, flac etc same error still so next was reformat them tried both ntfs and fat32 didnt make a difference still got this error-12.... so my question is what the hell is wrong with it and how do i fix it if i can.. i can still use cd's but i dont really want to have to buy cd's and make mp3's all over again when i could just use the usb. so any and all help would be great thanks. not to sure if this is the right spot or i needed to put this in troubleshooting. if im in the wrong spot feel free to move to the right section...
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    car audio.......head unit problems

    While he wasn't necessarily polite he did give you an accurate representation of the brand. In short. Terrible. Also at 6 years old I would expect it to start failing, your well out of warranty and unless you're strapped for cash it will be far cheaper to get a new one than to try and get it fixed. If you don't want to use CD's maybe try a mechless unit. US Audio do a cheap one with USB and SD for about $70 at most Autobahns or Clarion do a very nice one for about $300 if you want 3 sets of pre-outs. i know the brand isnt the best but has lasted alot longer then the so called good ones my friends and family have had in the past, guess its just luck of the draw on how good they are. while i know the best thing to do would be just to replace the unit but funds are abit tight. so looks like i will have to go back to using cd's for awhile. thanks anyways.