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    Rome 2

    Just picked up my copy. Apologies if there is another thread but I skimmed through 3 pages couldn't find any. For those who are in Sydney. EB Broadway have relocated and today are offering 20% discount on all storewide games. I purchased my pre order of this game at $63 bucks. I will play tutorial and start a Carthage campaign as the Barca dynasty tonight. Cannot wait!
  2. the_pest_xxvi

    Rome 2

    Its great but I'm not liking the unit cards. same art, same style, same poses. Difficult to quickly see what unit your want to specifically select in the heat of battle. Unit cards are large and can take up almost half the screen. can't see any minimal UI option Other than that any other total war game really except the need for a very powerful graphics card. my GTX shows my age the more and more I push the graphical settings. Best total war if you want variety and scale.
  3. the_pest_xxvi

    And it's war......again.

    The US wants to bomb Syria because Syria bombed Syria. 0.o
  4. Using a GTX570 on I5 4670K on 1280x1080 res Runs everything fine. Tomb Raider which is the most recent game I bought this year showed signs of lag/frame drops in some areas when maxed out.. I'm a huge fan of Total War and the upcoming Rome 2 Not sure what card to get. My budget is up to a GTX 780 prices. Wait an see what ATI has to offer by the end of the year or better wait for 800 series which have an integrated ARM cpu? At the moment $760 looking really attractive and the sli option as well. I think this card will show its age once I crack everything ultra/max settings for Rome 2 Any advice?
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    And it's war......again.

    The RAAF only get to fly around 4 hours a week on average. Not enough recruits as they'd like. This is why the yanks will be our air force for any offensive/defensive role particularly in SEA. In return we have to do as they say from coalition support right down to Julian Assange
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    Nokia 920

    I've pre ordered the Nokia 920 from Telstra $65 "S" plan (Small plan) Im excited! I've read a lots of reviews and mostly the comments are about the weight of the device which I don't really mind. I don't think it would be much different than my HTC Mozart with a case. Word on the street is that its the weight of a Iphone 4s with a case....so reviewers say its ok beacuse its an Apple device but when Nokia does it....its wrong? Why are all the reviwers iSheeple. Distortion field much? Any way check it out...Nokia 920 from Telstra
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    Why cod 4 was the last of the great games

    To me DLC's are like mini expansions and Im happy to pay for them what is a couple of bucks? At the end of the day, they don't force you to buy DLC packs and surely...I haven't come across any game where a DLC was really needed in order to progress further from the original game itself. So what is the problem again?
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    What are you browsing?

  9. the_pest_xxvi

    Alex Jones may not be crazy after all.

    I've been closely following this guy recently and the NDAA is just wrong. How can the government lock up it's own citizens if they believe they are a terrorist without trial. Trial/court is supposed to find out if you are a terrorist or not. WTFBQQSAUCE!!!! I've also read that the U.S will slowly remove the 2nn amendmant (right to bear arms) as the only thing stopping the "establishment." it armed ciitizens....and if they are skilled....even bigger threat.
  10. the_pest_xxvi

    [PC] Shogun 2 Total War

    I'm excited for tomorrow. I get my grand master edition of Shogun 2. :) Finally a game that will satisfy me for quite some time. Who is excited? I am hoping the diplomacy works well in this game as I've read some cool diplomatic techniques to try on your opponents or potential allies/foes (works well if you play the Tokugawa clan) Which faction will you play first? For me it would be the Date clan or Takeda clan, I like a faction with strong and reliable offensive units such as the Date's no-dachi (dual wielding Samurai warriors) or Takeda powerful cavalry.
  11. the_pest_xxvi

    Windows phone 7

    Who is looking forward t WP7? I am, it seems so simple to get where you want to go, as i found when getting my HTC Legend, it was a pain to learn.
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    [PC] Shogun 2 Total War

    Kill them all! thats what I used to do on rome tw, if someone thought it was a good idea to rebel/attack me I'd come back with like 3times the troops and just click the slaughter button on the city/town and send some of my guys off to totally destroy the routed army purely out of spite. its always been like that, cavalry running onto spears never ends well.... likewise cavalry charging into a formation without the appropriate defense the foot soldiers get annihilated unless its an elite unit. Well..if cavalry don't get momentum to charge even Archers and Katana samurai, the are capable of slicing the cav for horse meat. It also depends how tired the horses are and if horses fight in forests then they become even more vulnerable to melee units. That why its a strategy game. ;) Im up for a clan play 4 online games so far won 2 of them on the launch day. :)
  13. the_pest_xxvi

    [PC] Shogun 2 Total War

    I was able to try out Avatar conquest. create my warlord and could not find any rooms to play online. Started campaign with the Date clan as soon as i click the big red tick, crashes to desktop. i had 3 crashes so far last night. haha! the updates took ages!!! WTFBBQSAUCE!
  14. the_pest_xxvi

    [PC] Shogun 2 Total War

    I picked up too, my work mates and boss thinks there is a suit of armor in the box.
  15. the_pest_xxvi

    [PC] Shogun 2 Total War

    Picking up grand master editions today at lunch time. damn...i want work to finish NOW! but...i also gotta do some shopping tonight....ughhhhh!
  16. the_pest_xxvi

    [PC] Shogun 2 Total War

    I prefer Rome as their best series. The AI was horrific in Medieval II (on latest patch)
  17. Hi all, Just wondering what GPU should i get... going up from a 8800GTS 512mb Rev 2 (G92) I run a ASUS P5E with q6660 CPU, 4GB of DDR2 so far i have not experienced extreme lag and it seems current games it looks amazing and performs very well for me. I do put my games on highest settings if things get slightly choppy i will lower AA or turn it off and lower shadows to medium. I ask this because its been a while 3 years to be exact... with no upgrade and i was wondering with the current cards which one would suit my old setup in preparation for Shogun 2 total war and BF3 (more so shogun). As im sure if i get a high end card of late 2010 or 2011 cards...it will bottleneck? Im far behind with whats out there at the moment.
  18. the_pest_xxvi

    Shogun 2 Demo out

    Playing the demo what made me all excited and funny in my private bits was...the wounded samurai's after a clash between two armies. it was refreshing to see some soldiers alive on the ground, trying to get up, crawl away or just laying there in pain before their last moments. I only wish you could see the survivors perform seppuku or the opposing army just finishing those wounded.
  19. the_pest_xxvi

    Err no discount

    Went to Discount furniture the other day. I was interested in a $799 lounge set and a single seater for $219. I asked the guy who worked there if i could have the two for a grand. his reply was "We don't do discounts." I was like WTFBBQSAUCE in my head. I didn't really need the single seater but it was nice looking.
  20. the_pest_xxvi

    Err no discount

    Its 20 dollars,...geez....they want to get rid of their stock..he should of let that one pass. :(
  21. the_pest_xxvi

    Are Atheists Mentally Ill?

    I say mental illness is common for atheists and the religious In a few months in this Green Room will come a time where some user, posts some other article or debate/rant about topics that deal, with god, creation, existence etc if there are hundreds of threads on this topic...then we can all say we are all mentally ill.
  22. the_pest_xxvi

    Shogun 2 Demo out

    Pre ordered the Grand Master Edition! woohoo!
  23. the_pest_xxvi

    Dragon Age 2 Demo

    I'm a huge fan of DA 1 but i don't know...i didn't want a Mass Effect style of playing DA. If i want to play mass effect style...i'll play mass effect. Leaving this one out and staying true to original and the best.
  24. the_pest_xxvi

    Upgrade GPU to what

    Thanks for that mate. I'll be setting my eyes on those next month. :)
  25. the_pest_xxvi

    Someone fancies me

    I'm at work today. I work in the IT Dept and I've been with this business/company for a year now. I love my fiancée with all my heart and in fact she's migrated last December because we had a two year long distance relationship and after 200+ international calling card, expensive phone bills, everyday and every night for the days months i haven't been with her for the period of 2 and half years, we are finally living as a couple. My fiancée is a beautiful woman, caring, loving, everything is great with her even more so by the fact of her sacrifice for me to prove her love for me and strengthen our love across the seas. Current situation.. So...now i have a problem that bothers me everyday at work and i don't know what to do. There is also this beautiful woman at my head office (i will not deny that). tall, blonde, amazing body with her corporate attire..she shouldn't be in the office...she should professionally model for Victorias. I will not deny this, my description of her that is and in no way i'm implying she is better, or better looking than my honey, i love my baby to death.. Shes the HR officer....now here's my problem. The whole year since I've started she's been staring at me all the time. Why i think or definitely feel she fancies me: - Our departments are not that far apart 3-4 meters apart. The toilet is located near her department so when i get up from my desk i have to walk through her area just to go, basically, there is a point where I walk that im very physically close to her desk and to her. The cubicle she sits at is at mid height so she doesn't have privacy for everyone that walks to the toilet. - I catch her at the corner of her eye looking at me mostly all the time if she's not busy and will no do the same for other people. - my back faces her when im at my desk which a good 5-6 meters away.When i get up i have to turn around which makes me face her right side of her face. I walk to her direction because the kitchen and toilet is there i can see her head turn slightly and she's looking at me from the corner of her eyes. - Sometimes when i walk past... her head will be down typing on the keyboard or writing something on paper she'll look up at me most of the time if she's not busy. Not being rude when i catch her i say hello and smile. - Because i'm in IT if she has technical problems she'll call me (work mobile) and only me..especially if she's onsite somewhere, she does not go through 1st level or even use our request/logging system. - When i'm forcibly around her area or doing something for her, she's super, super nice, smiles sort of speaks, twiddles her fingers does not stand straight when she talks to me. - when i complete issues with the human resource system (sql database) she' really goes out of the way to thank me. - When it was her birthday she didn't share any chocolates, when i came around to help her she offered me and none of her colleagues. - always stares at me and tries to get me to have lunch a the kitchen with her HR buddies even at won't point reserving a seat for me. She once said that if i was having lunch and if she's want to join and pulled out a chair which of course was next to her. - When i explain things to her and the problems she'll have with anything IT related, simple or complex, she seems to stare at me in day dream mode and not say anything of a little bit of oh ok, ah-huh, she will twirl her hair or run her fingers through her long hair as i talk about work related stuff. - She'll ask me what I've been up to and hows everything, like we are best friends or something. I hardly know her. It sucks because i look at her to see if she's looking at me and she's probably doing the same thing but, i don't know when it began or who looked at who but seriously...it freaking me out. - and the Christmas party, workers were allowed to bring their partners so i brought my partner and i avoided her very well that night, i mostly stuck to my IT team you know i'm 24, i'm tall, i can easily pass off for a 30 yr old because of my size and my office attire. She is definitely not married, shes somewhere in her 30's most likely late. A woman like that is not single, definitely..either taken or de facto but i don't care..she shouldn't be staring at me like that all day when im at my desk, walking past or doing something for her. I'm not going to do anything, i'll be faithful, i am faithful as I love my girl of almost 3 years now but it just bothers me and makes me uncomfortable at times particularly when i'm around her because most of the time she's not paying attention to something i'm trying to explain or fix that related to an IT issue and the stares at me, smiles and acts all funny and fidgety. arrgghh!!! any tips? what to do to avoid this im dead serious about this.