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  1. ^^ Was gonna say. I'd just remove the offending fins or cut them. Stuff getting new ram. Losing some fins isn't gonna kill you on that beastie. I haven't got a dremel but i'd give it a bash with a hacksaw blade :P
  2. I'm reasonably familiar with lynnfield and would happily review and put forward any corrections that I saw necessary if required. I think other more educated people like miahallen have already beaten me to writing a good OC guide. I'm familiar with the ASUS bios too, as opposed to the Gigabyte so I can provide their synonyms for terms etc if required. These forums certainly need one. Too many plebs running stock. Gotta get their moneys worth! :p @pastie, you can still push the limit on a 24/7 oc. Minimal voltage for the OC to be stable. Realistically most people will be cooling limited, so a guide to stop on temps is fine. Very few here have the gear to actually be limited by their chip and those who do aren't stupid enough to give it 1.7v without thinking about it. I don't think anyones suggesting a phase/ln2 guide here, just an air/water guide. I'd argue how dangerous the advice is also. Current gen intel chips are pretty damn robust + RMA.
  3. turk

    $700 Old man build

    Self-censorship and swearing within the same post. The mind boggles. On topic. I think Dasa had it pretty well nailed. Hope it works or worked out for you.
  4. Condensation would be fun with cooler than ambient pipes :) If you do it, get some screenshots and pics. I've only seen it done once before. The xstremesystems ghetto mods thread even (perhaps).
  5. turk

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Do it. 1.5v on air is doable. I thought you did, hence the (for most people) comment. If you have 300+ dollars worth of cooling your priorities shift a little :p
  6. turk

    Fake ram module?

    It appears I may stand corrected. Simply cautious about RAM when I don't know where it's from. I've certainly seen several reports of fake RAM. It seems it could likely be an unfortunate defect in this case however.
  7. turk

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Nice clocks. I don't recommend 950 over 930 simply because most people wont overclock high enough to utilise the extra mult. You need a U12P SE2 or better virtually to even start pushing the limits of these chips, a D14/Silver Arrow even. I'm cooler limited with a U12P and a i5 750 once I hit 4.2GHz or so and suicide runs prove I can hit close to 4.6 even on only a 21 multiplier. For the extra money you're not even guaranteed better silicon, so if you overclock more than 200MHz, the chips become effectively equal. I wouldn't recommend i7 over i5 if they weren't going to at least get a Hyper212+ or something to OC a little, hence my preference for the cheaper chip if i7 is the choice. D0 920's perform ahead of 950's frequently enough for it to seem more luck of the draw, than a good buy with the extra money spent on a 950 over a 930. Having said that, the price difference is small. I simply don't feel it's justified for many people (though it certainly is for some).
  8. IC's seem to have a lot to do with it, but with my budget G.Skill ram (1333, cl9, non-ripjaws, plain heatspreaders), I've managed to pull 1560 at 9-9-9-24 (rated timings for 1333). and do 7-7-7-22 at 1200. I've been impressed with the G.Skill brand. Perhaps I just have good/lucky IC's though. It seems there's more to ram than simply make/manufacturer. G.Skill ripjaws always review well however and I don't think many would call them out as a bad recommendation.
  9. The K62 is a good case if my K60 is anything to go by. I love having a totally toolless case. It makes any changes a breeze. I resat my heatsink 5 times one day because I was bored and wondered which orientation was best. Removing my graphics card 5 times - simple. R3's are pretty, but I swear by my usefulness and more rugged looks :> my 2c :p
  10. turk

    Bigpond, more like smegpond

    I've found Internode the most reliable and it also tends to give me the best pings. It tends to cost more though for the same package. I'm currently with TPG and find while they're more intermittent with their service (I drop once or twice a week), they offer good value plans and I get good speeds (though I'm only 400m from the exchange).
  11. If you spread the paste beware of air bubbles. Roll the heatsink on to avoid this. The spreading isn't really necessary though. The physical cores are generally very close to the center where your paste will go anyway. Grain of rice is about right though. Less is best.
  12. turk

    Fake ram module?

    Lemel are a non-brand name RAM manufacturer carried by Synnex, one of the largest worldwide distributers. They're not the best, but they're hardly dodgy. I've heard other cases of this. Likely someone labelled with a fake label. It's probably really a 256mb 533 stick. Windows may read memory information from within the ram (like it does for cpu) and thus recognise as 2gb if this information has been forged.
  13. turk

    picky picky.

    Just be careful with the Elphida Hyper's. There was a bad batch of them going around in 2009. The new dominators have a new part number compared to the dodgy ones. Corsair fully covers it by warranty, but nice to know. EDIT: I believe TRX was the old prefix. CMX should be the new.
  14. turk

    Fake ram module?

    I've heard of this. I'm pretty sketchy on ram, but there's a section where it tells windows how much is there etc. Some people sell smaller modules with stickers labelling them as larger, and because windows recognises them as larger, people get scammed. Pretty sure you'd find an instance or two of this on whirlpool if you poked around. Likely fake rather than faulty.
  15. I'd be less than inclined to spend this much on thermal paste for a possible 1 degree improvement (which will probably depend more on how it spreads at any particular time). I've also heard IC Diamond is hard to spread. Thanks for letting us know though :) EDIT: I'm using OCZ Freeze atm which I've found about as good as the NT-1 Noctua sends you (which I rather like).