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    Cloned drive in GPT(GUID) not MBR ?

    Thanks for your reply Rybags. I guess I'm more concerned about having 2 different formats once I clone my OS to new SSD. OS will be MBR and the data drive SSD which I've cloned is GPT. Are there possible conflicts in the future is what concerns me. I'm not tech savvy and as far as partitions are concerned, it's just the very basic setup I'll be using. All my data is backed up on a daily basis so even if I stuff up I won't lose anything important although I would like to clone the OS drive without having to reinstall windows. I'll see how I go.
  2. I've just cloned 2hdd's in Raid0 to a single new SSD. After connecting the SSD I assume when I initialised it prior to cloning, I selected GPT (guid) not MBR. The clone SSD works fine, tried a few programs, data pics vids are all there. BTW this is not an OS drive. My motherboard does not support UEFI so am I looking at potential problems down the track? I haven't deleted Raid0 yet so I can clone again. Do I just format the SSD clone and start again with the option of selecting MBR? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated. Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. My OS drive is MBR and will be cloned to another new SSD. Thanks.