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  1. buddylove

    AusBF3 Campaign Tournament

    For anyone interested; AusBF3 Campaign Tournament is an organized team vs. team tournament. Each week our 2 armies battle it out on Saturdays in 64-man battles on a different map. Our armies are organized along military lines, with a High Commanding Officer leading their army supported by other HCOs, Company Commanders, NCOs, all the way down to private. There are always openings for dedicated leaders, and if you put time into you will find yourself working up the ranks quickly. Already a member of a clan or community? That's fine! We accept all comers here. Teamwork and Coordination are paramount here at AusBF3. We use TeamSpeak 3 to coordinate everything. It's free to join, free to play! Battlenight are played on an unranked server so it does not matter about your KDR or your unlocks because you will have everything you need. Even weapons and equiptment you havnt unlocked yet. specific details on the weapons used in the Tournament will be coming soon. We live, breath and fight together soldier. Those who fight together, go home together. If interested, go to http://www.ausbf3.com More questions? Look at our Beginners Guide http://www.ausbf3.com/forum/showthread.php...-our-Tournament or join us on TeamSpeak3: we are currently in the making of the beta campaign and have everything to do it except for enough members. Currently we have 3 Tournament Admins TC|AnThraXau TA|Wildroo TA|Camm and both the commanders have been chosen for the beta campaign armies 2nd Recon Battalion Col.Robotnik 137th Guards Airbourne Regiment COL.reformat and about 15 players all ready to go.
  2. buddylove

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Hey guys, ive recently started playing WoT, so far im up to a tiger 1 tank with some mild upgrades. my in-game name is buddylove feel free to add me and we can platoon/tank company it up! im pretty much online every night for an hour. Cheers
  3. buddylove

    ASUS VE278Q 27" LED opinions

    alright, so far so good. Im enjoying using the screen. I feel like im already used to the bigger screen though. +no dead pixels -out of the box brightness is terrible, way way too bright
  4. buddylove

    ASUS VE278Q 27" LED opinions

    Im picking up a VE278Q from msy ipswich today, wish me luck. Hopefully i can test it in store for dead pixels. Upgrading from a chimei 22" which i have used for around 3-4 years. Will be used next to a 24" asus lcd. will let you guys know about my thoughts.
  5. buddylove

    Cheap IP thermometer

    - resources are pretty tight on the esxi, only has 2gb of ram. I would consider it wasteful to create a vm just for the usb thermometer. - still want something that i can use later down the track in the network cabinet. - esxi server will be switched off remotely (through vpn vsphere client) when temps are too hot, once esxi server is powered down and temps lower there would be no way to find out what current temps are. The usb thermometer just doesnt suit my needs, thanks for your idea though. Thanks Chris, May as well just start saving for one. Cheers
  6. buddylove

    Cheap IP thermometer

    Hi Sledgy, The server is running esxi 4.1 While there is USB support for usb device passthrough from an ESXi hypervisor to a virtual machine, the virtual machines running are not suitable to run the temperature monitoring service. Constantly being turned on/off, wiped, redeployed... its a test bed for my vcp and hosting freenas. also, the usb limitations are a pain in the arse.. usb limitations in esxi Plus, I need the option to be able to use the thermometer in my network cabinet.. no pc in there. thanks for you input though.
  7. Hey Guys Im after a cheap i.p thermometer to monitor the termperature in the server room @ home. This is a precautionary measure for the hot summer months in the brisbane. Ive found this product I.p Thermometer Site They are asking $ 297.00 though... quite a bit out of my range. Im after email notification facilites and some kind of reporting software. Remote Temp Host Wish this came with the sensor probes... Another Brand This store has them for $350.00 AUD, Just to confirm, im after a ethernet based i.p thermometer sensor. not a usb one. Can anybody within the atomic community help me out?
  8. buddylove

    Desperate for new XFX 850W Black Edition PSU

    Its interesting how all the stock for the xfx model has run out. I called over 10 stores in nsw/qld/vic, everyone was out of stock. Is it just a very sought after model or very small numbers manufactured?
  9. buddylove

    Desperate for new XFX 850W Black Edition PSU

    PSU will be used with next hardware upgrade. i.e SLi gpu's so I am preparing for such an upgrade. Currently only using a 8800gtx, 6 hdds, raid controller, 5 fans. Which im well aware doesn't require 850 watts, but again, I am trying future proof for a more beefier machine. Ended up ordering a Corsair HX-850 ATX PSU with modular cables after stumbling across the psu sticky thread. very handy! cheers guys
  10. buddylove

    Desperate for new XFX 850W Black Edition PSU

    I havent read the lastest magazine, but if the psu has changed for the perfect pc, can someone let me know what it is. cheers.
  11. Hey guys. Im desperately searching for any resellers with XFX 850W Black Edition PSU in stock. My silverstone 850 watt psu decided to die last night. Big bang with smoke!! The timing is terrible since im just about to go on annual leave, with a copy of new vegas sitting on my shelf teasing me to be installed, my christmas break looks pretty bleak at this point. According to the couple of months old atomic magazine I had laying around the house.The XFX 850W Black Edition PSU was recommended for the perfect pc build, hence why im hunting for one. I could purchase another psu, but with plans of upgrading to sli in the future, and currently running 6 hdds with a beefy gpu. I'm really after this highly reccomended psu. Ive tried looking at every store static ice finds with the psu, tried phoning the stores that have the product listed on ebay. Every store I look that has stock has closed for christmas break or they are awaiting more stock. Any ideas, any resellers that frequent the forum that have stock? I think im going to start having pc withdrawal symptons!! argh!!!!!!!
  12. Hey Mate I found your guide quite interesting, I'm currently in the middle of setting up my openvpn server at home. Though my setup/environment is a little different. I currently have a white box pc running vmware esxi 4.1, I deployed my OpenVPN Access Server from an OVF Template which I found here Visit My Website All was going really well until I tried to open the web interface, no bingo. My linux skills are quite pathetic but I still managed to get under the hood and have a little bit of a play. I added an eth01 which I then assigned an i.p address, and could ping to but thats as far as I could really get. I just called it a night after that. I might just follow your steps and use ubuntu.
  13. buddylove

    North Korea fires on South

    Guys, find the time to watch this documentary on North Korea. Paints an interesting picture. North Korea pt. 1 North Korea pt. 2 North Korea pt. 3
  14. buddylove

    Opinions and feedback on my site.

    Just got a dedicated bad company 2 server to help us pass the time until bf3 comes out, was really strange. the server went live yesterday morning, that night we had around 30 players for a good 1-1.5 hours then every dropped within 10 minutes of each other to only 2 players. Feel free to invite your friends and play. 32 player hardcore server. The name of the server is. ausbf3.com HARDCORE Further details can be found on the site. www.ausbf3.com
  15. buddylove

    Opinions and feedback on my site.

    We had 3 users sign up with obviously fake user names. Their email addresses were all very similar to each other and looked like 2.e.r.e.f.a.s.f.e.312.12@gmail.com. I banned the i.p address and deleted the user names. They did post a spam thread about some kind of viagra website but it was in spanish. Is there any ways to stop these users from joining? We have human verification captcha turned on. I guess it doesnt stop the human spammers though? Maybe require our moderator to review each new registeration?