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  1. Daniel Godden

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    If you see any odd colours or hard to read bits, post some screen shots as things look like to me in Firefox 61 and Chrome 68. I think unreads got reset with the upgrades, so that might explain the missing start (I've had one on this thread which has new content since the upgrade)) The unread content might be out of wack for a bit, as the search is being re-indexed which will take a while to finish (a couple of days maybe).
  2. Daniel Godden

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Yes, reCaptcha will be on the rego. Mobile support yes, the new theme is responsive. HTTPS might not make this update, but it is on the short list of things.
  3. Can't find a way to PM so had to post here. Could you please delete this thread as it contains content requested by a third party to be removed. Deleted my posts, but can't delete thread. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php/topic/6997-greatest-star-wars-mod-ever/

  4. Daniel Godden


    Did you give a URL to an externally hosted image, or set up a gravatar account and make sure it uses the same email address you signed up with on Atomic? You should also be able to upload an avatar from your profile page.
  5. Daniel Godden

    Atomic 3.14 Changelog

    On a mobile device is should display the mobile theme (determine by user agent, not browser size). The mobile theme is still the default IP.Board mobile theme at the moment.
  6. I eat evil for breakfast! :P

  7. Daniel Godden

    login login login login login login login login login

    Shhh, I'm hiding.
  8. Needs moar evil !