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  1. Did you read my post also did you visit my link?
  2. Good luck with that because I thought that the DRM was a requirement of BD manufacturing licence. Yes I'm using Any DVD HD, sorry for not specifing the exact software. Indeed Bly Ray drives are DRM protected but this specific drive doesn't work with Any DVD or "any" other similar software. Stay away from Matshita/Panasonic drives, I've lernt the lesson. http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=49245
  3. Very nice guide thanks guys. I think you get the prices from staticice, well it's happening that top cheaper prices now seem to be always outdated because once you go the the shop link it will show a higher price.
  4. I decided to find an alternative internal drive instead of an external solution.
  5. 1680 x 1050 on a Dell SP2390W. But I don't play the latest games as I always wait prices drop down. :) Also you know it depends on game settings especially the graphic ones. Playing Demigod, Warcraft 3, Stalker series, Sniper Elite 2, Dead Island, Age of Empire 3 Lol :)
  6. The Asus isn't a full ATX also it seems strange to me they used that size to fit 3 GPU's, why not a full ATX? Also I've became a bit cautious about Asus products, one GPU faulty (fortunately exchanged on the spot) and one motherboard P5K Pro having SATA problems and had no chance to return back. The Gigabyte looks really good, maybe I should check their web site for firmware and bios updates. I modded the T05 and put a 100mm intake Noctua plus I was able to squeeze in one more Hard disk (4 in total) and 2 optical drives and some stockings to filter the dust. The Antec was the Sonata Plus and it came with PSU, not too bad at all.
  7. I wasn't sure where to post this issue since the laptop is big and heavy (not so portable) also it's a desktop replacement. Its Blu Ray burner drive it's a Panasonic (I don't remember the exact model) but is the same as NEC and Matshita models, they are all rebadged. The problem with this specific piece of "crap" is that it's hardware DRM protected and can't rip Blu Rays (or even just copy the files one by one), Any DVD doesn't work as well as I already researched on rpc1.org but there is not solution, there is no firmware for it. No more Panasonic, NEC, Matshita in my life! So I'm looking to buy another drive this time I must be sure to buy one that isn't hardware protected. I found that the Pioneer BDR-TD05 is quite common on ebay and similar China or Hong Kong web sites but the strange thing is that I couldn't find any review/reccomandation about the Pioneer BDR-TD05, I guess they might be only available in Japanese or Chinese languages. I need some of you guys advice me in case you already had similar issues and if there is any shop locally or to order within Australia that would be better. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks I feel that you know what you say and overally users here on Atomic are quite knowleagble so it's hard to argue with. :) I currently use a Gainward GTX 460 Goes Like Hell so I've no problems staying with nVidia based cards. Regarding the case you need to be in my room during summer, it's really HOT and fans are just useless. I'm a big fan of the Coolermaster T05 and for good reasons, the Antec with side front intake was very silent but it struggled cooling the computer (sold it already) while the older and much cheaper Coolermaster (still using it) is doing a great job. Yes I read from another replay here on Atomic that the 4790K it's a better choice so I think that I'll go this route. The Gigabyte H97 Gaming you suggested looks really good on the paper and crafted for my system, just I worry it's a release 1 and I know that newest hardware often has problems, so is this board really reliable?
  9. Thanks, I discarded the 8 core system option because I think that it's too much for me also I would like to go the Intel i5 based system because I don't mind if during video encoding or Photoshop I loose some speed but I save money. So what about the Intel Core i5 4690K? I like the Gigabyte H97 Gaming though. The Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 looks "great" but it has side air intake which means less airflow than the front panel intake solution. I already had a case similar, the Antec, and the airflow may not match with the two cases I suggested. Is there any particular reasons for suggesting the GTX 970 4GB not the AMD R9 for example? I think that I can reduce my budget with the i5 solution even so I get less performances but that won't be a huge loss. As I said above regarding the nVidia solution instead the AMD, I read many people say that the R9 290 are the best value for money right now. No, I would not prefer a water cooled solution.
  10. Hello to everyone, my main system has became old plus it's showing some problems so I'm looking at building another. Only the box, no optical drive, I got some SATA 1TB drives, I also would like to use my PSU Corsair HX 650W, is it powerful enough? I've no idea regarding on how much should I spend but I would think of around $1,800 - 2,000 Intel based, I'll buy from MSY, CPL, Scorptec or Umart mainly because I can pickup, suggestions are welcome. For the case I like the Corsair 730T or Coolermaster CM690 III (good value for money) your suggestions are welcome. I prefer with front air intake and big fans for better airflow, no side window plus simple clean design. Motherboard with at least 6 SATA slots and if possible firewire. I saw the ASRock Z97 Anniversary, any suggestion again is very welcome. No overcklocking but no problem if the GPU is already overcklocked. Thanks in advance.
  11. AnyDVD does not "fix" the drive you simply have it running when you insert a disk and it strips the region stuff and copy protection from the disk.It does not touch your hardware. What I meant is Anydvd cannot fix the problem regarding the protection NOT unlocking the hardware, as I said the firmware is hardware locked so there is no fix for this specific drive.There's something Anydvd could do but I've to set the drive's region to match the specific disc and it still doesn't work. The link from my first post, by the way, I'm Scorptec's customer too and can pick up.
  12. Um dood they all have region limitations. To get around region limitations you need either a hacked firmware or software like ANYDVD or DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. Sorry I had to be more specific. The bad experience I had with the built in drive is that its firmware cannot be hacked so it's hardware locked to rpc2 and even AnydvdHD can't fix it, I already did the search so be ware of those drives. The Pioneer BDR-Xd04 seems the only valid option here in Australia and thanks for pointing to it. The option from the US shop isn't viable cause the high delivery fees (but the bundle looks good), actually I could pick up from Warcom and save some money. Will wait for more opinions.....
  13. Little background: my Asus laptop's internal bluray burner is just useless, Matshita BD-MLT UJ240AS (or Panasonic), it simply doesn't allow bluray and dvd ripping and if I knew that, I avoided buying such useless hardware. I decided to buy an external device (ok I know those are not the same as the full size ones so I save you guys the time) and I've found it so difficult to buy one in Melbourne area or even from overseas. Brands I'm looking for are Liteon (impossible to find anywhere) or Pioneeer, I don't like the too many other brands floating around because I worry the drives they use are the ones with region limitation (rpc2) unless someone here with expertise can kindly confirm a selected brand/model which is not region locked. I found a web site in US they sell the Pioneer BDR-X04 bundle Videoguys, so is this my only choice within Australia or can I still buy something locally of comparable quality and price? Thanks in advance.
  14. I was able to choose "Deny" but the 2 boxes after many attempts where not operative.