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  1. t3hmarz

    What would you like to see a remake or sequel of?

    ^ Red Faction Half-Life *cough cough* Black Mesa Source and a sequel to Half Life 2: Episode 2 would be nice.
  2. t3hmarz

    Veet for men

    Amazing stuff :)
  3. t3hmarz

    hoes before bros?

    I don't think it is selfish. I would be vegetarian myself, except sometimes I just feel like something meaty. Pescatarianism is something I could get behind though :) Veganism/Vegetarianism is something I support, because it's their own choices. This contrasts with my family, who think people who don't eat meat are stupid/satanists. Also, good job on being Vegan EW, I hear it's a really hard lifestyle to keep up :)
  4. t3hmarz

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    My latest purchase is a Sandisk Sansa Clip+ off Ebay. And I must say, I am undoubtedly impressed. This little mp3 player has blown me away, with it's size, usability and price, along with the fact you can expand it's 4gb of storage with a microSD. That was before I Rockboxed it. Now it's playing my old iTunes protected m4a music while running games with a Pacman theme. If anyone's looking for something that isn't an iPod, or an mp3 player on the cheap, go get one of these off Amazon or Ebay and Rockbox it now. For some reason I couldn't find it in any Australian stores though :/
  5. t3hmarz

    Gaming laptops.

    I personally wouldn't go for alienware, but cool for you. I still think they look the best out of all laptops. You can also upgrade your GPU, IIRC they have a MXM slot. Enjoy your shiny new Alienware :)
  6. t3hmarz

    Puberty before 10: a new normal?

    It's not just training bras, have you seen the miniskirts and midriff tops marketed to girls in the 10-12 bracket? My 11 year old sister dresses like more of a slut than most year 11 girls.
  7. t3hmarz

    Look-a-likes, had to show this one...

    I can't tell which one is the girl.
  8. t3hmarz

    Chernobyl Diaries

    I too adore the Zone and the setting of it, especially in games. Too bad I don't like horror :/ i c whut u did thar.:)
  9. Feel free to add your own sentence, paragraph, or page :) Anyone can contribute. What happens next? You decide!
  10. t3hmarz

    Jailed for tweet

    I think the jail time was a bit too much, but yes he should have been prosecuted. If this policy got applied to the rest of the internet, the entirity of /b/ would be locked up for years :P
  11. t3hmarz

    Sex from a male point of view.

    I would say weekly's good, any more than that and it just ain't special. I would still take it if offered ;) Foods: My gf would kill her, then me shortly afterwards, so no.
  12. Mr. Twinkie lacks the ability to grow a sporting, manly beard. I say!
  13. Actually, it's a Merkin. :P
  14. t3hmarz

    [SYD] SOGC Lan - 21st April

    I'll have a look into it :) Also, if you have 2 of the same thread, ask a mod to close/delete the other one.
  15. t3hmarz

    Homophobia in gaming - and bigotry in homosexuals

    Maybe you could host Highlander TF2 matches every Sunday or something?TF2 is freely avaliable and fun, so I think people will do that. Also, with the prizes for winning things, I cold contribute a game or so :)