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  1. i_am_banned2

    The coronavirus conspiracy

  2. i_am_banned2

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Tricot won't be stopped!
  3. i_am_banned2


  4. i_am_banned2

    Youtube disables COMMENTS on any video with kids in it

    This will have unforeseen consequences. The YouTube comments section is precisely where we want to keep these people - shutting that down may cause them to venture outside, into public spaces, to mingle with common society. Nobody wants to meet a YouTube commenter in real life. Nobody.
  5. i_am_banned2

    Farmers That Need Help.

    Gold farming is certainly not an easy job. Well, maybe it's pretty easy but it can be a bit boring at times. Hopefully this money will help those guys out, too.
  6. i_am_banned2

    Everything in it's right place.

    They should have just hired a professional. Nobody wants to pay full price for an album and end up with some amateur hour karaoke jam. How would you feel if you'd chosen Freelance Synth Master as a career choice, struggling to make your way because the common people can't tell the difference between a practised genius and a fumbling beginner? Not only are you barely able to feed yourself but now you have to look on while that fumbling beginner who took your job enjoys even more worldwide fame and unending riches. Thom, stop being a clown shoe. Hire a professional next time.
  7. i_am_banned2

    my politics

    Yes, it would definitely be a step in the reich right direction.
  8. i_am_banned2

    my politics

    What about all those godless heathens that are already here? I suggest that non-whites be required to wear full-face and -body covering clothing so that proper, upstanding citizens don't have to look at them. Even so, their corrupting immorality would remain a constant threat to our new paradise. Maybe there's another... solution?
  9. i_am_banned2

    my politics

    I think we need some clearer definitions here. For instance, is it still classed as masturbation if you're just fondling your nipples? What if you're completely naked but only licking the bathroom mirror? Perhaps a dB limit on moaning and grunting would better assist investigating detectives in determining if a crime is being committed? There's many, many important details we need to establish before we can get this new society off the ground.
  10. i_am_banned2

    Happy Birthday thetap

    Shh, you guys! If the mods see this I'll have to start a new band...
  11. i_am_banned2

    What's on your mind?

    Starting a new job on Monday! Just another factory job, building window frames. Should be a pretty solid industry to get into.
  12. i_am_banned2

    Is It Just Me Or Is The Green Room Trying To Kill My CPU?

    That worked for me, too. Thanks for the help!
  13. i_am_banned2

    Is It Just Me Or Is The Green Room Trying To Kill My CPU?

    Ah, well at least it's a known issue. I'll just pretend I'm stress-testing my CPU while I'm here.
  14. It only happens on this site - I've enabled AdBlock and No Coin and neither have had any effect. Please don't fry my CPU, Atomic...
  15. i_am_banned2


    Utterly absurd. Where in the Holy Bible does it state that only men should have to fetch the water?! These fools should be more concerned about their impending eternal damnation instead of lusting after tasty wealth and power.