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  1. witcher01

    10% discount on everything(ME3 etc)

    In the spirit of sharing i just seen cdkeyshere.com post up a 10% discount on everything in there shop.. including Mass Effect 3,Syndicate and other games. get in there guys there facebook says 14 hours left. Codeword: onemillion I grabbed syndicate :D
  2. witcher01

    6950 Xfire Or 7950/70

    on the 6950 i still dont get perfect 60 FPS and noticeable drops which is annoying.. and terrible playback on DX11 games at full settings.. i think id get my use out of the 7970 and it would be future proof as suggested so i think ill be going with it :)
  3. witcher01

    6950 Xfire Or 7950/70

    so you think i should wait a month or two and buy a 7970 ?
  4. witcher01

    6950 Xfire Or 7950/70

    how much performance would i lose if i compared 3x6950s vs 1 7950 and is crossfire really worth it when compared to single card ?
  5. What would be better me getting a second 6950(with option for a 3rd in future) or selling the 6950 and going with a single 7950 or 7970? Gaming at 1080p resolution, wants to be gaming for aslong as possible at closest to 60fps as possible. thanks.
  6. witcher01

    Halo Reach Anniversary Map Pack

    Its a bit of a issue ive noticed you buy the anniversary game which is suppose to include the map pack code but its not there... anyone else expierencing this ?? If anyone bought the game and has no intention to use the code could i grab it from you ?? maybe a trade steam game for it ?? let me know :)
  7. witcher01

    Cooling Advice/Build Help.

    thanks guys for the 2 CPU cooler advice.... my case is an antec 900.. i hope to replace all current fans if possible
  8. witcher01

    Cooling Advice/Build Help.

    The cheapiest but most effective cooling build you can think off :)
  9. Can someone please help give me a few recommended parts to cool my computer ?? Id like it to be a budget list.. Im currently running an i7920/4 Hard Drives/3x2 sticks of ram and ive got a 650W PSU with 6950 2GIG AMD card and im only using the stock cooling on both the CPU/GPU... but the heat is really bad on my machine and its collected alot of dust so i want to grab a few cooling devices to help it run games for longer without crash :P ( and maybe slight overclock in future) I might even look at a new case if its suggested but i have a really old antec 900 case with the sides off (cause it got hotter with sides on :S) but the fans inside it are next to useless i think. All help is greatly appreciated :)
  10. witcher01

    Going to be a dad in 8ish months :)

    @mac dude.. u kinda fail there bro i did mention the blood test ;) the most accurate test i know about :P so yea haha thanks everyone for the congrats :) you guys rock!
  11. So my partner was feeling sick and dizzy and stuff so we go to the doctors thinking its some virus going around and they make us get a blood test... 2 days later results come back and yes 6 weeks pregnant!!!!!! apparently everyones getting the pregnant bug haha every couple of posts someones announcing it :)
  12. witcher01

    HD7000 rumors

    so better to get a 2nd 6950 and crossfire or just buy 1 of these cards and toss out the 6950 ? better for ya dollar ?
  13. witcher01

    Cheapest Removalist ?

    yea your guys gave me a good price and ill end up picking them if i can fit it into my budget but not looking good atm cheaper is better for me atm
  14. witcher01

    Cheapest Removalist ?

    good idea ^ but dont think i could get anyone to do it .. plus they got some strict rules to even get the rental for the few hours
  15. witcher01

    Cheapest Removalist ?

    i plan to do all the lifting packing myself so pretty much all i need them to do is drive the truck lol