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  1. toddcut

    The Simpsons sex-tape?

    There's enough drawn and animated stuff on Simpsons on the net. But this would have to be the most professionally produced sex parody...
  2. toddcut

    best upcoming game

    Would definitely be Duke Nukem Forever... Also looking forward to Witcher 2
  3. toddcut

    Duke Nukem Forever trailer

    Babes. Bullets. Bombs... Waited too long for this!!!
  4. toddcut

    Two peanuts were walking down a sidewalk.

    And then they ran into a majorly depressed guy who was "negative"...
  5. toddcut


    Pretty nice!! Where's the third one from the top based?
  6. toddcut

    3DS release info

    http://blog.games.yahoo.com/blog/324-eyes-...he-nintendo-3ds So who wants to get headaches and become cross-eyed?... And yet, this is a remarkable step-up, isn't it?
  7. toddcut

    Batman 3

    But it's a stroke of genius bringing in Bane - He has the dark past that would go exceptionally well with Dark Knight. And love the actor choice too. Tom Hardy is pretty awesome. But I am actually hoping they bring in someone completely unexpected also now that they have satisfied major questions... For the rest - Christopher Nolan has earned my trust, and he seems to make awesome movies with Christian Bale.
  8. How the hell do they find followers? Sheesh... Are people really that jobless and/or angst-ridden and full of hate and jealousy!!
  9. toddcut

    Jury Duty

    I think they need your permission to make you a witness in the first place. They can't force you, can they?
  10. What do you want with him anyway?
  11. toddcut

    Which mobile gaming device?

    Will putting you in a care home do?
  12. toddcut

    The Insanity of Religion

    Whereas you lot just hope? No, you see I'm not going to assume I know what other people believe. I know what I believe, that's it. Religion, whether you're a fanatic or an atheist, it's a personal thing... That's called "faith"...which is very real. :)~ And that "faith" is an extremely powerful tool. Not just for your own motivation but also (and this is the more important part, isn't it) in getting other people to support you and stand by you and follow you fanatically. How many crusades were there again? And what did they achieve in the end?
  13. "Mr Ballmer's comments echo those of ex-Sony Computer Entertainment head Ken Kutaragi at the dawn of the PlayStation 3." And what I wonder happens to the original audience of core gamers if they just keep focusing on trying to woo every guy or gal out there onto their bandwagon... In the end the console must serve gaming needs first and foremost or risk losing whatever customers it already has.
  14. toddcut

    Cat on Jury Duty

    I would like to know what the judge has to say after he sees who's been summoned... And what if Sal does get selected on the jury? What kind of gimmicks will the lawyers have to do to keep his attention?
  15. toddcut

    Need for Shift 2 Unleashed

    Doesn't look so good... Do they really have to keep coming out with a new Need for Speed every year? Why don't they take a step back once in a while and take their time to bring out something truly fascinating...