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    Playing with me kids<br />Building & Modding<br />Gaming<br />
  1. gtdane

    Forza Racing Series

    Sounds good bar the facebook crap, my name on xbox live is (Stigmark). anyone is welcome to send a friend request. I am playing with the forza 4 wheel wich is pritty cool but very hard, but i dont care about coming last just enjoy the game. There is no mic input on it either wich sux but i have another gaming name wich ill use for party chat (V8 ViKING) 1 thing i hate is ruff driving so if everyone keeps it cleen it should be lots of fun. Also my forza 4 crew name is - (click)Blackout. Other crew members have millions to share if you deem worthy :) so be nice and play fair is my modo.
  2. gtdane

    Show us your Rig

  3. gtdane

    Windows Live and Steam ids

    my steam name: ViKING My windows live name : V8 ViKING
  4. gtdane

    Ultimate insult to Nvidia

    that case is fuckin ugly.
  5. gtdane

    Old school fun thread pt2

    i scrach the sniff
  6. gtdane

    Entrance music

    gota love the zombie
  7. gtdane

    Old school fun thread pt2

    i fold the water ! i rule the roost ! i kill the thought !
  8. thats so not cool ! genuine :(
  9. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    WAHHHHHH ! i dont care what colour you are ! just passing on a joke ya sook
  10. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    yeah it dident take long for the frags to come out ....lol.......it was all good fun tho. im keen to play EFLC next time if you guys are ?
  11. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    im keen 4 tonight :) race ,bash, blow up, deathmatch it all sounds good to me mmmmm maby no wepons just bashing :) that would be gold
  12. gtdane

    Happy Easter !

    Happy easter all !!!!! short and simple :)
  13. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    loooooooooooooooooooool ........... good luck with that ! once again lol !
  14. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    ill have a look around today see if i can come up with somthing cool
  15. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    that buss rampage was sic ! maby next time we will go to a derby or a race track that would be cool