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    Forza Racing Series

    Sounds good bar the facebook crap, my name on xbox live is (Stigmark). anyone is welcome to send a friend request. I am playing with the forza 4 wheel wich is pritty cool but very hard, but i dont care about coming last just enjoy the game. There is no mic input on it either wich sux but i have another gaming name wich ill use for party chat (V8 ViKING) 1 thing i hate is ruff driving so if everyone keeps it cleen it should be lots of fun. Also my forza 4 crew name is - (click)Blackout. Other crew members have millions to share if you deem worthy :) so be nice and play fair is my modo.
  2. gtdane

    Show us your Rig

  3. gtdane

    Windows Live and Steam ids

    my steam name: ViKING My windows live name : V8 ViKING
  4. gtdane

    Ultimate insult to Nvidia

    that case is fuckin ugly.
  5. gtdane

    Old school fun thread pt2

    i scrach the sniff
  6. gtdane

    Entrance music

    gota love the zombie
  7. gtdane

    Old school fun thread pt2

    i fold the water ! i rule the roost ! i kill the thought !
  8. thats so not cool ! genuine :(
  9. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    WAHHHHHH ! i dont care what colour you are ! just passing on a joke ya sook
  10. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    yeah it dident take long for the frags to come out ....lol.......it was all good fun tho. im keen to play EFLC next time if you guys are ?
  11. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    im keen 4 tonight :) race ,bash, blow up, deathmatch it all sounds good to me mmmmm maby no wepons just bashing :) that would be gold
  12. gtdane

    Happy Easter !

    Happy easter all !!!!! short and simple :)
  13. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    loooooooooooooooooooool ........... good luck with that ! once again lol !
  14. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    ill have a look around today see if i can come up with somthing cool
  15. gtdane

    [PC]GTA4/EFLC FreeRoam and Co-op!

    that buss rampage was sic ! maby next time we will go to a derby or a race track that would be cool
  16. gtdane

    Goodbye AtomicMPC

    I realy wish i could say the same
  17. gtdane

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    iv done a bit of research over the years but i think these are the best option !!!
  18. gtdane

    My setup

    not bad ! maby a new case for it :)
  19. gtdane

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 13

    Did your "friend" at the gym bother explaining the possible mood altering side effects before selling you some of his "premium shit"? Funny that my missis says tha same thing. ;(
  20. gtdane

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 13

    WHAT !!! his back tatt is awsome, im sic of people hacking on others tatts, there just pussys that wish they had the balls to get 1. some people get tatts for good reason if not they like the art so grow up and keep you lesser opinion to your self. IF YOU DONT LIKE YOU DONT BUY !!!!
  21. gtdane

    Project GT CORSAIR

    thats what im thinking too, maby orange or red behind the logo cutouts i hav in mind for my GPU's
  22. gtdane

    Show us your Rig

    Yep perfect choice, Corsair kick ass
  23. gtdane

    Show us your Rig

    OMFG i just saw your pics and just about spat on my screen when i seen that PSU. Antec are bad if not terrible for there PSU designs. Hope to see a new 1 in there soon :) Other than that it looks great, good stuff
  24. gtdane

    Black Ops

    Bots Suck u noob, are you 5 or somthing or maby your just shit at FPS :P
  25. gtdane

    Steam and doing a reformat of HDD.

    yeah the steamapps folder ! i did it if a usb and it was so fast compaired to a disk lol