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    Corsair: HX750 vs AX750

    AX series all the way. then MDPC-X sleeve it.
  2. zeropluszero

    Corsair 800D

    basically, this is a hideous case, and buy a lian li.
  3. zeropluszero

    SLI help

    short answer, nolong answer, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4. zeropluszero

    Watercooling GTX 580 with the CPU?

    have you already bought the radiator? Buy the RX, much better quality rads, and much better performace. this is incredibly bad, flawed physics. the OP should not place radiators between waterblocks, it makes no difference to temperatures, as the water temperature will be at a constant throughout the entire loop. plumb your watercooling loop as simply as possible, so as to improve flowrate throughout.
  5. i wouldnt have bought those radiators, but too late now. make sure you get good fans!
  6. zeropluszero

    better motherboard

    EP45-UD3P's are super cheap, and are some of the best quadcore clockers. a friend of mine was running his Q9550 at 4.5ghz with a 25x linpack stable.
  7. zeropluszero

    need new thermal paste.

    AS5 is old. buy some Arctic Cooling MX-4
  8. zeropluszero

    cool but quiet case

    Look into a Fractal R3. amazing cases, with amazing features for the price.
  9. zeropluszero

    New case for SLI

    watercooling isnt a tiny bit as hard as you think it is, you just need to read up and use logic on what you're doing. triple check connections etc. i wrote a watercooling sticky, might help you. http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=895731 im sold on lian li aluminium cases. once you own one, you cant go back. big fan of the Fractals though, run one for my file server.
  10. Im a big fan of Noctua, Thermalright and Prolimatech coolers. I wouldnt waste my money on anything else for air. water is a whole other story.
  11. do people still seriously own non-modular PSUs? my AX750 is single strand sleeved, both for aesthetics, and it makes it much easier to make tight bends, and keep cables out of the way.