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    tomtom lcd as pc monitor

    hi, I cant find any controller for that screan, gotta find somethin else i can use. btw I have a touch pad i pulled out of a old laptop wondering if i can hook it up view usb on win 7 Ive trial and error hooking up the wires and i do get a response , error the usb item is non functional and cant be detected. not sure if i need drivers before i can connect it. anyone done somethin like this before.
  2. jroc8201

    tomtom lcd as pc monitor

    i think for now ill ring around and search around for controller for the lcd, if not ill need to find some other lcd to use. as for touch screen not to fussed, as i would liked to have used it as the tomtom lcd has it all ready
  3. jroc8201

    tomtom lcd as pc monitor

    ok, so i now i have to look for a controller for touch screen and one for the lcd to get me started. is there a particular board/controller that i would have to get ?
  4. jroc8201

    tomtom lcd as pc monitor

    here are some images of the tomtom one http://img828.imageshack.us/f/p1010010medium.jpg http://img690.imageshack.us/f/p1010012medium.jpg http://img16.imageshack.us/f/p1010016mediumu.jpg http://img248.imageshack.us/f/p1010020medium.jpg im not that savy, only know little of electronics I like modding things.
  5. jroc8201

    tomtom lcd as pc monitor

    actually the tomtom one has a usb input, ill upload images tomorrow. as i have already taken the case apart.
  6. Hi , im new here, im wanting to use the tomtom touch screen and put the screen on the pc case and use it for temp,music etc... is this possible ?? Ive seen a few mods like this but not with a tom tom touch screan.