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    [Advice] New Build

    Yes, this will actually be my first time overclocking too. I was just going off things that I've read. Good luck to you though. I'd much rather be safe as well. To my knowledge, they are basically the same. I was just saying that the OCZ one comes with a sticker. So, basically, it was a lame joke. =] I would go the AMD card, it is cheaper (last time I checked), and still great performance. People seem to find it relatively easy to crack 5Ghz with the 2500K, but I think that is temporary and they know what they're doing. As Dasa said, around 4.5Ghz seems to be the general target. When I have enough money for cooling, that will be what I go for. Good luck. :)
  2. hagore

    [Advice] New Build

    Looks good and sounds fun! =] The only thing I'd change there is your SSD. The OCZ ones come with a sticker, 'my ssd is faster than your hdd'. Most expensive sticker I ever bought.... I'd heard about unlocking 6950s, looks interesting. Good luck to you. PS. According to everything I read, (I am yet to try it) 2500Ks have no problem going much further than 4ghz. Is 4ghz to be safe? Or is it just a vague guesstimate?
  3. Haha, this is great and inspirational! *Steals keg from local pub* =]
  4. hagore

    [Advice] New Build

    I cannot see any problems with that. Though I have read of more issues with Asus P67 Motherboards than others, they're still (according to reviews) great boards. I went with an MSI P67A-GD55 for my SB build. The issue with the motherboards doesn't seem to scary, I think when MSI make a new version of the board I just have to send mine back to them and they'll give me a new one. I assume something similar will be the case with Asus, which means a week or so without a motherboard. So basically, your main decision with your build is whether or not you decide to get it now, or wait until new motherboards are released. Also, I could be wrong, but I think Umart stopped selling socket 1155 because of the issue. Your other alternative is to go with something other than Sandy Bridge, which to me seems like losing 'bang-for-buck'.
  5. hagore

    Sandy Bridge Won't POST

    I recently built my new PC with an MSI P67A-GD55. Only problem I had was that it was not happy with two RAM slots filled. So I just used one in DIMM slot 1. Even still, it got further than yours. Can you try a different power supply? That seems to be the last thing for you other than CPU or Mobo. That is my 2 cents from my relatively limited knowledge. =P