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  1. kzinti1

    Atomic MPC-RIP

    When are you going to drop the pretext that Atomic MPC still exists? Every single link goes to PC Tech and Authority, which is not Atomic MPC. Nowhere close to it. Atomic MPC is dead as a doornail, you should just bury the body and let it give up the old, tired, bland ghost it now is. PC Tech and Authority feels like it was written by bots. Cold, dispassionate and extremely boring. I finally found the link to Atomic MPC. It's at the very bottom of the main editorial page. In tiny white letters on an (appropriately) black background. Click on it and it takes you straight to PC Tech and Authority. Sad. Just, sad that. Time for you to say your goodbyes, post your white cross and pull the dirt over your faces. Atomic MPC, the Zombie Edition, just doesn't live anymore. RIP.
  2. kzinti1

    Well Hello There!

    Welcome to the Forums! When you say that you're a homebrew enthusiast, you do mean Beer don't you? I was a hombrewer for years, before I had to give up alcohol, unfortunately, because of medical reasons. That was one of the sorriest days of my life. I had just started buying up the parts I needed for (quite illegally) distilling my own Cognac. I have a few recipes that you may like, including my own take on Guiness Extra Stout. Everybody I've given a blind taste-test to has chosen my recipe over Guiness, without a single exception. I was also a founding member of "Zymurgy" magazine. I'd really hate for my personal recipes to be lost. BTW, they all abide by the Reinheitsgebot Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. Nothing but water, malted barley, yeast and hops. No fruit or any other weird crap allowed! As far as computers, I have a problem I need discussed and helped with. The problem with finding a waterblock that's compatible with my revision of the GTX590. Nvidia produced a new revision of the GTX590 pcb, which started being sold in June, 2011, and is not compatible with waterblocks that the individual manufacturers will only confirm as being compatible with "Reference" Nvidia pcb's. They all fail to take into consideration that there are 2 versions of the same card. The newest has taller "inductors", whatever they are, which will leave the original waterblocks from fitting the latest revision by 1/8th of an inch. I bought my 1st GTX590 in October, 2011 and the 2nd, for quad-SLi, just 2 weeks ago. I'll post about that later, in the appropriate thread. Here's to you, pal! Cheers!