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  1. Greetings y'all! So I've been feeling very sentimental of late and decided this may be the best way to cure it. My deep regret may not be that severe and may even be naive coming from my young age but it's that what-could've-been wonder that really gets to me. Kind of like having your foot stepping on the right ladder but having it propped on the wrong wall. So after high school, I got a crappy ATAR score and went to a somewhat crappy university. I made many friends there (some that I still keep in touch with) but I kept hearing so much wonderful stuff and meeting so many more wonderful people from The University of Sydney, UTS and UNSW. I remained in that crappy university for a year and transferred to Macquarie University after that year thinking this could be my big break into finding my tribe, exploring my interests via much more uni life and societies, and making much more meaningful experiences out of my uni years as a whole. Sadly Macquarie University wasn't it for me at all. I made many more friends, got involved in many more societies and things, and dealt with people that really gave me insight to who I am as a person. However, a lot of the people just didn't seem like they want to take chances in making friends anymore since I was in 2nd/3rd year of my degree in a new university and so many people in my cohort have already established their friendships and just wanted to score high for honours in our competitive psych degree. This may come off as a bit arrogant, but in general, the majority of people I've met at Macquarie came across as just.. dull. I just didn't find many of them that interesting. Now after 1.5 years of Macquarie, I have transferred to the national film school of Australia: AFTRS and doing part time at University of Sydney studying music. I feel so good here and have already made friends with people that I feel can go the extra mile. But part of me feel like I could've done this years ago. It felt like I wasted 2.5 years of my life feeling extra lonely, isolated and craving for more whilst I kept hanging out with my friends from other places and doing extra-curricular stuff but always feeling like an outsider. I also had a horrible dealing with depression for that time and felt it could've been dealt with so much better if I gave this one girl a chance especially when she showed so much continuous interest. Now I wish what I would've done is to simply transfer to Sydney University after one semester of my first uni and studied music or communications there, Then, I could've met so many more diverse and interesting people in my local area that would be more open to take on friendships as I was and get involved in the plethora of uni life stuff that the Usyd had to offer which was astronomically better in comparison to Macquarie. I'm sure this can sound like a very naive thought to complain about that some can say only amounted to around 2-3 years. I'm sure many people here had worse. But yeah that feeling of lost time and wondering what could've been and what was lost in that fresh period of youth. Just wanted to let it out. Oh wells. So anyone else keen to share?
  2. Mr.Twinkie

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Chef's Table from Netflix is an amazing documentary series on different amazing chefs around the world, their lives and their philosophy. Great stuff. The guys says a lot of controversial, emotive rhetoric without really knowing what it means. I don't like him.
  3. Mr.Twinkie

    What's on your mind?

    What's with these avocados?
  4. Sorry for lateness and appreciate all the feedback. I'm planning to do a reinstall of Windows 10 just to clear some software and start fresh to further eliminate some possibilities. Now I'm just deciding whether to do a quick reinstall of Windows 10 or a clean one where all the software/app settings are gone and I can repartition the drives and etc. I noticed in my safely removable drives shown on the bottom right, ALL MY HDDs and the SSDs are shown in the diagram tree lol. I remember updating my drivers with one of them driver update utilities and then it turns out my Samsung performance fixer for the 820 EVO series can't do its thing anymore but I assume thats because it was fixed when i downloaded and installed Samsung Magician. UGH NOW I WISH I DIDNT GO SAMSUNG.
  5. Mr.Twinkie

    What's on your mind?

    Of all the receipts I don't lose and have kept. WHY IS THIS ONE GONE???? Goodbye $80.
  6. Mr.Twinkie

    What are you playing at the moment?

    I played and still play Skyrim like it's crack What I loved about my situation with Fallout 4 is that since I came to the party so late, I've heard so many negative things about how disappointing the writing/story is, how its not a true fallout game, etc, etc, that it got my expectations so low that everything I discover in the game becomes an unexpected delight. Hype and great expectations works both ways folks. And for that I'm enjoying Fallout 4 all the more. It's like how when I finally went to see The Dark Knight Rises after a hundred rewatches of the trailers and many article reads: it felt like a huge disappointment as I walked out of IMAX. This time its the opposite! Win!
  7. Mr.Twinkie

    What are you playing at the moment?

    I'm playing Fallout 4 like its crack. Say what you will about the game not being a true Fallout game anymore. It is still such an addictive and fun game with heaps of value for its time spent. I've never spent 20 hours on a game so quickly after installing it.
  8. That makes sense for the most part. One of those things I'll probably have to do myself in order to fully understand it. I feel like I may as just reinstall my Windows 10 and reformat my drives to AHCI mode. There's just so many little abstract issues I'm facing including itunes and firefox freezing for like 30 seconds taking up 30% CPU usage each when i start them. I may start another thread to explore my performance and visual issues into more detail. My thermal paste hasn't been redone for at least 5 years. Maybe i should do that. This gaming stutter (microlag as the camera travels) and subpar performance that dips across games like Company of Heroes or Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis is really bothering me.
  9. Mr.Twinkie

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Yeah it was the Spielburgisms that ruined it for me, particularly the German machine-gunner scene. He made up for it with Band of Brothers though. :) Yeah I've been rewatching Band of Brothers too. What a great series. I prefer it over The Pacific but its apples and oranges.
  10. Mr.Twinkie

    Is anyone developing games?

    I definitely want to as I like to get to how anything works behind the scenes if I love it enough say music or film. Games is probably one of the few things where I still haven't got a chance to know how to make it. What should a newbie do to learn some proper game developing? Coding? Some sort of good APK or creation software?
  11. What is the safest and easiest way to do so? BIOS? overclocking utility? I have checked the thermal paste on that thing for over 4 years. Should i redo the paste before continuing?
  12. So yeah exactly what it says in the title. Before it hits the windows screen in boot, sometimes it'll just power down. But the second time I try always does the charm and the Windows will boot accordingly. Is it a PSU issue? cable issue? I know jack about those things tbh. I did upgrade to a R9 390 earlier this year but I plugged in the right pin cables as far as I know. Though I still feeling that my performance should be slightly better than what it is now as I face a lot of stuttering across all games.
  13. Yeah that sounds great man! I just started playing ARMA 3 again myself. However when I join servers, it always goes to "you have been kicked from the server". I made sure to get rid of mods (except CBA) and have my Battleeye in the latest version. Maybe I didn't have the server keys copied into my ARMA directory? I'm not sure how similar it is to installing mods with ARMA 2 with this new Steam workshop business. What's the server's name man and when is it on?
  14. That's a neat little piece of writing haha. What's the work magazine?
  15. Mr.Twinkie

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I watched Saving Private Ryan again. What a great film filled with detail albeit minor pet peeves of historical inaccuracies after the Omaha Beach landing.