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  1. Mr.Twinkie

    AMD Zen

    Too soon?
  2. So I checked this out and noticed it's not on the qualified vendors list pdf for my motherboard... How strict are those things as I imagine it's a nightmare for any company to keep it updated and constantly test new ram kits that gets released after the motherboard is released. Do a lot of new ram kits work on older motherboards or does it depend on the motherboard or its BIOS version or etc? Was I an idiot to think that something as new as the Trident Z Neo would even work with my motherboard and processor from last year? There was this Trident Z RGB for AMD 3200mhz 32gb kit (released last year i think) that i liked but on its QVL, it only said it's compatible with the Gaming Wifi 7 motherboard and not the model that i have which is the one below being the Gaming WIFI 5. How solid/black and white is that? Could it still work with my motherboard since the differences between the WIFI 5 and 7 can be negligible at times? Now that was a depressing read. When you say sometimes it would run 3200mhz, is it just what Dasa has described where the pc makes it past POST and into desktop or can there be sudden BSODs or other things that happen with memory instability? Basically, what are the symptoms of memory instability?
  3. Hmmmm good to know. I'll consider going below 3200mhz though I'm pretty sad that even that may not work on a Ryzen 2700X. I googled around before posting here and whilst people definitely didn't go 3600mhz, few people from the forums on Tom's Hardware and etc reported problems handling 3200mhz on their 2700X even if it's 32GB. Everyone was just saying you should definitely go dual and not quad. I guess better safe than sorry. If I get such an updated RAM set, i hope I don't have to update the BIOS to get it working... I imagine these days, the BIOS is something you don't wanna update unless you absolutely need to. The last thing i want is more instability as for some reason, clicking or right clicking file explorer lags for a few seconds despite me disabling cortana and updating Windows 10 to it's latest minus the Cortana update that makes the CPU go bonkers. Heck sometimes if i get too impatient and spam click too fast on files explorer on the taskbar, the whole thing will lag and then explorer will restart. WTF. Currently, the 16gb Ripjaws i have is very happy running at 3200mhz. Windows Memory Diagonostic reported no problems with it at all. Not gonna lie, i do feel pretty set on that Trident Z Neo just because I know it is Ryzen optimised plus looks pretty nice as well. Especially if I want to upgrade to a higher tier third gen when the price drops after the fourth gen comes out (probably won't be AM4 compatible right? AMD promised until 2020 compatibility, and rumours are suggesting they are skipping the Ryzen 2+ and going straight to 3 just to twist the knife on Intel). I have never done anything beyond doing the XMP on the memory via BIOS. Can't the XMP detect automatically what's the most stable for my 2700X or will it do with the topmost speed which may not be stable and then I'll have to configure the speed down in case it botches?
  4. Yeah i did some googling and Graphics cards that are DOA are almost impossible due to the quality tests every manufacturer before packaging. So i guess warranty worries are a bit died down when buying online. Gamers Nexus did a review of the Gigabye Gaming OC and they're fairly pleased with it. Yeah I think you're right. But man would i love to save $100 and just get the 5700. But then in the long run, I'd do better with the 5700XT anyways.... Ahh the decision making!
  5. So I want to upgrade from my G.Skill Ripjaws 16gb 3200mhz to Trident Z Neo CL16 32gb 3600mhz for my video editing rig. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/G-Skill-Trident-Z-Neo-RGB-32GB-2x-16GB-CL16-DDR4-3600MHz-Memory/303274574460?hash=item469c92c27c:g:-nIAAOSw6ZBdXMOa:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!2049!AU!-1 The new Trident Z Neos look pretty good especially when they're ryzen optimised. However they're optimised for Ryzen 3000. Can Ryzen 2700X handle the 3600mhz clock after I give it the ol XMP treatment? Will it be stable? My research from Linus Tech Tips and Gamers Nexus made two camps where one said 3200mhz is much better value for 3rd Gen Ryzens while the other (Linus) says 3600mhz is the sweetspot for value and futureproofing. Any thoughts welcome!
  6. Wow nice find! It's an australian Youtuber as well with AUD pricing. How lovely! Given gigabyte is a fairly common AIB, im not sure if i should just wait for MSY Tech or Mwave to have supply of it just so i have a physical location to return to for any warranty purposes.
  7. Thank you for the research man! Sounds like you're on the side of the 5700 for the sake of value and longevity. I haven't seen many reviews of the gigabyte aftermarket cooler tho... Is it reliable? I've heard mixed things in terms of build quality in the past where they chucked nvidia coolers on vega chips and called it a day to terrifying results. I'm a bit anxious and shy of ebay warranties... but i guess i got no choice for physical retailers if i want to save some money. I guess i'm still very traditional in the sense i feel more comfortable rocking up to a shop to hand in something for warranty rather than post. I couldn't find if that ebay seller was sydney based or not. I have heard nasty things about the MSI EVOKE OC.
  8. I have been waiting to buy an AIB Navi for ages but the prices here are beyond MSRP. So then my friend offered to sell me his Gigabyte Windforce 1070 for $250 in exchange for my R9 390. Then, I can wait for the prices to come down, more AIB models to be released or for a lower tier Navi card to be released. The Powercolor Red Devil 5700 seems pretty nice for $649 AUD but that still feels like it could be cheaper. I also have to pay for shipping as I'm based in Sydney and it seems like PC Case Gear is the only one that supplies powercolor. I game on my 1440p 144hz monitor on both new and old games though I notice even in older games like shogun 2 total war, it can still lag a lot in 1440p. I'm also a filmmaker who spends a lot of time video editing on both Adobe premiere and Davinci Resolve. I hear NVIDIA is more reliable than AMD for this stuff due to CUDA/Tensa cores being more stable than OpenCL. What do you reckon I should do guys?
  9. Mr.Twinkie

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    The new AIB sapphire 5700 and 5700 XT are $749 and $799 respectively on Mwave... Is that some sort of sick joke when a MSI 5700 MECH OC is $629?
  10. Mr.Twinkie

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    I love Coreteks! That dude makes some really insightful content. Can't wait to hear AdoredTV's thoughts about all of this. His Scottish accent talking about processors nourishes my soul.
  11. Mr.Twinkie

    Roll Call!

    *waves right back* Yeah i know right, woe is me! Nice to see you again Eveln!
  12. Mr.Twinkie

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Hardware Unboxed is my favourite review with really comprehensive analysis beyond the benchmarks. Go Australian Youtubers!
  13. Mr.Twinkie

    AMD Zen

    Makes me almost want to upgrade my 2700X just for that single core gaming performance but i know it's probably not worth it as I can just wait for 7nm+. Plus apparently on the interwebs, my Gigabye Aorus motherboard is one dodgy and unstable little mofo with poor gigabyte warranty services so i don't want to risk updating chipset and BIOS unless i have to. Speaking of which, should I update my AMD chipset drivers to it's latest on my machine even tho i'm not facing any problems? Is it like updating the BIOS where if it's not needed, it may brick your PC? I'm honestly trying to find remedies to why Adobe Premier crashes so much with so many errors consuming all my RAM, not to mention Microsoft office and game not responding issues when on task manager, the system is barely struggling with it at all.
  14. Mr.Twinkie

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Yeah I think everyone in the press unanimously agree with that crappy blower. Although I feel like there are diverging thoughts about how successful Navi is overall from people at Hardware Unboxed thinking it's great to people at OC3D feeling like it's just slightly not good enough and should've been released a year ago. There are also opinions on both sides of the camp on whether the 5700XT or the 5700 is the best bang for your buck card. What do you guys think? I personally want the 5700 to be the better value champ because i know when AIB cards come out it's gonna be even more expensive than $550 AUD and just don't want to spend so much on an archictecture that's apparently more GCN/RDNA hybrid rather than a complete RDNA makeover. This would make me feel better at buying a 'mid-range' card now and waiting to upgrade for something greater down the line for the next true 7nm generation. My god i can't believe $550 is considered mid range nowadays. Back in the day, the ATI 5850 was a killer mid range card and that was like $400! I'm really glad I didn't buy a Vega 56 though. I almost did when i thought Navi was going to be DOA but looking at the reviews, it's definitely more efficient and consumes less power than Vega did.