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  1. Hey guys, Long story short, I left my Cosmos II's top hotswap drive open overnight and my wife walked into it and snapped the cover off... a clean break. (The cover, not the leg). The bay apparently still works but having a broken bay is going to annoy the hell out of me as I'm sure you could imagine. I've emailed Coolermaster in Taiwan about a replacement part, but is there any aussie distributor or spare parts crew that could help me out?
  2. twitchymocha

    What of Atomic?

    Farewell Atomic. :( Not only have you given me years of great reading, copies of Bulletstorm and Crysis 2, a Theron mouse, a few thousand dollars worth of purchases *looks at Cosmos II* and a few memorable nights with your staff, but my wife got a job in the industry thanks to someone she met at one of your events! Just last month we were in the US and she was spruiking you guys to her sister. "I was hooked at the first issue I saw. It was all about motherboards. MOTHERBOARDS." I don't post much here but the train ride to Bondi won't be the same without you guys.
  3. twitchymocha

    Issue 143

    Got mine in the mail today. Gotta admit, I was pretty bummed too. At least Dave didn't have much of a problem designing it :) I came in, showed it to the wife and she got sad too. Our copy has a rip up the cover thanks to the idiot mailman, but wifey's workplace has a subscription as well so we'll have a fresh copy for the bookshelf tomorrow.
  4. twitchymocha

    Urgent: For all Diablo 3 pre-orders from "Game" stores

    GAME Wollongong are not getting any copies at all. They called me this arvo - My CE is forfeit.
  5. twitchymocha

    Upside down power!

    Holy hell, what a great read this is. I've had my PSU fan facing down ever since they were top-mounted; I'm sure if it was THAT important then manufacturers would communicate it clearer. There's an air gap underneath, I'm sure the unit can breathe well enough. Never had it overheat. Besides, I don't want crap falling into my PSU through a fan grille... be it a GPU sticker like a bloke in this thread, tiny dust bunnies or a beer I hopefully never spill through the top outtake of my P183. *touches wood*
  6. twitchymocha

    Say Goodbye to X58..

    It's a wasteland??? My hopes and dreams, dashed... :(
  7. twitchymocha

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Can't wait! This patch is exactly why DICE despite their faults are head and shoulders above IW or most other devs.
  8. twitchymocha

    The New Corsair Keyboards

    So it's been bout two weeks since I replaced my Blackwidow with a K60... Colour me impressed. The keys took a while to get used to since they're not clicky, but once i hadsettled in i completely dig it. The WASD keys are not only textured rubber but slightly bowed in, meaning I can find them easily while in the middle of a game. On top of that, the wife doesn't lose her mind every time i type something unlike the Razer.... Probably the biggest plus. Wives and girlfriends seem to universally hate the Blackwidow!
  9. twitchymocha

    Should I upgrade my cooling?

    What BSOD code is Wondows giving you?
  10. twitchymocha

    The Retro Census 2011

    I still own the very first 3D accelerator card I ever bought - a 4MB Monster 3D.
  11. twitchymocha

    Show us your Rig

    Specs: i7-930 @ 3.5GHz 8GB RAM (was 16GB then a bad stick changed all of that) 2x GTX570 SLI 60GB OCZ SSD, 3GB of HDDs H80 Cooler Antec P183 Case Samsung 223SA950 120Hz monitor BF3 plays like butter on this thing. Only difference right now is the keyboard is a Vengeance K60 :)
  12. twitchymocha

    The New Corsair Keyboards

    Ordered a K60 this arvo - I'm not a macro whore but am going to miss the backlighting of the K90. Anyone got a K90 and is able to comment? I'm a huge BF3 and SWTOR player, but I really don't use the keyboard much in TOR (thanks, Razer Naga!)
  13. twitchymocha

    Getting it right.

    Surely you've all had it at one stage or another - that niggling little quirk in your PC that you KNOW you can fix, but just can't right now? I'll give you my current example. I reformatted my SSD last night and put a fresh copy of Win 7 Ultimate on there. Went to bed thinking 'the install's probably done now, I could go and just check that it all went right.. I don't want that System Reserved partition popping up again!' Woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning, and installed video card drivers, visited ninite, the usual. However, I'm currently at work and: - BF3 hadn't been installed yet! - UAC messed up my Steamapps/common directory big time. I'm sure I can fix it, but I'd rather be at home working on this problem.. - The whole machine is completely fresh and I haven't got the software set up 'perfect' yet. Argh! It's just killin' me. If something breaks on my machine, I am like a man possessed until it is resolved. Late night? Don't care. I'd rather stay up til 4am and get it working again. There's nothing quite like having it all... perfect. Stupid work keeping me away from fine tuning my rig *mumble grumble* My name is Twitchy, and I'm an Obsessive Compulsive Reinstaller.
  14. twitchymocha

    Beaver Computer

    I admit, I lol'd. You could dress it up for LAN parties!
  15. twitchymocha

    *pokes head in*