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  1. Hi All, Quick question in relation to my home server. It was built a while ago and other than file storage and Sophos UTM (currently the only VM on there), I haven't had the chance to get stuck into doing more with it. But now I have the time, I want to make sure it's going to hold up. The main reason I'm concerned is that it's only a dual core processor (AMD A6 6400K) and I plan to run a lab for training etc. which means another 3-4 VMs running concurrently. The guest OS will be Server 2012 on all VMs (care of Hyper-V) with an array of features and roles installed, but nothing third party. I have a feeling the dual core will be fine, but welcome your thoughts. I'm all set for RAM, which would typically be the biggest requirement for running VMs. Edit: To clarify, I'm considering an FM2+ Quad. But can't decide if it's really needed, help! Cheers!
  2. val0r0x

    Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor.

    I've also been following this, you're right, the Nemesis system does look amazing. Must say, I'm pretty pumped for this game.
  3. val0r0x

    Windows8 removed Win key combos?

    Yep, OSK is the one in Accessibility options.
  4. val0r0x

    Windows8 removed Win key combos?

    "On-Screen Keyboard" has the Windows key and works with the typical shortcuts. "Touch Keyboard" doesn't, as you know.
  5. val0r0x

    Windows8 removed Win key combos?

    Right click (hold finger down) on the Start Button, Run is one of the options in the menu that appears, along with a bunch of other useful options.
  6. Looks rad as hell, nice work. Enjoy!
  7. val0r0x

    Haven't seen my GPU(s) in 6 weeks

    Wow, February, screw that! I struggled to last 7 weeks without a GPU, thankfully League of Legends works well with the integrated chip, albeit on medium settings :) Yeah gamble, pretty stoked. As I said, I'm not all that disappointed with PCCG, just unfortunate I didn't start asking for a credit much sooner. I'm sure now that they probably would have still given it too me.
  8. val0r0x

    Haven't seen my GPU(s) in 6 weeks

    So, emailed PCCG again yesterday and asked them if the testing had yielded any results thus far. They responded saying that they were still having issues with the cards and had engaged the assistance of ASUS once again. At this point I politely pointed out that after 7 weeks, ASUS nor them had been able to resolve the problem with these cards and that there was obviously some serious underlying issue with them. As a consequence, I told them I'd be hesitant to accept these cards back even if they did consider them 100% working again. I also inquired as to when exactly they consider it a refund/credit situation and that if possible, this is what I'd like to happen ASAP as I was getting desperate to having a working computer again. Didn't receive any correspondence back but about an hour later they updated the status to to "credited" and sure enough, the full amount was available for me to spend again. Last night I ordered a 780ti to replace these 2 cards. Whilst the fault here may be with the third party ASUS cooler, I've been burnt too many times by ATI.
  9. val0r0x

    Haven't seen my GPU(s) in 6 weeks

    I should add that I've had these cards more than 30 days; had them ~6 months.
  10. I'll try and keep it brief. I'm just after some general advice, as I'm in unfamiliar territory right now, being fortunate enough to have never been in this situation before... PCCG, who I have dealt with exclusively for the last 5+ years now and have been extremely happy with, received my faulty ASUS Radeon R9 280X DirectCUII V2 TOP 3GB cards (yep, both of them) 6 and a half weeks ago. I applied for an RMA because they were both presenting artifacts, even at moderate - low temperatures (tested them individually). A bit of reading and I discovered this is a common issue on this particular version of these cards, with the cooler not really designed all that well. PCCG accepted the RMA based on that information and after having them maybe 4-5 days, sent them off to the ASUS distributor in NSW; not sure why, they didn't tell me, I did ask but they just said it was for further testing and remedy. That process took 4 weeks, before PCCG finally received them back. Now, since mid last week, PCCG have had them and on their online portal the status of them is "testing". I've emailed PCCG and asked for more info but just got told that they were indeed with their technicians and were being tested. I'm not really cranky at PCCG, but at almost 7 weeks without my rig, which isn't just used for gaming, I'm getting a bit frustrated. So, I'm looking to just arm myself with information. What are my entitlements now and what are my entitlements should they be found to still be faulty? If PCCG take much longer, can I, knowing that they are faulty, decide not to waste anymore time and begin demanding a refund or exchange? The mere fact that they sent them to the distributor, to me, indicates that they also found them to be faulty...
  11. val0r0x

    monitor not working

    Probably not. Given how cheap 24" monitors are now. I always tend to have Dell monitors, never had one fail, both at home and at work.
  12. val0r0x

    Just a vent about shutting down windows...

    +1 Windows Key + L is your friend.
  13. Ha, what a coincidence. I just familiarized myself with all your previous posts regarding 9/11 after reading your "posting about previously posted topics" thread and wondering what everyone was on about. Way to dig your own grave.
  14. did you upgrade from sli 670s to 280Xs? wouldn't the 670s be more powerful? I did. At 1440, there are a few instances where games became playable at Ultra, which weren't before with the 670s. Will post some new scores shortly, achieved after some tinkering. 2500K was running stock too, in that test. EDIT: Said link... Yep, I realise the upgrade wasn't the biggest, as far as performance is concerned, but I did indeed manage to sell the 670s at a good price. Plus... it's new(ish) toys!