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  1. ernie1

    New laptop

    Thanks for the info guys I must have missed that on whirlpool when i looked. I have read good reviews of some of the MSI laptops and will give them a good looking over before I buy a laptop
  2. ernie1

    New laptop

    Hi all I'm looking at getting a new laptop than can handle a bit of gaming and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the venom laptops from MLN as i'm looking at a Venom BlackBook 15 S Pro in particular but can't find much info that's not associated with PC Authority. I have also read that there are many self branded laptops e.g. horze, Metabox and a few others that are all made by the same manufacturer just labeled differently and was just wondering if this was correct. I have only just started looking around and am open to suggestions. I am looking for a fairly lightweight unit with reasonable graphics for gaming around 14 or 15 inch screen size would prefer 1920 x 1080 touch screen if possible I understand I will have to probably have to settle on something to keep the price reasonable as i'm going to keep it under $2000 but would prefer it to be closer to $1500. Any advice will be appreciated thanks
  3. ernie1


    I got this just to move pictures cos my s3 will not show thumbnails on my PC so its hard to choose which pics i want to move without it and now i love it
  4. ernie1

    What weapons do you have?

    Ive got a .222 rifle, a air rifle a .22 magnum and a shotgun my brother has .22 rifle .243 rifle .270 rifle .308 rifle and a shotgun but he lives on a farm
  5. ernie1

    Battery Tech

    you may be able to fix your old batteries if you can undo the battery case without breaking it as inside they are just small batteries all linked together so you could pull it apart and replace the batteries with the same type from ebay or somewhere similar and link them in the same way as original with some simple soldering (obviously they must be the same type and rating of original one's in the same config as original otherwise you will have a big problem). The main problem is getting it apart without totally stuffing the case up but some older makita and dewalt can be done without a great deal of trouble. Hope this helps
  6. Hi All, I'm trying to update my car stereo bluetooth (Alpine CDE133EBT) so the iphone works properly again but keep coming up with a problem. You have to use bluetooth to update and im using an older laptop with a generic bluetooth dongle in Windows 7 and can connect to the head unit ok but i get to a section where i have to click on the head unit icon on the laptop device and printers screen and the Bluetooth Device Control window is supposed to come up but it does not it just goes into the properties screen. Now my questions are Is it because of the bluetooth device not having full fuctionality because of the generic drivers (which i have tried to update without succes) Is it a problem with Windows 7 not having that screen now mabey due to an update (Alpine have only just released update in the last week) OR are the instructions wrong from alpine (Can't find any info on others having issues) instructions here http://www.alpine.com.au/showPage.php?pid=555 i get stopped on page 10 of 18 I have also tried a different generic type bluetooth dongle CSR 4.0 on the laptop and good home pc but it still did not come up with the correct screen I haven't had access to a laptop with built in bluetooth yet but that is my next option if i can't find the answer soon Any help would be appreciated thank you
  7. ernie1

    New Case Suggestions

    corsair 600t I have one and am very happy with it.
  8. ernie1

    Blue screen of death

    well I've uninstalled easy tune 6 and tested in game and got BSOD I also deleted punkbuster and re-installed punkbuster manually with latest version and i almost was going to say it was OK when at 1 hour 10 min of gaming i got BSOD again These are the error codes it gave me BCCode: 124 BCP1: 0000000000000000 BCP2: FFFFFA8007ABF028 BCP3: 00000000BF800000 BCP4: 0000000000200001 OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 768_1 Oh and it's a proper copy of the game purchased on steam But from what i can tell it's a B:BC2 issue only and BF3 is out tomorrow so B:BC2 might not get much of a look in for a while but ill keep looking for a fix Thanks everyone for your help so far
  9. ernie1

    Blue screen of death

    Hi again, Yes I did install a fresh copy of windows 7 64 bit and updated it to current service pack 1 sorry for not adding it in the original post I had also updated the graphics card drivers and all the mottherboard bois/firmware/driver of the gigabyte website even tried the beta battlefield 3 one's but it is still happening the one only thing i didn't do was the vertex 3 firmware which ghostfacekilla informed me of which i am about to do. But as this is the exact same problem i had before i had that drive i don't think that will be it but ill try and have a round a bit later to see. I have also uploaded a screenshot of the dump file from the other day but like I said I don't understand most of it, Hopefully the pic works as i've never uploaded a pic before. dump pic I also have been leaning toward a PSU problem but it only ever happens in B:BC2, 3Dmark puts more load on the system but it has no fault so i'm not sure and I only have an old 300 watt psu to check with and it's been out in the shed for ages so i don't think it will be much good, I may just have to get one so I can test with. Thanks for the replies guy's as im a bit of a noob at this fault finding stuff so any advice is greatly appreciated
  10. Hello all, for a while ive been getting BSOD when playing BBC2 (purchased of steam) at random times and had been putting it down to an older system on the way out (core 2 duo @3.4ghz GT9800). I then upgraded my graphics card to a Asus GTX 560 ti but still got the BSOD at randon times, this went on for about 2 months until this weekend when i finally upgraded most of my PC. I went with I5 2500K Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 Corsair vengance memory 2 x 4gb 1600 8 8 8 24 asus GTX 560 ti so i can run sli Vertex 3 120gb Thermaltake tough power 750 (from old system about 2 years old used for moderate overclock for most of that time) The problem is I still get the BSOD when i play BBC2, The only 2 carry over parts are the fairly new Asus 560 ti and the PSU. I have ran with just the old asus card and still got BSOD. I ran the new Asus card and still got BSOD Both together with sli bridge and both in different slots but still get BSOD The system runs no problems any other time I have run 3dmark 11 about 8 times on extreme setting in a row to stress the power supply but it runs no worries with all temp's under 60 deg I have also ran memtest with no problems and updated all the drivers that i can think of. I have read the dump file but could not get much info that i understood out of it but in the text was PROCCESS_NAME : pnkbstrb.exe so my question is can punkbuster cause a BSOD? My second question would be how to test the power supply under load? or could it be BBC2 itself causing the issue (i have verified the game files in steam and all ok) Any help would be greatly appreciated to sort this problem out as i would like to play BF3 without any worries and it's really starting to shit me! Thanks
  11. ernie1

    Dell U2311H

    Hello all Im in need of a new monitor mostly for gaming and browsing the net, Im looking for around 23" display to run games at 1920 x 1080. The Dell U2311H is on sale for $254 and was wondering if anybody had one or if it was any good at gaming being a cheap ips panel in particular im worried about the 8ms response time. Does this matter much with newer type screens? or could anyone recommend a better option for around the same money,any help would be appreciated thanks http://accessories.ap.dell.com/sna/product...&redirect=1