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  1. pookiepony

    Windows 10 Audio Woes

    How do I disable digital sound output on the soundcard? If I uninstall the audio drivers then scan for hardware changes the sound will work fine but as soon as the computer is shutdown/restarts it reverts to awful.
  2. pookiepony

    Windows 10 Audio Woes

    Rybags you are right....sound via HDMI and headset via audio jack. Have updated the graphics drivers but that hasn't helped :-/ Jerusalem, I'm reading that it's common too but in all my googling I haven't found a fix yet. It's driving me crazy!
  3. Hi All I am in need of help and advice. I have just updgraded a PC to Windows 10 and have lost sound quality. It is slow, static filled and distorted through the pc speakers and also through the soundbar (tv setup) but appears to play ok through a headset. I have checked Windows Update and everything is apparently up-to-date. I have updated the driver for the sound (Nvidia) and it's still shitty. I uninstalled/reinstalled the audio drivers and it still sounds awful. Some googling didn't really help. I can see on my playback devices that there is a VIA HD driver but it appears not work/play any sound. The outputs controlled by the NVIDIA driver all sound wrong but are playing sound. Sound is not my strong point so I really don't know what to do next. Can anyone please help or point me in the right direction? As an aside, I upgraded my laptop when Windows 10 was first released and it has had no problems - in fact has been a great experience, so I'm really tearing my hair out trying to figure out what went so pear shaped with the PC upgrade.
  4. Thank you all for the input. I've managed to get the new HDD installed and the old ODD running again. Not quite sure what went awry but I installed OS using Rufus and all was right in the world. Hard drive is running nicely and the ODD is acting like it never had a bad day in its life. I really appreciate the help!
  5. Thanks for the input. I think the SATA cable and port is fine as the old HDD will run off them. The new HDD is visible in BIOS. The unstable HDD is an older WD 500gb (AAKS) model, can't recall the HP Desktop model. It's almost like in changing the HDD I've somehow accidentally killed the ODD but I have no idea how (being reasonably careful nothing obvious went amiss in the swap in/out) I will give Rufus a go, Not something I've done before but here's to learning.
  6. Hi everyone I'm feeling a bit silly (I'm sure there is an easy solution and I'm just not seeing it) but I need some help. I'm trying to save someone some dollars by installing a new HDD in their old HP deskopt as the old one is unstable. The machine is a bit of a shit kicker but perfectly suitable for the email/facebook/word processing demands onit. I install and get a disk boot failure and in trying to install an OS the optical drive is not working at all. * Everything is plugged in correctly (currently I've swapped out to the old unstable hdd so that she can keep using something, so I assume the cable is ok) * The mobo is detecting the new HDD * I changed the boot priority in BIOS * Optical drive appears not to work with either HDD installed * Optical drive appears to be plugged in correctly (I didn't bump it in the swapping...they're not really close together) * Optical drive was working with old HDD as recently as a week ago. * I don't have a spare optical drive to swap in. Any thoughts? Again...I feel a bit silly but I am new to the building/rebuilding side of computers. I did a bit of a google but the advice I found so far has not solved my problems.
  7. It depends if halving the sentence means getting out of jail completely. If it does then: Halving sentence (15) Books (12) Phone Call (2) Fast Food (1) If I wasn't halving the sentence I'd go for comfort. I'm a fairly solitary person anyway.
  8. pookiepony

    My happy new job

    Congratulations, that is awesome news. Happy for you!
  9. I though someone might reply with all the smarts. It depends on how complex you want to be. For straightforward, simple stuff I've used Windows Movie Maker. It's a freebie.
  10. pookiepony

    QLD police harrassment.

    I don't like this at all. Apparently he got something of an apology though Commisioner apologises - Courier Mail
  11. pookiepony

    What's on your mind?

    You know it's bad when t-bar gets over 30c! It is much nicer today. OMM...so many projects to finish before new ones can start.
  12. pookiepony

    What's on your mind?

    Agreed. At least you have the mountain air to keep you slightly cooler Director. It's 40+ down the mountain, still. Ok...maybe it's dropped to 39. Maybe. WOMM...The restaurant isn't answering the phone to take a booking. Are they even open? Who knows?
  13. pookiepony

    basketballfreak6's photos

    Brilliant! Cracking photo of the sun rising. Can you share what your process is for setting up a landscape shot?
  14. pookiepony

    What's on your mind?

    I met some of the residents of an adjacent street yesterday and I'm still trying to remove the images of boganity burned into my mind.
  15. pookiepony

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Basically what chrisg said. We have a yamaha sound bar with a sub in our small lounge room. It does a good job of giving the impression of surround sound. Got it to replace an unsightly, older surround system. I really like the quality of the sound.