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  1. vestige

    Dead motherboard...?

    Pc lives again courtesy of the new psu and motherboard. Now I am experiencing the fun of trying to get windows to boot after a new motherboard. This could be yet another benefit of an SSD boot drive.
  2. vestige

    Dead motherboard...?

    I actually started with a v2 and then they replaced it with a v1. :\ Oh well. If I had to spend 80 I'd probably just go ahead and buy another PSU from here. I'll keep an eye out for those BBQs. With the amount of advice I've received from on here I definitely should give back in the form of a good steak rub and some beers. I'm at work and the girlfriend offered to pick up the Asrock extreme 4 from Umart. Just got this message: "I am the only female here! Including customers!" Ahh Umart.
  3. vestige

    Dead motherboard...?

    Yeah, I'm also in Brisbane. They have been good to me thus far, and actually accepting the RMA of the power supply was pretty great because I was out of the 1 year RTB and posting it to Corsair myself would have cost a shitload. I admire your steadfastness haha
  4. vestige

    Dead motherboard...?

    Yeah cheers for the advice. I really liked the extreme 3 until it was dead. Great overclocks and easy to use. In terms of just dropping it in... I think the boards have a 3 year warranty here but if I'm reading it correctly they say you have to go through the seller. Except that Umart only has 1 year return to base, which I'm just outside of, so I'm not sure how that works. Also, is there any issues when you RMA a power supply almost simultaneously with other components? Do they just say "it isn't faulty, it was damaged" etc?
  5. vestige

    Dead motherboard...?

    So Umart replaced my Corsair TX750. Just plugged everything in and it is all still dead. I guess the motherboard went as well then. What's the deal with RMAing a motherboard that was (most likely) killed by a PSU? I think I'll just go and buy an Asrock Extreme 4 and cbf trying to warranty return the dead extreme 3. Unless anyone has suggestions for a better motherboard at a similar price point?
  6. vestige

    Dead motherboard...?

    Any suggestions as to a way to test if the motherboard is dead in isolation? Can a dead cpu stop the motherboard from getting any power whatsoever?
  7. Hey guys, I was torn back to real life on the weekend when my computer died 5 minutes in to a skyrim session. :( Power went out. Was completely dead when I hit the power switch (as in no movement at all, no light, no sound, nothing) I suspected it was the power supply, so I pulled out the corsair and plugged in a spare antec true power I had lying around. I only plugged in the 24 pin and 8 pin motherboard cords. Hit the power button and it came to life. I didn't boot into windows or anything like that because I thought it was confirmed that the corsair was dead. Took the corsair to umart for warranty return. Then when I got home, it wouldn't power up with the antec. It is now completely dead again. I have no idea why the antec worked once. I've pulled out everything but the CPU and cooler and tried but still get nothing. Specs are: 2500k overclocked to about 4.5 Asrock extreme 3 gen 3 mobo 8 gig ripjaws 2 x 6950s Corsair tx-750 Sound like a dead mobo? Or maybe the corsair was actually dead and half took the mobo with it, then the antec finished the job? I have no idea. Pls halp
  8. vestige

    Diablo III

    haha sorry about that civil procedure assignment, you are no longer number 1 priority.
  9. vestige

    Diablo 2

    Yeah, it's not bad. I was using an old school version and just using some mods to update the resolution and UI. Such an incredible game.
  10. vestige

    Diablo III

    BETA KEYS? Hrnnnnnnghghghgh Any still available?
  11. vestige

    High mouse dpi in fps ftw?

    In the past, the pro Quake 3 players (I would argue the best aimers and movers), and similarly talented individuals from pinpoint aim games like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory use optical mouses running at 400dpi, windows sens of 6, and all mouse acceleration turned off (including the background windows one, which can be fiddly to remove), and certainly no pointer prediction. From that point forward you can select your in game sensitivity by preference. The best Quake players typically have very high sensitivitys. i.e. 10cm 360s and the like (from memory). I personally don't think that modern shooters, with 'clunkier' (and I suppose comparatively more realistic) engines, as far as movement is concerned, benefit as much from high sensitivity. You certainly aren't going to be doing any strafe jumping or what have you, and they are generally slower paced. These days, laser sensors have improved so much, and just mouse engines in general, that running at higher DPI, or using a laser mouse instead of an optical isn't so bad. I think you'll find that most purists however will stick to 400 or 450 dpi optical mouses. If it's something you're worried about, give the razer deathadder a go, as it performs extremely well. Or even the (much cheaper) microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0 or 1.1a, which have basically had the best optical engine for years, despite being most often found in offices. As far as laser goes, the logitech G9 performs really well, but comparitively, the G5 performs terribly. Also, people get all interested in the whole idea of switching sensitivity on the fly. Whilst this might be fun, and is marketed heaps by mouse companies, no pros do it. Consistency and pinpoint accuracy are the key. Speed would be great if we could all lock on like robots.
  12. vestige

    Is Skyrim ready yet?

    There was an ini fix that made it so they drew in properly from further away and werent so blocky, higher resolution maps most likely. I find the issue is more when I'm close up that they are jagged and just move really weirdly. This makes me think just how much I wish this game supported DX11.
  13. vestige

    Is Skyrim ready yet?

    Check out the nexus again. Grab the mod that makes the dragons tougher. Grab the 'skyrim war' mod or whatever it is called, which creates more random encounters, and more random mobs battling out in the world, which you can set to really high difficulty levels. Grab the Skyui mod for pc, which makes pc playing so much more pleasant. Grab the official texture pack and some of the other nexus retextures to make everything prettier. The enhanced sky mod is awesome, and just makes you want to stare at the stars. There was some lighting mod, in the top 100, I applied that made everything look amazing as well. Turn the difficulty to the highest or second highest setting. Go. Does anyone know if its possible to do a mod that fixes the god awful shadows? Or is this just an insurmountable problem with the aging engine?
  14. Dude, just call umart with that list and tell them you want them to build it. They will no doubt do it for you. Umart are awesome.
  15. vestige

    HD7000 rumors

    AMD just announced this on facebook. Still, at these prices I'm glad I didn't wait and just went the dual 6950s. Definitely stoked that AMD are still pushing the boundaries though. Appears to be a truly awesome card. And it looks like they overclock like a champ too! This makes up for bulldozer haha