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    hey thanks man! had to get real close too for them demsel/dragonflies, like lens was cm's away lol with the waves, long exposure on a tripod, for something like that couple seconds shutter speed is generally enough, took that same shot over and over many times tho to get the timing right/kind of wave i wanted but yea that shot pretty much came out of camera like that, i just do minor raw editing/touchups after that
  2. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    thanks man! i am already jealous the fact that you live in melbourne lol got my arse went taking the shot thanks to a few rogue waves and rising tide, car drive home was definitely not pleasant lol
  3. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    happy new year everyone! mother nature was kind to me, stopped the thunderstorm and gave me this sunrise this morning (though would've been pretty cool to capture the crazy lightning that was going off as well lol) First Sunrise of 2015 by basketballfreak6, on Flickr
  4. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    thanks man! yea i think it's due to the composition itself, if you look carefully enough you can probably tell the "line" in which the flowers were planted, i tried to hide it as much as i can with composition but there was only so much i could do, if only i could move the sky lol...
  5. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    first time out at this location after reading about the sunflower plantation, absolutely beautiful place in the country side struggled quite a bit trying to get decent composition due to the way the flowers were planted vs where the nicest part of sky/sun is setting today, and that the flowers were tall, like almost my height haha, winds + slow shutter didn't make it any easier, the 300km return drive was worth it though, beautiful place on this beautiful summer afternoon... by basketballfreak6, on Flickr
  6. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    i brought 3 lens + body, teleconverter, tubes, flash, bracket, filters and knick knacks, oh and a few bottles of water hahahaha it was definitely lighter on the way down xD
  7. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    lol you ass you know what really sucks, first time i went up i brought my heavy ass 70-200 with me hoping to get some birds, i hear them alright but they were so far up i couldn't even see them, but saw butterflies and these horseflies i want to shoot but didn't have my macro gear, so this time i bring my macro gear (flash and all) and not my 70-200 and i see a couple birds that i've never seen before and ones i suspect don't let you get close fly close enough to me where if i had my 70-200 i would've gotten decent shot of them, but didn't see any of the bugs i saw last time i was at the summit, fml
  8. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    yea man come up again soon! handheld, was already carrying like about 8kg on my back, cbf'ed taking tripod up with me hahaha, also i don't think i have strong enough ND to drag the shutter that long...assuming you are talking about pic on top of Mt Ngungun lol
  9. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    got a visiting uncle from overseas, took him to Buddina up Sunshine Coast to see sunrise (almost didn't make it in time, wasn't anticipating all the road works) before going hiking up Mt Ngungun Buddina (dolphin rock) sunrise by basketballfreak6, on Flickr Mount Ngungun Summit by basketballfreak6, on Flickr Mount Ngungun Summit (with uncle) by basketballfreak6, on Flickr
  10. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    first macro shoot in ages damselfly by basketballfreak6, on Flickr dragonfly by basketballfreak6, on Flickr broken wing by basketballfreak6, on Flickr portrait of a dragonfly by basketballfreak6, on Flickr
  11. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    thanks dude! got it from minidisc.com.au for $729 free shipping, considering how bad aussie dollar is right now and that it's using the new e series drivers just couldn't hold back myself any longer lol i have to admit i received great service from minidisc.com.au as well, first time i've used them, highly recommended
  12. basketballfreak6

    basketballfreak6's photos

    something different...photos of my recent acquisition, pair of Alessandro MS PROe headphones, they're my dream headphones, only procrastinated on them for like almost 3 years lol... Alessandro MS PROe by basketballfreak6, on Flickr Alessandro MS PROe by basketballfreak6, on Flickr Alessandro MS PROe by basketballfreak6, on Flickr Alessandro MS PROe by basketballfreak6, on Flickr
  13. basketballfreak6

    Tick's Photos

    still hating you man lol
  14. basketballfreak6

    MandoTiM's Photos

    welcome back mate!
  15. basketballfreak6

    Online Photo Storage

    i've been super slack regarding backup...should really do it atm photos are just on my hdd and on flickr, otherwise would probably just get some external hdd for backup