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  1. Just specify the cache directory as required. I can't imagine putting a squid cache on SSD would have any measurable throughput advantages though. Squid isn't the speediest of caching proxies to begin with and unless you're targetting an extremely low-latency high-bandwidth workload, you're not going to see any change. Anyway, edit squid.conf and change the cache_dir parameter.
  2. This was actually done back in the day when cassette tapes were a popular home computer storage option. The idea was you dubbed the LP to tape. The branding was "floppy ROM". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansas_City_standard (and scroll down to Floppy ROM) '
  3. pcowandre

    File Servers & NAS

    Well, ZFS was cooked up by Bonwick and Moore. Not a big dev team and certainly way *after* NetApp had been in business for some time.
  4. pcowandre

    Multiple Network Connections query

    Man, that NIC looks like a roaring load of bullshit.
  5. pcowandre

    Most memorable computer?

    Most memorable computer? I think that'd be one that I'm still using, some five years on. And it was a bit old when I got it! Sun Fire V880 8 x UltraSPARC-III 750Mhz 20GB RAM Disks: 6 x 146GB, 4 x 50GB, 2 x 72GB, 4 x 750GB. Ethernet: 8 x qfe 100mbit ports, 4 x cassini gigabit, 2 x e1000g gigabit, 1 x cassini fibre, 1 x gem fibre Tape: LTO2 & DDS4 Size: bigger than your barfridge.
  6. pcowandre

    VPN and XP

    Nah, I'm the sort of person who figures my laptop will die/explode/get stolen/get eaten by a grue and I try not to keep any real data on it. After all, I can VPN into home or checkout a git repo...
  7. pcowandre

    NASperts advice wanted.

    Yeah not sure at this point, but stopping that bottleneck would mean having to rejig the whole network wouldn't it? Yes and no. If you need more throughput, you need more throughput - and no amount of staring at a gig-e port is going to make it faster. If you need more, you might consider running a seperate 10Gbit segment for NAS only or using fibre channel with ZFS and COMSTAR.
  8. pcowandre

    VPN and XP

    As usual with Cisco, there are at least five ways to create a VPN driven by IOS. The Cisco VPN client that you've experienced (like "experiencing" food poisoning) is only one way. It's pretty trivial to get IOS to handle L2TP+IPSEC which is configured on the client through the built-in VPN support. You're handing the entire thing to Hamachi, that's what's wrong. And they use a dodgy IP range. Call me paranoid, but I'm not a fan of handing the keys to an outside party like that.
  9. pcowandre

    VPN and XP

    I'd suggest replacing the router with a Cisco and using L2TP+IPSEC. You can run lots of connections and it's low on pain - and the client is built-in for Windows, MacOS, iPhones and Android.
  10. pcowandre


    I'd tend to lean towards spending the cash getting a pile of hardware and the books and taking your time with it. You'll be able to reuse the hardware for future certifications and (anecdote time) the best network people I know all have a hardware lab, either at home or at work.
  11. pcowandre

    NASperts advice wanted.

    Video studio - is gigabit ethernet going to deliver enough throughput for your workload?
  12. pcowandre

    Speeding up Linux RAID

    I'd argue the entire Linux volume manager is a hackjob...
  13. pcowandre

    Installing a network

    Technically, you can do a lot of it yourself as long as you get a licensed cabler to sign it off. Whichever way you do it, run at least twice as much cable as you think you'll need. It's not much harder to run four lines of twisted pair than one and even if you leave it unterminated behind the wallplates, you'll have the option when you needed it. As an example scenario, imagine you ran a single cable to the "TV area" years ago for your PS2. Now, you might have media PC, PS3, XBox and the TV itself wants ethernet.
  14. Nothing crushes massive DNS loads like Nominum. Might be a bit above your customer's budget, though.
  15. pcowandre

    raid plus which drives?

    Off-topic, but "We don't deal with XYZ major brand due to return rates" is usually code for "We're not a partner / don't have a good relationship with the distie for that vendor"