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  1. Well it's fixed now, not quite sure what I did but I stripped the computer down and put it back together again, it may have just been that the gpu wasn't in right or something (not sure) anyway, thanks!
  2. Hi, I went to turn my computer on this morning, and after booting into windows and logging in, it almost immediately froze for about a minute, before the display went black, and there was a long beep then three short beeps, like beeeep beep-beep-beep. Now, whenever I turn it on, it doesn't display the BIOS start thing, and makes the 1 long 3 short beeps. My specs are asus p5ql-e intel q8200 asus hd 4850 512mb 4 gb ddr2 ram any idea what's wrong?
  3. dylan6307

    Do you put your Windows sticker on your case?

    Why would I put stickers on my case? It looks kind of stupid. My laptop on the other hand...
  4. dylan6307

    What game genre hog what computer part

    but would it not be true that certain genres can use more similar engines, ie many shooters use the unreal engine, or modifications of it
  5. dylan6307

    What game genre hog what computer part

    I'm not sure about genre, but different engines "hog" more of different resources, understandably. I'm not really sure about racing, as they often have quite specific physics engines, and I dont know where that would go (gpu/cpu) but I think rpg, depending on graphics quality and options of course, might take up both, because while the gpu will do graphics, the cpu will manage in game variables and options, of which rpgs often have many. this is just me assuming though, I'm not exactly an expert in games dev or anything ;)
  6. dylan6307

    1920x1080 wont go full screen

    does that mean when i get a new gpu that if i use a cable that is the same on both ends there will be no overscan? coz the one I have only has vga
  7. dylan6307

    questions about intel and amd

    ok well it looks like the 2500k is the most popular suggestion, I'll suss it out thanks
  8. dylan6307

    questions about intel and amd

    but ive heard (im not really sure) that some games are more cpu intensive. but those intels are way out of my price range like .:Cyb3rGlitch:. said. however, amd fx series, are they just like what the phenom ii was (kindof?)
  9. dylan6307

    questions about intel and amd

    why the k version?
  10. Dooooooooooooood, get cate5e or cat 6a wiring run in the walls while at it. Ethernet is a crapload better than wireless. yeah, I was thinking of doing that, like schools and offices do. but how does that connect to the internet, is it just a modem with some cables running into the wall, or is it some special way to set it up?
  11. dylan6307

    questions about intel and amd

    have you read any reviews on the Sandy bridge chips at all? or did you just come on here to post some mad rambling along the lines of "hur dur inbuilt graphics makes it shit derp" integration of components into one package is the future of each company so deal with it. It's not that I'm complaining that they're shit, its just that it makes them more expensive when many people wont use them. there should be more models without it, because if people are paying for something that they wont use...
  12. It's the age old debate; AMD or Intel? I used to quite like the amd cpus, and I have been thinking about building a new pc (~$ 800 / 900 so not some huge 8 core 5 ghz beast) for a while, but recently all the new amd cpus are confusing, what with this inbuilt graphics crap. So I have been looking at the intels, and found out that they have stupid inbuilt graphics as well! now I dont really want to get one that has that, since I dont want to pay for something that I dont use (since I'm obviously going to use a separate gpu) So I have a few questions: 1. Do amd or intel still sell enthusiast chips that dont have inbuilt graphics 2. why is intel so much more expensive for what seems like the same thing, at a slightly lower clock speed I also think that the intel 1366 chipset looks ok, quite powerful and no inbuilt graphics, but they seem to have disappeared (at least from pc case gear, and all but one from msy [but they dont sell the mother boards]) so 3. is it worth it, and should I look around, for a 1366 cpu/motherboard? thanks
  13. actually, i logged into the router before and i did see something with the email and password. We are getting major renovations soon so after that I am going to suggest we but a stronger router/modem, but for now I will just put up with this crappy bigpond one.thanks for the help
  14. Ok then several possibilities. Had a quick look through the manual from http://www.thomsonbroadbandpartner.com/getfile.php?id=6978 and couldn't see any mention of wireless output power. Still log in to the modem GUI at or (depending on modem config)and look through the wireless section and see if there is anything about transmit power. If so make sure it is set to 100%. You are getting wireless channel interference. Grab inSSIDer from http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/ and see what other channels are detected. Then log in to the modem as above and set the Thompson's wireless channel to something that is not in use. The big corner wall thing or the actual house walls have a lot of metal in them (metal framed house) or the walls are double brick or solid concrete. Or as bowiee said the Thompson has crappy wireless and attenuates too fast. I would actually get a new wireless N modem anyway. Wireless N is superior to wireless G (all the Thompson can do) in both range and speed. As bowiee's 7800NL link seems broken (getting a forbidden message :P) try http://www.umart.com.au/pro/products_listn...2&sid=71228 Billion 7700N is also supposed to be good. http://www.umart.com.au/pro/products_listn...2&sid=73003 well I couldnt find anything about transmit power, and when I download inssider it gave me an error about attempting to read or write protected memory... anyway.yeah that 7800nl link was broken for me too, but in anycase I dont really feel like spending $115 on a router, and we only have adsl, not adsl2+... but the 7700 does look good and more realistic price range for me, I'm just not sure whether they will work, since when we moved to bigpond, our old router didn't work anymore and we had to use the bigpond one
  15. ok I've ended up solving the mysterious problem... it was just a lack of signal! I first plugged our old router in next to the computer, and it connected to that one fine, so I plugged the current bigpond router in next to it, and it connected to that fine as well... so I moved the computer in next to the router, and guess what? perfect connection. I just dont understand, since it was only around 15 meters away, but through a big corner wall thing. thanks for all the help, now to just clear a space for the computer...