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    Languages, do you speak them?

    At school I learn French. Any language other than English is redundant as English is easy and it's also the langua Franca. From prep - grade 4 - I learnt Italian From 4 - 7 - I leant Japanese (by far the best 'cos of anime and manga) From yr7+ - I have done French and I hate it so much.
  2. saluy

    Guage interest: Community Mouse Testers

    I'd like to do some reviews. But as stated, some people may get biased.
  3. saluy

    Buying syndicate

    Hey y'all, I am thinking of getting the new Syndicate game but sadly I can't get it in Australia 'cos of stupid classification laws. So I am wandering if I order it off ozgameshop will customs just take it or what??? saluy PS. I have no experience with shipping and none at all with online stores.
  4. So I found this: http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/16/intel-r...re-i7-3820-cpu/
  5. saluy

    Buying syndicate

    Just bought it from CDKEY and awaiting for order approval. let'ssee how this goes :)
  6. saluy

    Buying syndicate

    where from?
  7. saluy

    Buying syndicate

    Ok, Thank you guys :)
  8. Thought you tech heads might care that another CPU got released and Atomic didn't comment about it.
  9. saluy

    Liquid funk

    Man, you're seriously good!!
  10. saluy

    Kingdoms of Amalur

    When I get money I'm sure as getting it. The reviews, the story and what you guys are saying make me want it.
  11. saluy

    New Amnesia Game Coming?

    Maybe... They are hiring, and the dev teams' blog is talking a lot about narrative.... http://www.frictionalgames.com/site/games#dev if so something may be announced soon.
  12. got one, and I love it!!!!!!!! thinking of going CF with it, but need another $200. can play anygame at high/ultra atm nope, It doesnt go that high
  13. saluy


    it sucks. discuss
  14. saluy

    Lucid Dreaming

    waking up and doing Lucid DReaming easier. once there you can do what you want, my fave is being in a monster truck smashing houses. but as someone posted i had a dream about a party i went to and got confused when i was recounting a story, so sometimes i find it hard to remember what happened in real life and what happens in dream world. Because of this post i did it last night and remembered why'd i'd like it, might start doing it again.
  15. saluy

    Lucid Dreaming

    tried it, didnt see the appeal (burning daylight) I found out because of the Phrack (magazine) they have a few good articles on it. All by stoners
  16. Think DDT ec=veryone loved it, someone said they hated it, everyone hated it, now we need it. Now fill in coal
  17. saluy

    Chronicle [2012] Trailer

    Saw it today with a couple of mates for a b'day, a LOT like Distric 9 in the way it's quite slow then it gets more and more better. 8/10
  18. saluy

    Chronicle [2012] Trailer

    I'll probs see it in the cinemas and then think it was a waste
  19. saluy

    The Hobbit Movie

    love the song :)
  20. saluy

    Forget the 27 club

    How old is molly Meldrum?
  21. saluy

    iPad version of Magazine?

    How about just make the site Mobile friendly because most of the stuff in magazine is in forums/news part of the website. btw I don't want to get a iPad or Andoid pad to read a magazine, although I do have a Kobo.
  22. saluy


    Razer lycosa and i have never looked back!