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  1. saluy

    Windows 8 Information ?

    If I download the Win 8 preview will i get a choice to boot in either 7 & 8 or will i be stuck with win 8?
  2. Notch would totally kick there buts... I hope. then they will make a new game cooled Elder Scrolls: crafting :)
  3. saluy

    Dirty bugger!

    aids.... :P if your sick, take a sickie and game :)
  4. saluy

    Some people sicken me

    what ever rocks there boats...
  5. saluy

    Anyone see this?

    Seen what? the motherboard itself or AMD's APU? dont mind, just thought it might be intresting to you tech-heads
  6. saluy

    OC'ing 2500k

    No. Didn't you read any of the replies? You want to run stock or below stock voltage if you're running with the stock cooler. I know one of the guys on here got one to 4.2 on a stock cooler but it was hitting like 80c or something iirc. Cyber, shouldn't this be in OC'ing and Cooling? bahhahahaha i got to 3.7 on stable. and im aiming 4. still need to test 3.9
  7. saluy

    OC'ing 2500k

    ok, so if increase the core multiplier to 40 and the Vcore to 1.3. i should be alright?
  8. That may be there problem, my 6870 card is just fine, better than fine and I finished my new rig yesterday, but then I haven't had to update it to much.I personally recommend your recommendation, my mate recently bought a 6970 and it's playing up. 560Ti is very stable.
  9. With the 2500k theres no point getting a H61 board because theres little to no OC abilities on H61 boards. grab a P67 if your getting a K series CPU because you only get K if your OC'ing, or can. EDIT: sorry i sound like a douche, i didn't read the post properly the H61 is to tide you over, sorry for that :3
  10. saluy

    OC'ing 2500k

    I just want to get a feel a feel for OC'ing and if i feel like going to 4.5GHz i will buy another fan, i just dont want to spend more money on the rig :/
  11. saluy

    OC'ing 2500k

    just have a stock cooler, but my case has a few fans and has a lot of ventilation, so im thinking that it should be ok...
  12. saluy

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    cbf looking at what people said, I'm in, although I'm part of a clan atm, bTd so I'll need to sort that out :)
  13. hey guys, I recently got stuff for a new build, for an SSD card i got a Kingston V100 64gbs. I now relise its SATA 2. should i shell out and get one at SATA 3. if so what one should i get, preferably 120gb and less than $250. ill put Windows on it and games, stuff with low rewrite. cheers, saluy
  14. saluy

    Windows 8 Information ?

    I'm too lazy to look at all the posts. so this may of been said, One of the other magazines (hmph *comptent*) had a special few pages about it
  15. saluy

    Playstaion Vita

    Meh. Get the Phone version of it. you can play Minecraft on the Expiria Play (spelt corectly?) maybe MC on PSV?
  16. is this a recent or new occurence? maybe a malicious software
  17. saluy

    SSD cards

    it was cheap, like really really cheap
  18. saluy

    Issue 125 Kit Log Advice

    I get my stuff brand new at swap meets. If you live in melb look at this site http://technologymarkets.com.au/ good luck!
  19. saluy

    SSD cards

    I have a mobo that handles both. I payed $100 for 64gbs and I'll probably get a bigger one if I upgrade.
  20. saluy

    1st quantum computer sold...

    probably have a dozen at NSA headquarters
  21. saluy

    Atomic Magazine for iPad/iPhone

    I'd like that idea to become reality.
  22. saluy

    P67 vs Z68

    just got a gigabyte board with it on. i got it cos of the features and the new chipset. i think its worth it
  23. saluy

    Marooned on Mars

    that'd be cool
  24. saluy


    when i do maths i get told that "()" should be treated as a times