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  1. saluy

    Even more inconvenient truths

    global warming is a hoax. look up climate gate. -.-
  2. saluy

    1st quantum computer sold...

    does it work? if it does i want one, and a copy of cyrisis2
  3. saluy

    Acer Iconia A500

    my mate has one. its quite nice. enjoy yours :)
  4. saluy

    The greatest job application cover letter ever.

    I'm afraid to say that......that was me. thats the lonly island right? lets add a few songs together shall we? i just had sex, like a boss :)
  5. Torrenting isn't that bad..... unless you get caught. that'd suck
  6. saluy

    Razer Hydra

    meh. i like my mouse and keyboard. i very much doubt it'll take the world by storm.
  7. hey guys, soon I'm thinking about modding my PC. i receantly got a SSD and i want to transfer Win 7 is on a HDD my Windows 7 to it? how should i do that.
  8. As a former TSO at a government school, I can say without a doubt that they are much better than what you'll be given for school. When you do get your laptop, send me a PM and I'll show you how to get around the filters :) ahah im in yr 8 around the end of the year. cant wait........ :( apparently we are getting and acer travel something............ ehhhh no grunt at all.
  9. saluy

    <$200 Graphics?

    maybe a saphirre? http://apcmag.com/undercutting-excellence-...eon-hd-6870.htm it may be a bit mush 80+ dollars but its top notch
  10. i'd like one of them. probably better than the Laptop im getting for yr 9......
  11. saluy

    Gigabyte GA-P67X boards

    does the UD3 come with a wifi card? and or a sound card?