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  1. Name: One of the first MP games I was allowed to play without using my dads account (by then he was saying he was too old) was BC2. I wanted an awesome name something game epic, so I tried for "So Sly" but I couldn't get it so one of the other ames that popped up was this. And I liked it.


    Avartar: searched death one day and found it, have a love affair of the devil being artsy.

  2. Hey Atomicans,

    Rome TW is of the most played games in my inventory so I am sooooo happy to say that CA is bringing out a second one.

    here is an overview of it.

    The devs talk about the game

    and finally it wouldn't be a game without a Trailer

    Not sure about you but I need to clean out my keyboard and get ready for this game.


  3. You realy cant find any hardcore servers? I can jump on at any time and find one

    Once I engage the filters of australia/nz, 32-64 players, 1-10 free slots, there's only about 15 total, and most of them are bullshit like conquest Metro with nine million tickets of boredom.


    I really feel your pain.

    BF3 is a game I love to hate. But I can't stop myself from playing. I hope that Farcry 3 (will get imported if needs be) will restore the faith in gaming after BF3 and CS:GO being shit.

  4. Plus also, if anything goes wrong with GFWL, saves gets corrupted as well. I know all too well thanks to F1 2011. Luckily, GFWL is dying off as most are moving onto Steamworks or other evils (*glares at Origin*).

    Still haven't had a problem with Origin.

  5. Glad you pointed out the trailer was old. Now I can hope the actual game graphics are slightly more coherent, if not current. By that, I'm referring to the odd mismatch of good-looking bits like the guy mowing the lawn, and really quite sub-par by comparison things like the body draped over the doorframe. That would have been cutting edge when Deus Ex first came out, but it's not the year 2000 any more.


    I really hope the game is a little better proofread than that YT post, too. "orcastrate" ? That sounds painful.


    Other than that... Bears watching. That clip does not really give any idea what the gameplay is like, but the premise is enough to pique my interest.

    My thoughts exactly, although I did not pick up on the spelling errors :/

  6. So I don't know how many of you know this game, but I think it has a a lot of potential. It's about a kid that needs to off his parents.

    I think that the main focus of this game will be the immersive storytelling and game play.

    Trailer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56Tb-BSfoso

    On Ozgameshop it says its coming out on 26/10/12 and the trailer is 2 years old :/

  7. I bought a Vengeance 1500. GOD THEY ARE SEX ON COMFORT AND AUDIO QUALITY.






    And for future reference. Always give it a week before you close the thread in sections such as these. Doesn't fill up quite as much as in Gaming or TGR but if you give it some time there will be more great advice coming about in time.

    I haven't bought the headset yet, so its good to know that you like them and that I am making the right decision :)

  8. hello people,

    I need a gaming headset.

    These 3 (up the top) are what I have come down too. Most of my mates have 777's and swear they are the best. But the g35's have the extra buttons and are meant to be great and on Tom's Hardware the 1500's got the best headsets to buy. So I have some trouble determining which to get. So if you could help that'd be appreciated.


  9. One of my friends is a model at the age of 14 :/


    Also Maybe it is just the human race evolving or some other other external factor, but I really do not care. If the brain thinks it's a good time to start making those chemicals then maybe we should listen to. If the kid is in a good environment it'll be fine.