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    Urgent: For all Diablo 3 pre-orders from "Game" stores

    A friend of mine pre-ordered from Game and he never got a copy of the game and never got his money back.
  2. harhis23

    Black Ops 2

    Yeah, I agree Black Ops 2 really departed from the current story and gone futuristic. But I think that's the whole point of having the second iteration of this popular title. After all, anyone who enjoyed Black Ops would surely want to try this one. Can't wait to see the release of this game.
  3. harhis23

    Diablo 2

    I have always been a fan of Diablo and Diablo 2... Now that I got my hands on Diablo 3, all of my memories of the first two iterations seemed to have banished.
  4. harhis23

    Carmageddon: Reincarnation

    Backed this game a couple of days ago and I think it's going to be great. Will have to wait and see until it's released.
  5. harhis23

    [PC] League of Legends

    I loved this strategy game but it's a long time I haven't played it. The game design is enjoyable and there are tons of great champions with nearly limitless customization options. The strategy elements are sound, and it can be fun to just pick a lane and start chewing through minions as you work your way towards enemy towers and champions.
  6. harhis23

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    I love StarCraft 2 and I still can't forget the excitement this game has brought. It was one of the PC games I was dying to play with before and I still got my CD installer with me.
  7. harhis23

    Getting the wife to play along

    It's like her asking you to join with her and her girl friends having a girlie chit chat. The point is, women who don't like games don't really like games and whatever you do you can't just convince them. But I love how you write the title of this thread, "Getting the wife to play along, I love games, she doesn't" it does sound like there's a second meaning...or maybe I just have a green mind.
  8. harhis23

    Diable III LAN DLC

    I've been waiting for this game for more than 10 years. If Blizzard offered this game let's 5 years ago but you have to pay for $500 to get a copy, I would have bought it at that price. Well, the point is, anything that you need to be able to play this game to its maximum entertainment level, it's worth the price considering the long wait.
  9. harhis23

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    I love Arma 2 and I've playing this zombie survival mode a couple of times but didn't like it just like you do guys. I didn't like it because I feel frightened by zombies. lol
  10. harhis23

    Diablo III

    Started playing this game for the first time three days ago and I'm still on level 13. I couldn't imagine how one gamer played to have reached level 60 in less than two days. Well, anyway, the game is really, really good and a decade-long wait is just worth. What's pissing me off is when the servers go down. If I were to rate this game, I would surely give it a 9/10 or a perfect score for being so awesome and entertaining. I just can't believe that Game Arena gave this game 6.5/10 rating: http://www.gamearena.com.au/pc/games/title...ws.php/diablo-3
  11. harhis23

    Ultra thin laptops, are they worth it?

    Yeah, I guess ultra-thin laptops are worth their prices. If you are into technology, you will know how precise engineering is used to produce an ultra thin yet very powerful machine. If I were to get one for my self, I would go for Samsung Series 9. Not so expensive but definitely powerful enough to do almost anything.
  12. I have nothing against Nokia or Windows Phone but I think I would go for HTC One X or just One S if I were to choose between these devices and Nokia Lumia 900. When it comes to power, One X could deliver more than you could imagine having nVidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor. But that's if you're after the power. It's definitely up to you to decide which smart phone provides more benefits.
  13. harhis23

    Gaming laptops.

    You should have your own reasons why you purchased a gaming laptop. I for myself wouldn't opt for a laptop if it's for gaming but then I spend almost $2000 just to get the specs and performance I need for 24/7 gaming. While others see it as a waste of money, I don't because even if I hand over $1800 cash, it just feels good knowing I got a new rig to entertain me all day. You should have felt the same too. Otherwise, you wouldn't enjoy it and you'll keep thinking of your lost money.
  14. harhis23

    Guild Wars2 Update

    I'm pretty excited over this game. I've been a big fan of Guild Wars and it's good to see there's a new iteration coming along the way.
  15. harhis23

    iPad as a work machine

    Yeah, I've tried that (not on an iPad) with my Samsung tablet. The typing on the on-screen keyboard is killing me. I'm not a fast typist, maybe around 30 word per minute, but I'm used to finding the two home keys (F & J) on the typical keyboard. So basically, I cannot do touch typing and it surely did ruin my day. A proof that tablets without external keyboards couldn't replace laptops.