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  1. erocolypse now

    erocolypse's photos

    A photo my brother took in Marree, SA
  2. erocolypse now

    erocolypse's photos

    Noob with a new toy (Sony RX100) on New years eve - basic settings, no tripod
  3. erocolypse now

    Motherboard problem?

    I think I 've got it sorted. Just need to wait and see now. Thanks for the input :)
  4. erocolypse now

    Motherboard problem?

    Lol, well I've reinstalled the OS onto one ssd, the other ssd is accessible and seems to be working fine but now it doesn't recognise the hdd. It shows it in the bios but not in the list of available drives in Windows.
  5. erocolypse now

    Motherboard problem?

    I think my problems started with a slowly failing motherboard battery (which I didn't realize even existed, learned something new!). Unfortunately just replacing it hasn't fixed things and as I can't boot of any drives (errors that windows cant fix) I'm doing a fresh install and see how things go.
  6. erocolypse now

    Motherboard problem?

    Thanks for the replies guys but I've hit a (fatal) brick wall. I'll add that prior to installing the ssd's I did have a few random occasional bios re-sets occur with my hdd's, and slowly increasing in regularity. Having done a bit more research it seems others with p6t's also had this problem: One of a few similar threads . There are suggestions in that thread that the p6t didn' t deal with powered gpu's very well (mines a hd5850) Anyway, my 2 ssd's were bought at the same time but using the tool as above, one (not the boot drive) had an older firmware version. The OCZ tool successfully updated the version to current, making them both the same, yet after restarting it still had the old version. Strange. But it doesn't matter for now because the untouched boot ssd refuses to boot up regardless of my swapping data cables around which fixed it before. I can/could still boot off the hdd and see the boot ssd and all it's files but even off the the hdd it is now blue screening, (i have already removed the overclock). Any advice? What's a good Mobo/CPU combo these days (mainly enthusiast gamer and photoshop), possibly similar to the 920?
  7. Hey all, I've been having an issue with my PC (put together by myself a few years ago) not consistently recognizing the SSD which has Win7 installed on it. The SSD's are the newest part of my setup and has been working fine for 3-4 months since i installed them. The drive gets dropped from the list of drives in the bios info, which includes a second SSD and a 1tb hard drive. To get things working again I swap the data cables around between the drives and it gets recognized again and runs fine...until next time I start up and I have to repeat the process. I'm suspecting the motherboard as the cables seem to work fine with the other drives and the ssd and windows works fine when the drive is actually recognized. Any ideas or recognize this problem? 3yr old comp with no issues till now i7 920 ~3.6ghz oc Ocz vertex ssd x2 1tb Samsung hdd - also has windows installed on a partition as a backup Asus p6t motherboard Cheers
  8. erocolypse now

    erocolypse's photos

    Nice sunset in Adelaide tonight (taken quickly with work camera -Ricoh G700SE GPS) - not focused and flash went off but this was the result:
  9. erocolypse now

    A Real Job for D&D DM/GM's?

    I've been following the development of this sandbox mmo for a little while, but I'm not posting to advertise it or start some debate on what type of game is better than another. After the D&D thing that happened recently I thought I'd get this out there, just in case some of you are interested: http://www.embersofcaerus.com/forum/showth...trike-team-work More info: The Vision (The website is new with a lot a placeholder art). They also have a Kickstarter but you can follow that up yorselves if you're intrigued.
  10. erocolypse now

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    Maybe try a mod installer, I use the one from here. You can check for and download the latest files and run the mod: http://www.worrom.com/
  11. erocolypse now

    erocolypse's photos

    Ah ok, I see. Cheers
  12. erocolypse now

    erocolypse's photos

    Total novice here, no special camera or gear. Went on a holiday to Coober Pedy last year and had a go. The first two are just shots of a trendy guy on the jetty at Pt.Germein (South Aus.)
  13. erocolypse now

    Guild Wars2 Update

    https://beta.guildwars2.com/ if you didn't already know
  14. erocolypse now


    Updates coming in March Some info soon re :Aus servers
  15. erocolypse now

    New game store: Harvey Norman Direct Import

    http://games.on.net/article/14543/Harvey_N..._-_Site_is_Live Harvey Norman Direct Import No PC games yet but will be "available soon"