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  1. Hi gang, Is it possible to register Assassin's Creed: Revelations without an internet connection? My cousin says he's having trouble with it. I found a cracked version(whether it works or not is another question) so if it is not possible to register without an internet connection I'll post him the fixed version through snail mail. Thanks in advance.
  2. 2500k overclcoked to 4.4ghz would be a nice improvement for sure but you are also running 1920 res vs 2560x1600 which makes a gpu work around twice as hard hopefully the op can get there cpu to ~3.6-3.8ghz stable since most could manage that unlike my dud q9450 that could only do 3.4ghz 24\7 stable the nvidia chiset may make things harder though as they wernt the best of mb Yeah the MOBO is a bit of a pain, I have the highest multiplier x8 and have the FSB at 1600, the RAM can handle 2000 but because of the dodgy mobo when you have 4 sticks they only run at 1600 max. Maybe I can get more out of the RAM timings but I haven't looked at that yet. 2500k would be awesome but I spent quite a lot on this mobo, chip and RAM so I really want to milk it for everything it's got if I can get another year out of them then all is well, one of my friends will be getting a free upgrade. Having said that though the point of this thread is to find out the best way to get my PC rocking for $1,000 and if that's just not possible what I do have to do. I believe there is one more bug up my ar** that has to die. I keep trying to wait for top of the line GPU's to come down in price but they never do, things like the GTX260/460/560's all come down but a GTX480 still costs just as much as a GTX580 so I think in future I have to accept that to run the kind of machine I want to I'll just have to bite the bullet and pay the going rate when the new GPU's are available. My money hasn't come in yet(any day now) but when it does I will be walking down to the local umart and picking up a GPU or two, at this stage I am leaning towards one GTX590. How does that sound?
  3. Fantastic, thanks for all the help. While I've got you, for curiosities sake how would my system fair with a GTX590? not that I could afford one.
  4. Fantastic thanks, knowing the new cards are just around the corner has been my main concern. Nvidia have a tendency to drag it out for ages and I really do need to upgrade now, it's a crime to have a monitor like this and not use it properly:) I'd really like to get another year or two out of the bulk of my system if possible, would it choke on the new cards? For that matter would it choke on a couple of GTX480's? How would a GTX560 TI go as an interim card?
  5. Do you think GTX580 SLI would be well suited for this rig? I can reasonably justify a single GTX580 now and then in a few months drop in another one while watercooling both of them. With the current 2x120mm radiator and the 400l/h pump in the Aquagate Max cooling the CPU and Motherboard I have absolutely no heat concerns, it doesn't even think about getting warm. I've heard that a 3xRadiator will not handle CPU and Multi-GPU set-ups but I am dubious, if the set-up I have now is anything to go by I should be able to throw in a good quality 3x120mm radiator with a strong pump and do better than air-cooling. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm not real keen on putting an external radiator on it.
  6. Hi gang, With so many cool titles out and still coming out the time has come to upgrade my Gaming PC. At the moment to play Black Ops with a reasonable framerate I am forced to downgrade not just the detail levels but also the resolution. Resolution is my main concern since I would really like to be able to play at 2560x1600 while still keeping the graphics along with the framerates high. This is my current set up: CPU:Q9450 MOBO:ASUS STRIKER II EXTREME - NFORCE 790i Ultra SLI RAM:CORSAIR GFX:GTX260 GV-N260OC-896H BLU-RAY:PIONEER BDR-202 HDD:2x VELOCI-RAPTOR 150G IN RAID 0 KEYBOARD:G15 MOUSE:G9 NETWORK:TELSTRA CABLE BROADBAND COOLING:COOLERMASTER AQUAGATE MAX AUDIO:CREATIVE TITANIUM FATALITY PRO OS:WINDOWS VISTA 64 ULTIMATE MONITOR:DELL 3008WFP PSU:COOLERMASTER 1450W CASE:COSMOS S I could probably squeeze more out of the processor (3.2GHz atm) and RAM as I've not tried to push the limits with them yet. The weak link in my system is clearly the GTX260 and so my first priority is to upgrade that. My budget is $1,000 at the moment but I will add another $1,000 to that in a few months so making use of the 3xSLI my Mobo offers will probably come into play. Being an inate tight ar** I've even contemplated just grabbing a GTX560 and giving one of them a go but the 30" 2560x1600 monitor is so mean to drive. Also, I have no aversion to watercooling Graphics cards sometime down the track. So assuming I would like top-notch graphics with a competitive framerate (60fps stable), what should I do?
  7. sli_fox

    Who'd like a Heroes of Might Magic VI Beta key?

    Awesome, thanks. Had a look around the video collection while i was there, it looks like this is going to introduce some pretty cool touches to the series.
  8. sli_fox

    Issue 128 Front Cover Joystick.

    This is a roll call. Hands up if you ever owned one?
  9. sli_fox

    Who'd like a Heroes of Might Magic VI Beta key?

    Ah I see, thanks. edit: looks like that little thank you paid a dividend, now I am an Initiate:P
  10. sli_fox

    Analog Stick + Mouse

    Speaking of GFWL...I tried to grab a free download from the shop inside Fable 3 the other day and my Hotmail account got Pwnd and sent Viagra advertisements to all of my friends. Took me a few days to work out how the breach occured.
  11. sli_fox

    Who'd like a Heroes of Might Magic VI Beta key?

    I would but apparently I'm not allowed to use the Messenger feature of this board....I must have been a bad boy:P
  12. sli_fox

    Analog Stick + Mouse

    Awesome, thanks for the input. I guess the only thing to do is pick up a G-13 and if there are any problems, complain, complain, complain. Heck why wait, surely there is someone from Razer lurking around here somewhere......Hey man, can you whip up a Nostromo for me with an analog stick on it? And, you, yeah you, Bethesda, would you please make sure you have Legendary support for G-13/mouse control in Skyrim?
  13. sli_fox

    Analog Stick + Mouse

    That would be awesome thanks. I just might have to fire up Borderlands tonight myself, it's been awhile.
  14. sli_fox

    Analog Stick + Mouse

    The Split Fish is an excellent example. How do you find games handle it? Can you you set it up to strafe on the x-axis rather than turn and walk left or right? How does it fare with in-game menu's? I tried Arcania: Gothic IV with the Onza in one hand and my mouse in the other, as cumbersome as it was the immersion factor was through the roof. Mind you not being able to strafe with the anolog stick made it a little tedious. Looking at the design of the Splitfish I think you would need to drop the stick to hit a button so maybe the G-13/Nostromo style would be a little easier to wield.