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    Skyhunter UAV Build Log

    Ahhh you might want to check the CASA regs, it'd suck hard to come all the way back here only to get screwed by some local monkey in a suit. Other than that, WOW what a massive adventure!
  2. I cannot adequately describe my disappointment in not being able to be there in person. My most sincere wish is that you both have many years of happiness and joy ahead of you, my you realise your dreams together and bring joy and happiness to those you touch on your journey. Much love guys.
  3. polo2k10

    Rest in Peace Spamz0r - 6/5/1987 - 29/10/2012

    Damn. Condolences to all involved.
  4. polo2k10

    Flying Kiddie Fiddlers

    Problem solved.
  5. polo2k10

    Whatever you know, he knows more....

    Just had to correct a typo there, feeling a little OCD this morning.
  6. polo2k10

    Stupid students disobay legal police orders

    We've kinda moved on from this Sir. Excuse me for having a life. Now moving on to some other site that is relevant to actually living life.
  7. polo2k10

    Stupid students disobay legal police orders

    Just how many warnings and requests need to be issued before people get the message?
  8. polo2k10

    resigning over email?

    phone call Email hard copy when you get back
  9. polo2k10

    Work Experience Kid

    This coupled with a floor plan with the data sockets clearly marked, numbered and cross referenced to the switch could be handy...
  10. polo2k10

    Are negative responses "The in thing?"

    My take is the following. 1. "i'm too cool for school!"/ I dont want to talk to you 2. jealous 3. jealous 4. jealous 2 through 4 could be taken as an extension of the tall poppy syndrome.
  11. polo2k10

    A story to top the Green Slushie

    I think it was entitled "Sit there and rot"
  12. polo2k10

    Ambulance Vehicles

    Gotta love it when people post and have no idea of the background of previous posters.
  13. polo2k10

    Mortgage Advice

    Maybe talk to a mortgage broker about all the available options?
  14. polo2k10


    Congratulations you have just removed ANY credibility I may have apportioned to any argument or position you might have supported. On topic comment: What I have taken from this whole sorry rant is that you seem to believe that greed is an exclusive motivator to people raised in a capitalist society? Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but greed seems to be a universal motivator regardless of culture.
  15. polo2k10

    What do you want as a gift worth $100?

    Excellent idea!