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  1. ridir

    New Rig

    sure will! ill put up pics as it progresses, im not sure if ill get enough money together by my birthday, but if i dont tax return is soon anyways so ill definately have it by then :D
  2. ridir

    New Rig

    Ok i have decided, im sticking with the bitfenix Prodigy for a few reasons. its got plenty of room for a 240mm radiator and i could probably still fit a H60 in there if i wanted to use the 240mm rad for my graphics card only. it weighs less then the Arc Mini (the bit fenix prodigy is only 6.8KG. less if i remove all the bays) im pretty sure the dimentions for it include the handles so its actualy smaller then i thought it was if you dont include the handles. also the handles appear to be shock absorbing and pretty damn tough, which will be usefull cause i go lanning over my mates place quite alot.
  3. ridir

    New Rig

    well at the moment im trying to decide between these two Fractal Design Arc Mini and the BitFenix Prodigy. Does anyone know if you need to remove all the drive bays on the Arc Mini to fit in a 240mm radiator? cause if i dont need to remove all the bays on the Arc Mini ill probably go for that instead
  4. ridir

    New Rig

    yeh i might be able to squeeze one in, though if you check out the vid review for the bit fenix Prodigy case on PC case gear the guy basicaly shows you how easy it is to fit 240mm radiators into that case, or even a 200mm radiator and a 140mm radiator and fans for em too or a 240mm and a 120mm rad, looks like it was pretty much made for that kinda stuff, and i dont really need the HDD bays or the CD bay either so yeh plenty of room. I think ill probably stick with the bit fenix after watching that vid, sure its big for an ITX but looks like i can fit everything i want into it. Though that Fractal design arc mini looks pretty sweet... damnit... indecision!!! i suck at making choices...
  5. ridir

    New Rig

    Yeh i saw your builds a while back, only problem is i cant see how i could fit watercooling into one of those cases, and i really dont want to have to cut the case up to make stuff fit if i can help it. One of the reasons why i was looking at the case i chose is cause it looks like it has a decent amount of room and its still pretty small (though nearly anything would look small next to my current CM Storm Trooper). I was looking at this one though http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=19616 but again i cant really see any room for watercooling and it looks like the ventilation wouldnt be up to overclocking on that one Yeh i did think about seeing if i could source one of the old X58 Asus GENE motherboards and running my current system in a micro ATX case, but i wouldnt mind moving away from a dual card settup especialy in a smaller case, things would probably get hot quick, maybe not so bad if i had watercooling for both cards argh!! everything is a compromise!!! Now im back to not knowing what i want to do again -_-
  6. Hey guys, Yep im still here >.> Anyhows its my birthday next month and im looking to sidegrade my current settup as im sick of having a big arse case and want something small but just as powerful. so im currently running this: i7 970 (6core at 4Ghz) Asrock extreme 6 mobo 12Gb corsair vengance 1600Mhz 2X Nvidia GTX 570's and other various bits and peices >.> so yeh my pc dosnt really need upgrading hence my sidegrade. what im looking at building is a small system that is just as powerfull as my current system (or close to it) this is what i have so far (can use my PSU and HDD's and other stuff from my old build) Asrock Z77E-ITX Mini ITX Motherboard $169.00 Intel Core i7 3770K $395.00 G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-1600C9D-16GXM 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 $155.00 Zotac GeForce GTX 680 4GB $779.00 (if i can find anywhere that has it) BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Case Black $99.00 Total: $1597 Im going to be using my existing corsair H60 for cpu cooling but im also going to see if i can fit in one of these for the graphics card: Swiftech MCR220-DRIVE Radiator with Pump $209.00 but i probably wont be doing that for a while yet. Also i might swap the i7 for an i5, cause i can still use my old i7 rig for 3D work if needed any tips would be appreciated, especialy in regards to fitting watercooling in a small case like this
  7. ridir


    I have used both Nvidia and ATI, first system i built for myself had a Nvidia 6600GT, then i went with an ATI X1650 then a Nvidia 8800GTS, then a ATI 4870, then a hand me down Nvidia GTX275, and now most recently 2X Nvidia GTX570's. I have had a bad run with the ATI cards, the only card i have had die on me was an ATI card (the X1650) and i had driver issues and bugs with shadows in games with the ATI 4870, also my mate had nothing but problems when running crossfire ATI 5850's. With Nvidia i have only ever had 2 problems, which are they tend to cost more which sucks... and that my current GTX570's seem to have some sorta problem, which might be totaly my fault, i think i might have overclocked the ram to hard and permanantly damaged the cards (im gonna try and get em returned under warrenty anyways xD) so basicaly im sticking with Nvidia from now on cause ATI seems to be trouble for me and my mate.
  8. ill check when i get home where the settings are to force it to use all speakers. unless someone beats me to it :D
  9. ridir

    You gave BF3 96%

    ive got some pretty serious graphic glitches and stuff in BF3, but i still bloody love it, i hardly even notice the weird black lines that sometimes explode from the end of my gun in multiplayer then disapear again, and thats just one of the weird graphic bugs that i only seem to get in BF3 and no other game, but as i said, i hardly notice them when im playing, i totally love BF3 and so does my mate (who got the same bugs but they seem to have gotten a bit better for him now)
  10. He has logitech X 530 speakers, they are an all in one system, the sub has the amp for all the speakers in it, you just plug em into your outputs on the PC no receiver nessesary
  11. If all the speakers can be heard in the sound test then there is no problem with your speaker setup (either speakers or soundcard) the problem is with the program you are using the output the sound, if its a game see if it has a surround sound setting or 5.1 setting, if its a media player most likely the audio your listening to is just sterio in which case you need to find the option in the media player that will make it virtual 5.1 or quadraphonic, also if i remember correctly there is an option in sound settings that lets you force virtual surround sound so that it is always on and isnt application dependent. Personaly i like to leave it in sterio only for music.
  12. ridir


    no no! be happy for me :o Im actualy really suprised wasnt expecting them to invite countries out of the release area's into the beta
  13. ridir


    Just had to shout it out to someone! I got in the SW-TOR beta!!! cant talk about it obviously but wooo! im in!
  14. ridir

    pixely problems

    dont worry mate, my usual response to PC weirdness is to pull it apart and put it together again, normally fixes things. have no idea why i didnt do that first this time, guess i was being lazy >.>
  15. ridir

    All I want for Xmas

    damn 1500? I was lucky if i got a $100 present when i was a kid. but then again, i suppose its all relative to how much you earn. my family has always been tight on cash. I agree with the buying experiances thing, i use to love going camping as a kid, and with $1500 you could do a hellova lot more then camping.