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  1. Hey all, I am looking at upgrading from my CM 212+ for Ivy Bridge. I've been looking around for decent single tower/fan coolers and so far the CM 812 seems to have great reviews, performing close to twin tower coolers. The other two coolers I've been looking at are the Thermalright Venomous X (which is hard to come by and expensive) and the Megahalems. I've also considered the Antec 620 as it's in the same price point, I think I would need a better fan on it though, as from what I've read it seems to struggle with oc'd ivy bridge as the rad isn't thick enough. I'm currently leaning toward the 812. Here are some reviews if anyone is interested. http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=2654 http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Coo...ler-Review/1553 http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/4685/cool...view/index.html
  2. 123abc

    Nvidia Kepler Rumors

    I've never bought off them so wouldn't know, just going by their site.
  3. Gah how could I miss that considering all the advertising :s
  4. 123abc

    Nvidia Kepler Rumors

    With a SOLD OUT - NO ETA attached? That means they never had samples, and this is purely to appear on Static Ice and get pre-orders. Well this place seems to have 690 stock, cheaper than PCCG and with free-shipping. http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/n690d5...34.html?sort=2a
  5. 123abc

    Guild Wars 2 Beta. The After Effects

    I think plenty of people are loving GW2, I know my friends and I did, I just didn't get to play too much as I worked Saturday, Sunday and Monday :( So I didn't get any withdrawls. Well come to think of it I didn't play any games for the rest of week haha. Next Beta I'm taking the whole time off work, and locking myself away with the computer.
  6. You've linked the AsRock Extreme6, but I'm assuming your referring to the Sniper3. Well there's this Gigabyte board http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=19858 which also has that sound/wifi connector. Just depends if you want all the extra features like more sata3 slots, dual 16x pcie, memory overclocking, etc. I personally don't think it's worth spending that much for dual 16x slots, if your more interested in the audio and wifi component you'd be better off getting a cheaper mobo and better quality sound and wifi cards.
  7. 123abc


    I've got a G5 that's been going for around 5 years, I was thinking of upgrading but I really don't need to. This mouse hasn't skipped a beat ever. The only complaints I've got are that the middle and side clicks on the scroll wheel are not very good, and the mouse was packaged in a way that it made a massive kink in the chord near where it enters the mouse, and I had to cut the braid to free it.
  8. That's what I've read in reviews, the z68 extreme3 was like that too, I remember I built one up for a mate and thinking it was small, and the pcb is thin and flexy as well. I don't think it impacts too much, unless you want to mount xfire/sli and a nh-d14. It is definitely something to consider though. Hmm... Now I may go for the Ex 6, I do want something that will be able handle some RAM tweaking as well.
  9. 123abc

    To H2O or just O2

    I was planning on grabbing a loop as well, however so far ive read ivy bridge seems to hit a wall temp wise at 4.8 - 5.2 (depending on chip) that air or water can't overcome. Water would give better average temps but your max oc would be about the same on air, it depends on if you want to spend the extra money for the gain. Water becomes more appealing if you want silence as well as the performance and the satisfaction of your own loop. I know I've decided to skip wc for this year, as its not really needed for ivy bridge or the 6xx series gpus and dasa showed that water didn't affect his 7970 clock all.
  10. Yeah I really want to grab a 3570k, especially if I can get 4.6 on low volts. However I'm not sure if Intel is going to make a big revision to ivy or not, though I think current performance is a deliberate move. Actually I think I may grab one, as my mates want me to build them new systems later this year, and if they get good clockers I'll probably swap with them as they couldn't care less about ocing. Fallen what board are you getting? I'm thinking an Asrock extreme4, or maybe the 6, though the only difference I can see between them is an extra pcie 2 slot.
  11. 123abc

    What would you like to see a remake or sequel of?

    Black Tiger and the arcade version of Willow. I could never finish Black Tiger though, I only ever managed to get to the last boss with my dad. And maybe Descent as well, although according to wiki it's coming out on wii. lol.
  12. 123abc

    Show us your Rig

    That NZXT case looks nice. Seems white is starting to get more popular.
  13. 123abc

    Guild Wars2 Update

    I didn't play any pvp but both mates did, as a ranger and guardian, and went around 500-20 w/l, they were big gw1 players though. I thought the beta was pretty good, the buggiest things seemed to be with player interaction, like trying to send items to each other and randomly partying with my mates even though they weren't online. Balance wise seeing as I didn't play pvp I wouldn't really know. pve on the other hand felt really easy, I mean at lvl 3 I solod a mob with 3 lvl 3's, a lvl 4 and a lvl 5, using my mesmer. At lvl 18 my mates were playing through lvl 23 areas. I guess this is all low level though, and designed to introduce players to the mechanics of the game. Love the movement of the game, though it makes playing melee classes harder at first, I found playing mesmer much easier than theif. I'm hoping that using a sword on the mesmer will be viable in the future because it's so much fun. My only complaint other than fixable frame-rate issues is that I don't think there are enough skills in the game. Guild Wars 1 was all about having a huge library of skills and picking out a selection that worked. Guild Wars 2 feels a lot more rigid and less creative, and despite ArenaNet trying to prevent it, I can only see certain weapons being viable with each profession.
  14. 123abc

    Guild Wars2 Update

    Can't believe after all these years of waiting Guild Wars 2 is finally within reach. And yes the music is so freaking epic. Gah, so excited.
  15. 123abc

    the Corsair H100 is well worth the price.

    That's fair enough, as long as people are happy with their purchases that's really all that counts. I am getting a loop in the next few weeks, so maybe I'll come crying back to my hsf and wish I got an all-in-one :P