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  1. So, let's say hypothetically, you could spend near $10,000+ on a new PC setup and a monitor/screen/etc.. setup. Let's also assume you couldn't spend it on anything else, you couldn't save it or otherwise (ridiculous, but let's just get that line of discussion gone and done with). Now you've got with a high end mobo, CPU, Ram, SSDs of a decent size, raided, you've taken care of water cooling. Then comes the on-Topic questions. - Does AMD or Nvidia fair better with a triple display setup (for gaming, obviously, but if anything else comes to mind, throw it out there) - What do you say to a triple 27/30" PC Monitor setup versus a triple 55" TV setup (just assume said TVs have response times equivalent or unnoticeably different from monitors). What would you do? how would you do it? why would you do it? My situation and why I ask; I say this from the position of gaming on a 55" Samsung 8 series TV for the past 2 years, the response time is no different from a monitor to the eye or feel (I think it got gauged at 33ms by a UK tech website in gaming mode) and I have run into no issues running it through the 6990 I purchased at about the same time. On later note, as much as I comment on seeing a delay, I might have just been imagining it at the time. EDIT Holy damn guys. I just realised in that video that a issue I only later really caught onto was causing some delay in while I was demonstrating that Left 4 Dead input delay. What happens is the screen sometimes goes 1080i (evidenced by the black gap between the bezel and the on-screen image), which causes considerable delay, which is probably what I noticed while recording/re-watching. So even if you do notice some delay in that video, it's actually considerably nothing in comparison to even that. Anyhow. As you might guess, I am considering a new rig within the next 6-9 months, and considering a triple display setup, which means either a 27/30" set of screens which will cost me a pretty penny anyway, or 2 more 55" TVs (I will likely purchase refurbs for much cheaper than retail as i'm not overly concerned as I was with the purchase of this first TV.) Anyway, I thought I would put it up for discussion. Any people with actual experience with triple display setups and how they feel playing with them etc... I've personally just not understood triple display with smaller screens as to the limits of peripheral vision on smaller displays (what can you truly "see" out of peripherals, in a gaming sense, on smaller screens, where larger screens might actually grant greater utility while gaming, but hey, I don't know, please comment :) )
  2. gloric

    Too Much Money - Display Discussion

    That's one thing I was considering from benchmarks I saw. 2560x setups only barely come across as playable on a Titan or similar, ona single display, and at that point, I would probably play at 1080p, which makes me think "is there any major difference that makes it worth going 30" or smaller, over 55" TVs?", but alas that's why i'm asking for any with in the know =) Pixel density has never really bothered me. I don't sit right in front of my TV, i'm a good screen length and a half away. I used to be heavily biased towards 16:10 screens (ie. I would not go 16:9), but after making the switch I am quite comfortable with them. Can you elaborate on why 16:10 is needed?
  3. gloric

    TVs as Monitors

    So soon enough i'm investing in a new PC, along with that said new PC i'm going for a good sound system and 40-46" TV to double up as a media centre. What i'm here to enquire about (was directed by a friend) is whether or not there are huge quality hooking a 46" (i'm talking one of those series 6-8 Samsung models) as a display, for gaming, movie playback, etc.., through a computer. Mainly looking for experience and detailed knowledge on the subject as i've learned as much as I possibly can from the many, many, MANY people who speculate on quality loss/etc.. but have never seen it or do not know anything about it. I would go for a 40" Monitor that was capable of 1920/1200 if I could, but thems the brakes I guess. Thanks. PS. i'm looking at one of those 200hz Samsung series 6-7 TVs with that whole clear motion tech deal, not sure if that matter.
  4. gloric

    TVs as Monitors

    Uploaded a video recording of the mouse and TV to show any delay their might be from mouse to screen, I notice very little when I watch the recording, not even sure if it's delay or the fact that early in the clip the mouse is on low sensitivity and takes some time to kick in when it senses movement at that low sensitivity. Either way, feel free to watch.
  5. gloric

    TVs as Monitors

    Ok, so I thought i'd come back and serve the community some news. Whether you beleive it, like it, think it's good, bad, whatever, i'll leave that up to you. But I just bought the UA55D8000 Samsung TV about a week ago, been testing it in various ways on my PC, consoles and otherwise. This thing is amazingly good. Despite reading up on it having a 33ms input delay in Game Mode, and many people saying that is very high for gaming. I do not notice the input delay on any games i've played so far. I've tried a good handful of games on the PC, Blops, BC2, Starcraft 2, Mass Effect 1+2, and a few other games here and there, and can thoroughly say I notice nothing, neither in single or multiplayer. I've also tried a few console games including WipeOut HD Fury (including 3D mode to test out the glasses), Alan Wake, Infamous and one or two others. It makes no difference if I run it directly through the display port (6990) to the TV or if I have it go Display Port > Auzentech Hometheatre HD Card > Amp > TV. There is no noticable input delay in Game Mode. I am very pleased with the outcome of this. And just to note, I notice no ghosting either. This is a truly spectacular TV in every respect. Well worth the dosh if you are willing and only held back by concerns about it's performance in gaming and such.
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    TVs as Monitors

    Roger that. I was just refering to the post about post about plasma and less lag, I took that as there being some noticable lag on a LED TV. Was just curious =)
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    TVs as Monitors

    So am I to understand from those couple of posts that TVs don't get the response time that monitors do? As in I will feel, if i'm one of those people who has a keen sense of these things, a difference in movement of my mouse/keyboard strokes and reactions on the screen? I do a lot of fast paced gaming and as much as I understand that monitors are built for such things, I am asking about TVs because I genuinely have no idea. I know no-one who has a TV for a monitor currently, only one friend who is more artsy than fast paced gamer and his opinion of his 6 year old 46" is that it "looked good".
  8. gloric

    TVs as Monitors

    I have to ask too, if there is anyone who has tried this with a 40-55" TV, is the image quality "lower" or simply the same as a monitor? I've read that a PC peripheral only transmits at a certain Hz rate and thus limits what level of image can be transmitted from the PC to the TV, but does it actually become worse than a standard 24-27" monitor or the same, on a higher scale?