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  1. raistlin

    Tomb Raider Release Date Broken.

    Tomb Raiders Release Date has been broken. No idea who broke it but yippy.
  2. raistlin

    Australian Gamers Community

    I dont know whats wrong on your PC, but everyone else says it scrolls fine. Not running poorly for me or others already in the community. As for using a free service, its not a free service. Guildlaunch is a template site but you have to pay to get full features and no adds. I will eventually pay for hosting and design a full site with Dreamweaver but for now this will do.
  3. raistlin

    Australian Gamers Community

    Getting a few more members. More welcome.
  4. raistlin

    Australian Gamers Community

    Nope dont think so. Raistlin is a very popular ID.
  5. raistlin

    Australian Gamers Community

    Thats the plan... I am advertising on a few forums, just hard to find australian forums that allow advertising. Had a post deleted off Whirlpool forums last night lol. I have run Clans/Guilds in the past 7 years (WoW, SWTOR, BF3). I wanted to expland to cover more then 1 game. Will be getting a few servers up and running after I finish my new PC. Hopefully we grow enough to start doing tournaments. Teamspeak has 50 slots for now but I will upgrade that too when needed.
  6. raistlin

    Australian Gamers Community

    Im sure there will be many who are into racing games, I dont have a Xbox (yet but will soon). I love Gran Turismo on PS3. Will be adding Forza to forums and games list. Its a new site, up and running on the 1/2/13 So far theres 5 people, waiting on a few to get back from overseas holidays and theres a few more yet to come back on teamspeak. Have around 10 people who come on teamspeak constantly. Yeah the forums are a bit empty at the moment, Im doing a bit of work on them each day. Will be adding game discriptions tonight.
  7. raistlin

    Australian Gamers Community

    Australian Gamers Community (AGC) is looking for more members to join our communitty. www.AustralianGamersCommunity.com Are you living in Australia? Do you love playing Games on PC/PS3/XBox? Are you looking for others to talk to about the games you play? Are you looking for other players Gamer ID/Tags, so you can play Co-op or Multiplayer with them? Our aim is to provide a place where Australian gamers can socialise as well as discuss and enjoy games together. Plus help make it easyer to find other player(s) to play a game in Co-op or Multiplayer. We are looking for members who like talking with others and want to contribute. What we provide: Teamspeak 3 - For communication Forums - A place to post news/info/guides/hints/tips for games. Calander - letting you know of any Game Release dates and special events. Gamer ID/Tags List - Covering Origin, PSN, Steam, uPlay, Xbox Live. Sorted by a players name or by each game on each platform. And More.
  8. raistlin

    EA/Origin screwing over Gamers

    Yes and thats a shame. People use to make games for the game, now its all about making money and getting every bit of money they can. I dont want to host my own servers, just pointing out that they are skimping on servers and getting us to pay for servers with 3rd party hosting and making even more profit off it. Yes steam is the same, I agree. My problem is the digital download being a bad way to have a limited copy of the game. I like to own my games and be able to play them forever.
  9. raistlin

    EA/Origin screwing over Gamers

    EA only cares about Money full stop. Example: They get players to pay to have a 3rd party host their BF3 Servers and EA makes money off it, not to mention barely having any EA run servers. As for pushing their Origin platform. Origin sucks. Also take a look whats going to happen down the line... You purchase a digital copy of a game and a few years down the track EA decides to stop doing support for said game. You paid money but cant download or play it any more. I just wish it would go back to how it was. I buy a game, I get the whole game with everything included. Now I buy a game and only get parts of it and then have to buy it part by part via DLC. Everyone isnt getting the same game any more.
  10. raistlin

    EA/Origin screwing over Gamers

    Ok im getting fed up with EA now... Seems EA is going out of its way to stuff us gamers around. Everything is going online only and with strong multiplayer themes with tons of DLC. Even Simcity is now Online Only and because of this the size of the citys are tiny (I played beta) Second its the Collectors Editions of games having less bonuses then the Origin preorders. I refuse to buy a digital download copy. I prefer to buy Collectors editions but now im getting less... I want everything in the game and I want a physical retail package. Cases in point: Simcity (Origin/Digital Deluxe) Mystery Item Heroes and Villians Set British City Set French City Set German City Set Simcity (Collectors Ed) Mystery Item Heroes and Villians Set British City Set Crysis 3 (Origin/Digital Deluxe) Crysis 1 Crysis 2 Maximum Ed Crysis 3 Base Game Crysis 3 Soundtrack Day one Gauss Rifle Unlock and Skin Day one Explosive Arrow Unlock Exclusive Scar Skin Hunter Edition Bonus Content Overkill pack Crysis 3 (Hunters Ed Store) Crysis 1 Crysis 3 Base Game Hunter Edition Bonus Content Overkill pack Overkill pack
  11. raistlin

    Windows 8 and New OEM rules.

    Seems the OEM rules have changed, and you can now buy Windows 32/64bit OEM version without buying hardware or being distributed with already-constructed PCs sold from specialist PC retailers.. So now instead of a Windows 8 Retail pack anyone can buy a OEM pack. "PC World has been told by several computer retailers that it is possible to buy the Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 32- and 64-bit OEM DVDs alone, without purchasing any additional hardware. Microsoft’s OEM rules have also changed to accommodate anyone building a PC from scratch in their home (not just huge Original Equipment Manufacturers like Samsung, Acer, Asus, or professional Delivery Service Partners like computer stores), and anyone intending to use the software on an existing machine, as long as they’re intending to use Windows 8 in a virtual machine." "OEM Windows products have existed for several years, and were only meant to be distributed with already-constructed PCs sold from specialist PC retailers. However, these rules were not strictly enforced and many retailers sold OEM copies of Windows XP, Vista and 7 to any consumer who was also buying another piece of computer hardware — like a DVD drive, graphics card or motherboard." "Despite Microsoft’s vague hinting to the contrary, it is actually possible to buy a copy of Windows 8 that you can install on a PC doesn’t already have Windows 7/Vista/XP on it." "Specialist PC retailers like TechBuy, EYO, Scorpion Technology, and PC Case Gear are all offering Windows 8 ‘OEM’ products in their online stores as of today. TechBuy has 32- and 64-bit versions of the basic Windows 8 and enthusiast-grade Windows 8 Pro in its online store, priced around $120 for the basic and $170 for the Pro software. According to price aggregator StaticIce, prices average between $90 and $120 for a standard copy of Windows 8 and between $150 and $170 for Windows 8 Pro." http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/article/4401...y_full_version/
  12. raistlin

    Project Green Dragon

    Ok its time to finish off this project now. Had to put it on the backburner for a while due to money problems. Will be buying the remaining parts over the next 2 months.
  13. raistlin

    SW:TOR - Backlash

    News on SW:TOR A lot of players are upset over the server mergers that happened on 18 Sept. New merged servers equals more players on each server + you can now have 12 chars per account on the new servers. = good. but due to the merge, players are losing their characters names and having to rename chars even if they had them from launch day and it seems random as to who gets renamed. = bad Also Guild names have been afected too. So if a guild was moved from a server that was deleted it earns - [guildname] @ [old server name] The SWTOR forums are full of upset players. The Asia Pacific Ocianic servers have not merged, nor have we been given 12 slots..... Even so I am still playing and enjoying the game, cant wait for the 1.4 patch.
  14. raistlin

    The Avengers movie

    The Hulk stole the show IMO and I expected more from Ironman.... mainly weapons and power. The Hulk punching Thor from the side, kicking Loki's butt (puni god lol) and roaring Ironman back awake were all a good laugh.
  15. I cant wait for the Ivy bridge 2011 chips.... hurry up intel....