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  1. Ezkaton

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Just completed the ARMA 3 campaign this afternoon. Also playing Insurgency, which is curing my online play itch at the moment. Onto the last mission on Thief which I might go complete now, and then get stuck into South Park: The Stick Of Truth. Started a game but wanted to get ARMA and Thief out of the way before getting too far into it. :)
  2. Ezkaton

    Carmageddon: Reincarnation

    Also: Carmageddon: Reincarnation will be available on Steam Early Access from 27th March, priced £20/€25/$30.
  3. Ezkaton

    Best video games for while watching tv?

    If it's that uninteresting you're feeling the need to be stimulated by other means, why even watch TV in the first place...?
  4. Yeah I might get the same model drive on the 15th, depending on funds. MSY still sell them, as do PC Case Gear... Western Digital 3TB - WD30EZRX. So I should still be okay.
  5. Ezkaton

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    How much did the solar panels set you back?
  6. At any rate, I can't afford 1k+ for data retrieval right now anyway. I was gonna try buying the same drive and swapping the boards just to see if it works... But I really don't want another WD Green right now so I bought a Seagate 7200rpm 3TB drive, and I'll sort out my other one when I've got a bit more money to play with.
  7. I might just get a new drive to get back up and running (not a WD Green this time...), and just look at my options for data retrieval later down the track. I don't trust anyone enough to play with my drive. Too much personal stuff and people are dicks. I've seen so many posts from people who work with computers that share things they come across on client drives.
  8. I've tested another cable and port, that didn't work... I don't know what a USB dock is. I don't think I'm willing to spend 1k+ on data retrieval... that price is just absurd. I have a lot of personal stuff on there and don't really want some data retrieval dude going through it all... If I was to give up on it, and RMA the drive, will the drive be destroyed, or what? Lots of stuff that I don't want in the wrong hands. :/ I also noticed, now that the drive no longer appears anywhere, in my disk management and device manager under disk drives I have this USB mass storage thing listed. I don't have a USB mass storage device connected... is it possible the board is no longer functioning correctly and the PC thinks it's something it's not?
  9. Howdy. I tried looking for a similar thread, but all that black and green was getting to me after 4-5 pages. Anyway, today I got home to find my 3TB WD drive (WD30EZRX) was missing from My Computer, Disk Management... and finally, BIOS. After doing some research I noticed a lot of people complaining about this particular drive, and some also said cutting the power and whatnot can kill the board on the drive. Recently, this game 'Insurgency' has been freezing my PC right after clicking 'Play Now', and as such I am forced to reset. I don't know if this has caused my drive to go bye bye or not, but it's likely, as that's the only thing that's happened to my PC that resembles what others have been saying. It's likely this happened last night and I just didn't notice until now. So um, I have heard that buying an identical model drive and swapping over the circuit boards on them can salvage the drive (if it's just the board that's dead). Does anyone here have any info or personal experiences with this procedure? This drive contains around 100gb of music, all my torrents (I'll likely get banned for H&R now...), and a lot of personal, and irreplaceable files from various PC upgrades and formats over the last 8 or so years. Aaaand as such, I do not want to/cannot lose this stuff! This drive is less than 6 months old, so I can get an RMA/warranty replacement... but then I lose all my data in the process. Any help appreciated! My local MSY still have these drives in stock, so I can easily obtain another if need be.
  10. Ezkaton

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I don't know if they make them for the Note 3, but I got an incredible case for my Nexus 5... it practically feels solid enough to be confident in throwing your phone at the wall (as long as the screen itself doesn't connect, haha). Spigen SlimArmor. EDIT: Turns out they do make them. They're expensive, but you get what you pay for I guess. :) http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_odkw=sp...+3&_sacat=0
  11. Ezkaton

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    My studio monitor headphones arrived today. :) Audio Technica ATH-M50s
  12. Ezkaton


    Been getting back into this a little lately. Definitely improved over the release version! But still, I always feel like the city is forever demanding stuff I can't afford, and the lots are still way too small. It's annoying having to make small, specialized cities (more like towns, amirite?) that need to be constantly redeveloped... rather than one do-it-all city.
  13. Was about 2 years between our last and the current mob. Her departure hurt. Yeah, I probably would have waited longer... but I get by emotional distress pretty quickly.Plus it just sucks having no cat(s) in the house! She does it on occasion, especially if she is waiting for you. They are a damn smart breed though, especially compared to the Ragdoll. Then again, Ragdolls aren't known for their grey matter :) I do like the 'chattering' the Maine Coon does when she is watching birds, and her meow is more of a chirp. Oh, sorry... she looks more boyish in your pic!My Maine Coon is much more alert and curious than the Ragdoll, that's for sure! Our Ragdoll is very clumsy in comparison. Coon is only just starting to meow a bit more now... he's only encountered birds once or twice so far. My last kitty was a chirper, he was very smart too. Only a domestic black long hair though. He'd talk to me via chirping, it was quite cool. I talk to my kitties like they're humans, I don't know if that makes any difference to how they react to you or not. :)
  14. Do it! The 5-6 months between my cat dying and getting my new kitty was horrible. ;( House felt so empty.
  15. Mac Dude, does your Maine Coon often tilt his head sideways when he looks at you? I noticed his head is tilted in your photo. My boy does it a lot, and I'm trying to work out if it's just him (first cat I've had that does it), or if it's loosely a 'breed trait'.