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    3d or not 3d

    thanks bro i appreciate it. Im from Cooparoo in Brisbane, yeh cool thing about the samsung monitor is that it has an onboard cpu already built into it which controls the 2d to 3d conversion,so its not using nvidia 3d vision, so i does not affect performance at all. its basically a 27inch version of there 3dtv's with the added gimic of having an app store program already on the monitor which is a cool feature, not that id ever use it. other than that i am planning on getting a second 6970 next week aswell so performance should be ok regardless.
  2. jord

    3d or not 3d

    yeah i remember when they had that, was at there original store in milton befor the floods.
  3. jord

    3d or not 3d

    haha nah moneys not a problem im looking at spending about 600 max. but im at a stump, i figured i should find a place that has a 3d monitor on display that i can test, i wonder if umart will let me try one before i buy, which i highly dought considering most of the staff there are cold hearted anti-socials. but who knows. does anyone on these forums own a 3d monitor that could tell me what the expireince is like because its hard to go by reveiws because there are so many mixed opinions.
  4. jord

    3d or not 3d

    hey guys, im looking at getting a 3d monitor next week, yet im stumped as to whether i should get a $500 plus 3d monitor at which im looking at getting the Samsung S27A950 27inch yet my only problem is that i already have a 24 inch lg w2486l monitor so point being is that i dont know weather to just get 2 more monitors of the same model and just do eyefinity and scratch the 3d option or just get the 3d monitor. i would do eyefinity with the 3d monitor but its 27 inch so its not really a possibility unluss i get the 23 in version and even then i have read reviews that say 3d gaming on 23 inch monitors isnt very good as the screen isnt big enough to really give the full 3d experience. so i was just wanting to know 1. is it worth going 3d and what size is good for 3d or 2. going with 3 monitors in eyefinity?
  5. jord

    why i cant sell without 128 posts

    fair enough guys, well i guess ill just have to get posting then. cheers for the insight tho.
  6. Hey guys sorry for trying to sell my 6870. No disrespect intended but i don't really see why i cant sell my winnings, I know i have to have 128 posts but seriously by the time i have that many posts the card will be worth nothing. so i don't see what it is that i am doing wrong as i am telling the truth and have supplied evidence that the card is in fact mine via winning the revolver competition. Also not to mention i have just posted for anyone interested to email me so the matter of someone buying the product off me via email takes the responsibility off the atomic forums website. its like me talking to someone on facebook and asking if they wanted to buy something off me and just for them to email me, it really comes down to the person interested and myself, nobody else. Now i read the FAQ and i don't see anywhere as to why you have to have 128 posts, the only thing i saw was that atomic don't want to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong, now i can understand that but like i said, once someone emails me that they are interested in buying my product, then automatically we are no longer dealing with the forum but just the individual and myself. As i said, no disrespect is intended, i just want to know why this is and how i can get around it because at the end of the day i'm just another computer enthusiast like all of you and would rather sell my winnings to people i know will understand and appreciate the product that i am trying to sell plus not to mention $185 is cheap as for a 6870. I just don't need it. and would rather not go through all the fuss off ebay as i just want to get rid of it quickly
  7. Hi dude,

    In case you aren't aware, selling things outside Trademart is not on.


    So your for sale thread was removed.



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  8. jord

    PSU or CPU

    haha thanks everyone for the sugggestions, ill deffs try some out and see, in turms of dust it aint gonna happen my system is clean as can be, im a bit of a perfectionist, i clean ot my entire system at least 1s every month. its a bit of a daunting task but i love my system so its a win win situation haha. take a look. http://www.maxishine.com.au/index.php?opti...0&Itemid=63
  9. jord

    PSU or CPU

    hmm thats true, would you advise reinstalling my OS or replacing the cpu and then reinstalling?
  10. Hi guys. My name is Jordan, iv been building and overclocking for years now but just recently i came across an issue that has confused me quite a bit, basically the other day i woke up and my pc was running a muck, i dont know whether its the cpu or the PSU that needs replacing, my CPU is the AMD Phenom II 545 the stock setting was 3ghz which i was able to get up to 3.7 and then just recently 3.9 which i was running at 1.5V which is alot. Basicly my intention for running it this high was to get as much use out of it till the release of the bulldozer prossesors. I am running a full liquid cooled system with a 360mm radiator, my video card is the 6970 and the motherboard is the MSI 790FX-GD70, Up until now the system had been running nicely. Now every time i go to run a game the pc reboots itself after the intro scenes, Now i know that your all thinking OH it must be the PSU and that it hasnt got enough power to run the 6970, That said i am in fact running a 1000w PSU, its the 1000w antec true power Quatro. so i dont see why it would be the power supply especially as the system still functions. The other problem i noticed which is the reason i beleive the cpu is to blame is the fact that when all this started happening the system kept freezing and then blue screening, so i uped the voltage to see if this would change anything but infact remained doing the same thing so basically the system would not boot the OS it would just blue screen and reboot, so i deside to set the cpu back to its stock frequency of 3 ghz (3000mhz), success the system booted, yet i could still not play games or watch movies without it rebooting, iv run a whole heap of stress test to find out what was going on, i uses occt and tryed putting maximum load on the psu for 2 hours, the system remaind stable, then i did a test on the cpu and the system remaind stable, altho one of the results said that there was an error with core 1, so im quiet certain its the cpu, the last test i ran was threw 3dmark 11 which loaded and then once the scenes were about to start, the system would reboot. So im certain that the cpu is the culprate but i just want to know what you all think. becaus at the end of the day i dont want to buy a new cpu to find out that it is the psu. CPU- AMD Phenom II 545 MB - MSI 790FX-GD70 RAM- Mach Xtreme armour x 4g 2300mhz VIDCARD- HD 6970 PSU- 1000w antec true power quatro