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  1. vancejones88

    The Humble Voxatron Debut

    Just thought id inform you all that there is another bundle out today. Humble Voxatron Debut
  2. vancejones88

    Help with bash script to register dlls

    Actually i got it working now. This is my code now dir /b *.dll > dll_templist.txt for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%A in (dell_templist.txt) DO regsvr32 %%A del dll_templist.txt Pseudocode Creates list of all dll files in folder reads list and each one runs regsvr32 command on the line and keeps doing it till end of list removes temp files
  3. vancejones88

    Help with bash script to register dlls

    yea sorry i was getting the two words mixed up that afternoon. so batch is the correct word. So if you can change the title for me that would be good.
  4. Hey guys, I would like some help with this little problem. Long story short at work i have to register dlls alot when setting up systems and today thought i might test myself by writing a little script to do it for me. But after a couple of hours i thought i should ask for help. So its really straight forward and im sure i'v probably missed one or two things. What i want is a batch script that i can just put it into the folder with all the dlls than double click on it and it will register all the dlls. I'v got this so far: dir /b *.dll > dll.txt :LOOPSTART regsvr32 < "type dll.txt" rename dll.txt dll2.txt for /f "skip=1 tokens=*" %%A in (dll.txt) >> dll.txt goto LOOPSTART Pseudocode - What i want it to do get a list of dll files and put them in a txt file start of loop register the first dll in the txt file remove first line of txt file (dll that was registered) go to start of loop but if eof than end script I'm pretty sure my code is 90% wrong as i haven't programed in a while so im a bit rusty and the method mentioned in the pseudocode is the only method i could think of but if you guys can think of a better way then go for it. Any help would be awesome. Thanks
  5. vancejones88

    Humble Bundle Frozen Synapse

    bought mine this morning. Bit disappointed i missed the first couple of bundles but i know about it now so i doubt ill miss any more
  6. vancejones88

    Post your celebrity encounters!

    seen alot of clebs in person (sports games, concerts, accidentally walked past them and then realized who it was a couple minutes later) but off the top of my head can't say iv met anyone personally. Dad has met a few of the retired cricket players cause he does a lot of work for junior cricket and i'v got a few friends who are getting famous.
  7. vancejones88

    The Matrix Revolutions

    yea i agree that if they were to do any more matrix movies it has to be a prequel. Probably the story of just after the machines created the matrix and ending just before the original matrix starts
  8. vancejones88

    The Matrix Revolutions

    They are planning more matrix sequels? Edit: damn too slow
  9. vancejones88

    And What Are You Listening To?

    The humming sound of my work computer, keyboard keys and mouse clicks
  10. vancejones88

    [Vita...kinda] Anyone interested in getting this at launch?

    Was thinking about it than looked at the games it offered and none really interest me.
  11. vancejones88

    gotye tonight

    Was thinking of buying a ticket to a brisbane show but by the time i decided to it was too late. Oh well im sure he will have other tours
  12. vancejones88

    The Matrix Revolutions

    Yea the animatrix explains alot about the world of the film.
  13. vancejones88

    The Matrix Revolutions

    Well i found this "So the sky was scorched with radioactive nuclear waste combined with nanomachines that put a black blanket between the sun and the surface of the Earth, absorbing all of the sun's rays and causing eternal electromagnetic storms that would prevent the machines from passing through the dark turbulent layer. Thus the machines would be unable to launch satellites or build tall towers in order to gather solar energy. But the robots anticipated such a move and stored great quantities of their power, enabling them to fight under blackened skies. With no sunlight, humans ran out of food faster than the robots ran out of their stored energy. While the lack of solar power would eventually force the machines to pursue other energy sources, Operation Dark Storm failed to turn the tide in the humans' favour. " Source: http://matrix.wikia.com/wiki/Real_World To me that makes sense
  14. vancejones88

    The Matrix Revolutions

    I think im lost. What part of the movie are you debating cause it seems like you guys are all over the place
  15. vancejones88

    The games that made you

    Sonic 2 and Mario 64. I played so many hours on both games.