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    Green room turning into /b?

    Haven't been on Atomic for about 5 years. Just checking out the green room. Ha! Awesome. Used to be filled with semi-intelligent individuals posting unintelligent stuff - but now it just looks like 4chan's /b. Keep up the good work.
  2. gorillah

    Shared Folder Encryption

    Thanks for the suggestion guys. Keeping AD file permissions is not an option, this is already set up. We need encryption for regulatory reasons, but it is only with a small bunch of users/departments. No one has any experience??
  3. Hi guys, Sitting in a Windows AD environment with a shared file server. There is currently no encryption solutions in place. We have a requirement for a couple of specific departments to encrypt their shared directories. (lets say Finance, and Accounting). We want to keep the current file structure where department folders are on a Windows file server and shared out to the users with group policy and AD access controls. Does anyone recommend an encryption solution which we could encrypt JUST these particular folders on the server - and it be transparent to the users? We do not want to encrypt the entire file system - just a few folders, and users in that AD group can access these encrypted folders. (If not, we can go for a client based solution - but again I am still unsure of what solution would work) There are only a few users in each department. So was looking at a free option being TrueCrypt, but i heard it gets messy trying to mount these drives in a shared manner. I had a look at PGP netshare - this looks OK, but has a price tag. Same as Securstar ShareCrypt (<- This one actually looks like it would serve the purpose, but my trial download will not register). Does anyone have any recommendations? I also looked at Windows EFS, which would be free - but it looked too flaky to use in the manner we want. I'm hoping somebody out there has set up something similar and can give me any experiences or recommendations. I know enough about encryption and the different solutions available - but never had to try and implement in a shared folder environment. Cost also isn't an option but obviously have a priority from free - up to - expensive. Cheers guys.