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  1. Thanks guys! Yeah was a little worried that I'd have to drain it and install it the 'proper way'. But if there isn't going to be any damage or very distinctive temperature decreases by changing the flow, I think I'll just leave it :) I'll try get some pictures up for you guys by tomorrow:)
  2. Okay good. because I kinda made a mistake, even after being told which is the correct configuration for my pump. I guess I overlooked your reply to the inlet/output and assumed instead! :| But I agree, it reaches a maximum temperature and stays there it won't make a difference. Although, if this is the case why does my CPU block say 'IN'.. does it matter? This is my current configuration - : Radiator OUT to CPU, CPU OUT to RES, RES OUT to PUMP (it's a all in one so can't change this) and finally pump out to Raditator. Do you think this configuration is fine? Temperature wise it's doing great. Pumps quiet, everything is running smoothly. And god I love this Bitspower water flow indicator haha. Already have a stable OC of 4.6 on an a FX8120! Stock is 3.1-3.4 turbo.
  3. Awesome thank-you so much for your help! It's all in and working now, CPU is on 25degrees at stock clock. Pretty good. :D Say, I installed it the other way. Does it really matter if the radiator goes into the output of the cpu block?? All I could imagine is the res and pump getting slightly hotter water?
  4. Awesome thank-you so much for your help!
  5. I didn't get a manual with my pump. Only for the CPU block.
  6. EVERYONE I'm doing my water cooling loop now. Being the noob I am, I have no idea WHICH is the PUMP output and the input of the D5 PUMP DUAL RES. Can someone quickly confirm if it's the top or the bottom? I think the top is the input for "just cooled radiator coolant" and the bottom is the direct pump output. But that's my guess. ANY IDEAS???? http://www.google.com.au/imgres?um=1&h...29,r:6,s:0,i:92 ^ Picture Link.
  7. Yeah I'll do exactly that. :) Guess I'm sticking with 7/16 tubing and fittings since that's what came in the kit and I just ordered 6 more compression fittings. Also just ordered a Bitspower water flow indicator!! Why? Because I think watching a little ball bearing fan spin as water rushes through is cool to watch ahah And yeah a Koolance Drain plug. Just to make it a little easier to drain my system. Already dreading the day when I have to do that haha. Now some more waiting :(
  8. Okay, awesome cheers for the advice :) Might have to make another stop at PCCG then! Then again I do have clear tubing and coolant.. may as well just use it now I guess and then when I decide to clean - I'll just swap the the tubing over to the UV tubing and then just use distilled water and that utopia stuff. I literally thought that the 'coolant' had some ingreadiants/properties which improve the water cooling temprature and keeps it cooler like automotive coolant.. I guess computers don't need it to that extreme though. That's kinda the main reason I went with the coolant as well. I guess it's kinda pointless buying it then if it isn't for the premix convinience. Also, I was browsing alot of cool water cooling accessories (my, there is quite alot), would it be worth it if I made a 'drain line' and had it coming straight out the back of the case through a PCI slot? With like a shut-off/release valve out the top to allow it out when it's cleaning time? Now I want to get a water flow indicator too just for the looks.. and a temperature sensor (this screws into the extra hole on the reservoir on the back correct? (I think mine has 4 holes 3 + 1 draing plug) ahh so much stuff. So much money. I guess I just got myself into another costly hobby haha. What about those quick release connectors that don't leak? Two of those would make it so much easier when it comes to cleaning time, does it obstruct the flow much? Pretty neat little accessories.. also like that air release valve for built up pressure. Cool!
  9. eeek I was excited for a uv lookin' machine. Are you talking about EK's coolant specifically or just any UV coolant or any dyed coolant? Not sure I wanna do the research haha.. don't wanna find out that I bought the UV lights and UV coolant for nothing. Especially how I have clear tubing too. I assumed since many water cooling companies make the parts so I thought the coolant would be okay to use within their systems too. : \ :( irrelevant edit; i just looked through the forum navigation a few times.. where the hell do people post pics of their builds/setups/rigs etc?
  10. It's official, I bought the XSPC RayStorm D5 RX360 kit from PCCG. Picked it up today along with the EK UV lime green pre-mixed coolant. (and some UV lights) One litre should be adequate yeah? So let's hope the radiator fits! (apparently it does) I did some research before buying it and apparently it's a great kit like you have said. I think just for the time being it will be solely a CPU loop and then I'll go from there, expensive kit! But it's awesome to just buy one thing rather then several and trying to mix and match. At least this way I'll know it'll all work in harmony lol Is there a problem with draining the coolant then recycling it through the system? Pretty exciting, can't wait to start installing and then I'll post pix when it's complete!
  11. Thanks so much for your help! If I were to go with full waterblocks for my 6970, will this system still be adequate? Do I need full water blocks? I have a Sapphire. I don't actually have 2x 6970s at the moment, but want the system to cater for it as I will probably be upgrading to two soon. If I can at least see distinctive temprature results and am able to overclock further then currently, well that's all I'm really after. Mainly, it's just for the look & feel factor.. and the fun of building and designing it :) What about push/pull, does that actually make a difference?
  12. Pretty much, novice at water cooling. Had to RMA H80 three times because of issues. Don't like the Kuhler 920. Time to water cool properly! So, I'd mainly like to know whether I should just get an all-in-one kit or choose parts separately. Apparently a 360 RAD will fit perfectly in my case -also wondering whether it is worth going with push/pull instead of just pull or push. Mainly the other question is what pump should I be looking for as a minimum, I'm looking to cool my CPU and 2 6970's. I think that is the extent to what I'll cool with water cooling. Also, I'd like one of those dual reservoirs/pump fittings whether if it comes together or you have to buy it separately.. I want it to fit snuggly in my drive bays! So yeah, probably looking to buy a kit off PCCG but wondering if a kit will be adequate to cool a CPU and Two graphics cards, with only one 360 Rad. My aim overlocking-wise is to get somewhere around <5. Bear in mind I do have an FX8120. So what I'd like may not be possible. But around 4.5 would be cool. Also obviously overclock my graphics slightly too. So yeah, suggestions please and advice.. I am no guru like you guys :) Thanks!
  13. I have put a deposit down on the crosshair. Eh, compared to intel high-end motherboards $299 doesn't seem all that bad. I'm definetely getting a watercooling kit for it so I wanted something to which could handle good, stable overclocking. I've heard nothing bad about the crosshairs, only good things. And after researching extensively on it, I couldn't fault it myself. Same with the UD5/7. I think regardless of which motherboard I went with I would of been pleased and had no regrets. The main reasons for choosing ASUS is that 1) I currently own one, and have loved every bit of it and 2) It has that little bit more room for tweaking as compared to the UD's and 3) I really like the UEFI and ROG features. Oh and a major factor too, is that I love the red & black. As it will match my case & case lighting etc. Also, http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=17522 Thoughts?
  14. First post, glad to be a part of these forums now! Anyway, straight into it! Ahah. I'm currently in the process of upgrading my system and I'm looking for an AM3+ compatible motherboard. I'd like a motherboard for overclocking the soon to be released bulldozer 8 core cpus, so I want something which is strong & capable for that. So currently, I'm looking between the four major manufacturers being: MSI 990FX GD80 ASUS Crosshair V Formula ASRock 990FX Pro Gigabyte 990FX UD7 I was more leaning against the gigabyte for the cheaper price but I'm not too sure about the OCing capabilities, esspecially how it has less power connectors compared to the ASUS. Also, if I did go down the ASUS path would it be worth it to pay extra for the package with the thunderbolt audio/lan card included? Or is that just a waste? Also, apart from the motherboards, I'm interested in what RAM to go with alongside it. Probably 8 or 16gb. I haven't really researched much about the RAM so it would be great if you could give me some suggestions in what you think would be the most suitable. I'd like dual channel in excess of 1600mhz, something which will also be able to OC with the CPU. Anybody had experience with any of the above? Criticism? Feel free to correct me so in the end I make the right choice, regrets free! Thanks so much :)