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  1. justin105

    Gigabyte H97N-WIFi

    Sorry guys using Windows 7 64 bit ultimate.
  2. justin105

    Gigabyte H97N-WIFi

    I should of also mentioned everything I've tried. I've also taken everything off the motherboard. Had just my hard drive with OS installed and had the mobo sitting on a box with a 8 gb memory. Only had the Hdd as a sata connection and power to mobo. That's all I had plugged in really. So to reiterate what I said before about taking the graphics card out and running it straight from motherboards onboard graphics. Yes I have tried this. So bizzar. Really lost on this one. Two mobos same brand and model. Got no idea. Unless there is an issue with the make of gigabyte mobo then there isn't anything else that could be wrong. I will try take out my hard drive as this is something I havnt tried. So Master_Scythe you are right about graphics is loading. Fine. It's taking input from DEL key because of I don't press anything. OS will load fine. And computer will run smoothly. Just accessing bios is the issue.
  3. justin105

    Gigabyte H97N-WIFi

    It is usb. I have tried ps2 but computer doesn't recognise it. I think that is something you have to activate in bios. I have tried all delete buttons and everything else. The main screen comes up with logo of gigabyte saying press del for bios. Very strange. First time this has ever happened.
  4. justin105

    Gigabyte H97N-WIFi

    Ok. I get back home on Sunday. But I have always had it plugged into my 6970 card. I'll try onboard one. I have tried onboard one but have always had the 6970 plugged in still. I'll try disconnect 6970 and just go with onboard graphics. OS works fine no issues runs somoothly. But just getting into Bios is the issue.
  5. I just got H97N-WIFI mobo for my mini atx machine. I'm having an issue getting into Bios. I originally had one board which was doing the same thing. Me thinking it was an issue with the mobo took it back and they gave me a new one. The new one still does same tthing. I have tried reflashing bios With new firmware still no luck. The problem I'm facing is that when pressing or holding down delete through post it goes to a screen that's just black with a mouse cursor. Have tried everything from taking put cmos battery, shorting clr cmos prongs. Also taken out memory and reseating cpu. Does anyone have any ideas? Or faced this problem. Please let me know.
  6. justin105

    Justin's Photos

    Thanks for your comment and kind words
  7. justin105

    Justin's Photos

    Some more shots I have taken. Also some of Vivid Sydney and Sydney City in general
  8. justin105

    Justin's Photos

    Hey Everyone, Im back havnt been on here for a very long time, my last post was in January... I have been trying to part time to get out and take more shots. i recently purchased a Macro Lens and not to sure if I mentioned the 50mm prime I also purchased. Both FANTASTIC Lenses. Just waiting for those flowers to bloom Bee's to come out and all kind of other bugs and insects. The macro Lens I purchased was the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm F2.8G IF-ED. This is a fantastic lens. Really happy with the build quality and also the outstanding image quality. Cant fault it 1 bit. Take a look at my images below, let me know what you think! Up for any comments.
  9. justin105

    Justin's Photos

    Dang, where is the "Like button" ? Hahah on my website there is heaps of likes.The one in the nav bar or the footer is to like the whole website. and then a like for each individual post :) Thanks Mate.
  10. justin105

    Justin's Photos

    Hey. Yes that's what ment to say. I was looking at the split grad filters. I will need to buy the brace set and the actual filters then. Money money money haha. It's all good got to save up. Thanks for u help guys. I will be posting more stuff up on my blog and here.
  11. justin105

    Justin's Photos

    Hey Antrman, Not picky at all I new this was a problem. I have actually noted this on my website/blog saying the sky is "Blown Out". I will be purchasing some quality ND filters shortly and this will fix the problem as well. On my blog i think i wrote that i didnt bracket any of my shots which in turn would have given me a better exposed sky. then post possessing two images together. I have got a lot more pics on my website as well. I will be adding a lot more in depth information shortly.
  12. justin105

    basketballfreak6's photos

    live in Sydney, but have a flat nearby which we visit regularly, up again at Xmas of course. I'll check my shots and see whether I can find one of 'that' rock... by the way, 2 of the first three shots in my collection should be recognisable to you, taken just south of he Buddina SLC. Found it and Mando, Where we these taken? It looks like a beautiful Place. Man i want to got there hahaha. With the second image you could have maybe added a bit more sky in it and cut it off at the top of the rock to the top left. But overall great images.
  13. justin105

    Justin's Photos

    Hey everyone. Its been a while since my last post. I have been flat out looking for a job and also going out taking more pictures. I do have a blog that I post pictures on now and information. Click HERE to view my website/blog I will also post some images here as well. Thanks guys Ok from my last post I was heading out again to the mountains to take more shots of waterfalls. WELL here you have them. See below You can view all my pictures I have taken on my Flickr page or on my blog Let me know what you all think :) cheers.
  14. justin105

    Cummings Photos

    Hey, Great to see anouther D7000 Owner. I love the Rain pictures they are quiet different. Man i gotta get my hands on a 50mm 1.4 lense. I really want one bad lol hahaha. Nice shots mate keep it up.
  15. justin105


    Hey Stadl, This is perfect Info thank you so much. I am supposed to be shooting at my cousins Engangement party so got to learn how to use the flash properly for the night. Hopefully I do a good job as its only really a one shot chance at it. I will practice on possbily family with the Bounce card as the SB-700 comes with one built onto it that just slides out. Ill have to review what you said when i get home and take it into practice. Thanks